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The 8 Best Airbnb in River Oaks Houston, TX

If you’ve been to Houston before, you might think of the River Oaks area as an upper-class residential area without even realizing there are many unique vacation spots.

I know the first few times I visited Houston, it never even crossed my mind to visit.

However, during a work stay a couple of years back, my office had chosen my hotel for me, which just happened to be in the center of River Oaks. Oh my God! I was impressed.

I returned a few months later for a comfortable stay where I could savor the surroundings. It’s also how I have acquired an unusually vast knowledge of all of the Airbnb’s in River Oaks.

Best Airbnb’s in River Oaks Houston

I have since been back to River Oaks more than I remember. However, instead of hotels, I have liked many of the Airbnb’s in the area.

I think they have something about them that makes you feel more homely.

It depends on preference and purpose.

Because of the general standard of the area, I often need help finding budget stays in River Oaks. Hence, I save my trips here for special occasions. However, there are one or two which are excellent value for money.

Let’s check them out.

1. The Retreat in River Oaks

River Oaks Retreat , Houston - livingroom
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This beautiful little space is the perfect, convenient spot for exploring River Oaks. This cute retreat offers everything you need for a home-from-home stay in River Oaks, Houston.

Oh, and make sure you stroll around the neighborhood, meet the locals, and enjoy the surroundings.

2. Lavish Apartment Near The Galleria

Lavish 1BR Apartment Near The Galleria, Houston, TX
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My favorite thing about this breathtakingly stylish apartment near The Galleria is the intricate design thoughts that have created this perfect space.

Everything from the decor and furniture to the layout and lighting is simply perfection. If I were to vote on class, glamor, and first impressions, this would be my number one, without a doubt.

3. River Oaks Luxury One Bedroom Apartment with Pool

Price Per Night$240.00
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Do you want modern, crisp, elegant delight? Do you want to feel like you’re getting all the high standards of a Hilton Hotel but enjoy the cozy feel of your own private space? Yes, I hear you say that would be perfect. Then get booked at this luxury apartment and take advantage of a private pool, electric car charger, and a pool table. Have you gone to book already? I can’t say I blame you.

If you’re still with me as you want to find out more, let’s see what other Airbnbs River Oaks has to offer.

4. Serene Two Bedroom Apartment in River Oaks

Price Per Night$100.00
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Stepping away from the bright white, modern interior and coming to a more cozy and intimate space while remaining classy, this two-bedroom serene Airbnb certainly comes up top if we’re talking about value for money.

At $100.00 per night, you can tell me you would be satisfied with a fully-equipped kitchen, romantic setting, plush furnishings, a balcony, and BBQ facilities.

5. Luxury River Oaks Queen Sized Apartment

Price Per Night$101.00
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This luxury apartment Airbnb in River Oaks offers a minimalist yet 100% convenient stay in the heart of the neighborhood.

The apartment is packed with amenities while remaining minimalist. You’ll find two TVs, all kitchen and bathroom supplies, a washer and dryer, toys and games, and a relaxing and intimate dining area.

6. Cozy Apartment With Free Parking in River Oaks Houston

Price Per Night$130.00
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Sometimes you book somewhere after viewing the beautiful photos online, only to arrive at an anti-climax after discovering it doesn’t quite look like what you saw on the website.

What you see is what you get. You won’t be disappointed with this cozy yet modern and stylish Airbnb in River Oaks.

7. Two Bedroom Family Apartment in River Oaks

Price Per Night$196.00
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This apartment is relatively new to the Airbnb scene, and you can see how fresh everything is from the second you arrive. The furniture is unique, the decor’s fresh, and the whole place is spick and span.

The location is fabulous too. Overall, there isn’t anything this place is faltering on.

8. Sonder at Bayou on the Bend River Oaks Apartment with Balcony

Price Per Night$341.00
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Coming to something on the costly end of the price line, what I deem to be worth it is the Sonder at Bayou Bay. With a private balcony offering stunning views, a luxury rooftop swimming pool, a foosball and billiards table, trendy interior, you’ll feel like you’re on the set of a James Bond movie for the entirety of your stay.

Final Thoughts

And there we have it. Your next trip to River Oaks Houston should now be complete presuming my helpful recommendations have piqued your interest. Now the tricky bit’s done and dusted, start your itinerary by planning some activities and use my epic guide on things to do in Houston to help plan your trip.

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