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4 Top-Rated Hotels in Greenway/Upper Kirby, Houston

As many of you who’ve read my other guides will already know, I’m a big Houston fan. I wonder why I don’t just move there at this rate. I mean, I spend more time there than I do in my hometown.

Given that I’m always in Houston, I have many chances to get around and visit all the different districts and see what they offer.

So, although I’ve sampled many restaurants in Greenway/Upper Kirby, I have only recently stayed at a couple of accommodations, so let’s change that.

And today, you’ll be exploring with me as I go in-depth about all my favorite experiences at the top-rated hotels in Greenway/Upper Kirby, Houston.

After all, you want to get the most out of your next Houston trip, right? Even if you’re just there on business.

Houston’s Top-Rated Hotels in The Greenway/Upper Kirby Area

Regarding hotels in Greenway and Upper Kirby, one of the first things you’ve probably noticed is that the choice is quite limited, and there’s not a wide variety.

That’s why, for this guide, I’ve tried out the most popular ones to ensure they fit the bill and bring something special to your upcoming stay in Greenway Plaza and Upper Kirby.

So, whether you’re on a tight budget or trying to splash out for a romantic occasion, you’ll have the perfect location when you’re done here today.

Okay, Are you ready, don’t you?

Let’s make some memories.

1. DoubleTree by Hilton Greenway Plaza

I had a wonderful stay at DoubleTree Greenway Plaza. To be honest, I’ve never had a bad experience at any of these hotels by The Hilton, at least not something that springs immediately to mind.

However, this one does stick with me because I had one of the most pleasant experiences.

While Hilton Hotels are now such a lucrative player in the hotel game, you’d think this could hinder their services the bigger the company gets, but it’s not the case, and this accommodation I stayed at in Greenway proved that tenfold.

I will likely win you over here, but how do you feel about landing after a long-haul flight, having your backs taken to your room, and having the offer of a hot chocolate chip cookie? Sounds too good to be true already, doesn’t it?

But it’s only the tip of the iceberg about this hotel’s nice little touches, amongst many other excellent facilities and luxuries.

On top of everything else, the service here is top-notch, the rooms are spotlessly clean, and the hotel’s design is stunning, modern, and well-lit.

2. Extended Stay America – Houston – Greenway Plaza

Suppose you’re looking for a budget night in Houston without giving up all the amenities of a more expensive hotel. In that case, Extended Stay America in Greenway Plaza will tick all your boxes.

Despite the meager cost of the rooms here, what they provide in return is fantastic value for money.

There’s a complimentary breakfast to kick start your day, whether you’re heading into conferences or exploring the city, and the variety is impressive, especially for the price.

If you’re taking your transport, there’s free parking available on-site, which is always a bonus.

The rooms are basic, but they’re comfortable, and they’re all equipped with a small kitchenette with all the basics, such as a microwave and utensils.

You can also make use of the laundry service. I didn’t use this, so I can’t comment on the service.

3. Comfort Inn & Suites Greenway Plaza

Comfort Inn & Suites always have great deals and offer a welcoming stay for a really low price, that’s where they’re often the first choice with people staying in Houston long-term or on business, and this location in Greenway Plaza is no different.

So, whether you’re here for work or pleasure, one thing you can be sure of is that the staff here will make you feel right at home from the get-go.

There are plenty of amenities here, as far as the price goes. I was excited to use the swimming pool, hot tub, and fitness center, and I was pleased with it. The facilities were basic but clean, modern, and everything was in working order. There was also plenty of equipment in the gym, at least for what I needed.

The rooms are air-conditioned, the location is quiet, and the beds are comfortable. What more could you need for a relaxing stay in Houston?

4. Crowne Plaza Houston

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Houston, TX Med Ctr-Galleria Area

I’ll be honest with you, the biggest selling point to me the first time I stayed at the Crowne Plaza Hotel was its proximity to my favorite place to shop, The Galleria, Houston’s biggest mall.

However, despite that being my primary intention, it left me wanting to return for more.

When I first entered the hotel, I was taken aback by the enormity and grandeur of the lobby area. It was stylish and modernly decorated, with high-back chairs, lavishly patterned carpets, and a beautifully lit seating area.

The rooms themselves were fine. They were very comfortable and clean. However, I wasn’t blown away by their classic, modern rooms, basic amenities, large comfortable beds, crisp linens, and blackout curtains. But it was perfect for what I was looking for on this occasion.

Other amenities at the hotel that I was keen to explore were the cozy bar and lounge area. I always enjoy a nightcap at the bar when I’m on vacation, so this is always an area I’m eager to get to.

I didn’t go for a swim during my stay here; unfortunately, I ran out of time as I was busy with work (and shopping). However, I did go and have a little sneak peek, and it looked perfectly adequate. The water was clean and had plenty of comfortable-looking lounge chairs dotted around.

In Retrospect

So, those are the best hotels in Greenway/Upper Kirby, Houston. While there might be just a few of them, the best you’ve got is well worth a stay and can offer you comfortable and welcoming accommodation no matter your reason for staying in the area.

If you’ve enjoyed this guide but want to keep your options open and keep exploring, I’ve got a great choice of stays in my guide to the best luxury Airbnb in Houston, TX.

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