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5 Best Private Schools in Houston, Texas

Private schools are becoming an increasingly popular option for parents. Advancements in technology and an ever-changing world mean that high-quality education is essential for children to have a bright future. If you’re looking for the best private schools in Houston, Texas, this guide will help.

Private schools provide numerous benefits that can make them very appealing to parents. They often offer more challenging and diverse educational experiences. But also usually have smaller class sizes, a more direct parent-to-teacher relationship, and a greater sense of community.

Private schools also have more resources, so they can better support your child’s educational journey. But finding the right private school can be quite the challenge. There is a lot to think about and consider, and of course, sending your child to a private school is a difficult decision to make.

What To Consider When Choosing A Private School?

What To Consider When Choosing A Private School

Before we take a look at our picks for the best private schools in Houston, let’s look at what essential factors you need to think about.

Don’t rush into making a decision right away. Private schools offer some fantastic benefits but, you need to ensure you know what’s in store if you decide to send your child to one.


Many parents are surprised when they apply to a private school because a school might not want to accept your child! They don’t have to either. Unlike public schools, which are required to accept the vast majority of students, a private school can (and likely will) be much more selective.

This means that you/ your child will have to complete an application process to enroll at a private school. These processes can vary quite a bit, and each school will have its own criteria. So, make sure you fully understand what is involved in any school’s application process.

This is especially important if your child has any special needs like a learning disability, as not all private schools will be able to accommodate your child’s individual needs. This selectiveness can seem quite daunting, but it does often mean that children will have a more positive learning experience in the end.

Independent Education

Private schools are almost always fully independent, which means it’s down to the teachers to decide how children will learn. As a result, they have much more freedom than public schools, and there is much less bureaucracy involved.

This means lessons can be more exciting and varied to get a more positive learning experience. However, this independence means it’s down to parents to ensure their children get a good education and experience.

Many parents don’t realize that private schools are not accountable to the state for their quality of education. This means parents will need to be very hands-on to ensure their child is getting a positive and valuable learning experience at school.

The Cost/ Funding

Now, this is going to be a significant factor for many parents. Private schools can be costly, especially the more prestigious/ elite ones. So while there is a chance that scholarships could help, it will be down to the parents to pay.

Private schools often receive no funding from the government, and instead, they are funded by donors and parents directly. While private schools often have a reputation for being very expensive, there is a scale to them.

You also have to consider how payment is charged. Is it by semester or by each year? Although many schools do offer a diverse range of payment options these days. Don’t forget that even applying can incur a fee, and there can often be a one-off enrolment charge as well.

Religious Schools

Many private schools are religious, which is unsurprisingly considered a big positive for religious parents. For most of these schools, this will be a significant factor in their selection process. However, some schools may still accept secular students.

Religious schools can still be very diverse, though, and how important/ heavy the religion is in the overall education experience can vary. A private evangelical school, for example, would place a much stronger emphasis on religion.

School Culture

There is no denying that private schools have a bit of stereotype to them. The grand old buildings, the fancy equipment, the snoopy/ rich tutors and students. But this is very much outdated for the most part. Many private schools are very modern and open to a diverse range of students.

However, it also can’t be denied that private schools emphasize their community/ school culture. This isn’t a bad thing, but it could also mean that your child may not be a good fit. It can be challenging to get a sense of a school’s culture which is why you should visit any school and talk to as many teachers as you can before making any decisions.

The school culture affects many essential elements like the class sizes, uniform requirements, and even whether it’s a same-sex school. These are usually significant factors for parents to consider when choosing a private school in Houston.

The Location

With around 270 private schools in Houston as of 2022, there is plenty of choices. But location is crucial when it comes to choosing a private school. Most private schools won’t provide their own transport, so you’ll have to ensure your child can carefully go to and from school.

However, if you opt to choose a private school that also offers boarding, you may be able to choose a further away school. Many private schools provide boarding (although not all of them do), so think carefully about the location.

The 5 Best Private Schools in Houston

So, let’s get down to our top picks for the best private schools in Houston. We have looked at several factors and provided all the essential information you need to know about each one.

1. The St. John’s School

The St. John’s School
Religious AffiliationNon-sectarian
Teacher To Student Ratio7:1
Student BodyCo-ed
Address2401 Claremont Lane Houston, TX 77019
Years TaughtK - Grade 12
Tuition Cost$26,545 - Lower School

$30,045 - Middle School

$31,820 - High School
Phone Number713-850-0222

Founded in 1946, the St. John’s School is well-known in Houston for the quality of its teaching. The school aims to uplift and elevate each student. It offers a diverse range of subjects, including arts, athletics, and academics.

The school covers kindergarten to grade 12 and comprises three schools, lower, middle, and higher. Each school follows its own curriculum designed to enrich students in all areas of their development.

Extra-curricular activities and community engagement are also crucial to the school, and it offers over 100 different clubs for students. Advanced classes and the opportunity for overseas learning and travel are also available to students.

2. The St. Agnes Academy

The St. Agnes Academy
Religious Affiliation Catholic
Teacher To Student Ratio9:1
Student Body Girls
Address 9000 Bellaire Blvd.
Houston, TX 77036
Years Taught Grades 9 -12
Tuition Cost $22,260
Phone Number713-219-5400

The St. Agnes Academy was founded in 1905 and has gone through many forms over the years. Since 1954 the school was transformed into a high school for grades 9 – 12, and it is one of Houston’s most popular all-girls schools.

The academy utilizes traditional Catholic teachings alongside modern teaching strategies to form a high-quality curriculum for students. Subjects include natural science, theology, English, maths, fine arts, and more.

Community activity is also an essential part of the curriculum alongside athletics. Tuition can also be played in numerous different ways, and the school is also partnered with Smart Tuition to help offer more flexible plans and financial aid support to parents.

3. The St. Thomas High School

The St. Thomas High School
Religious AffiliationCatholic
Teacher To Student Ratio9:1
Student BodyBoys
Address4500 Memorial Dr.
Years TaughtGrades 9 -12
Tuition Cost$20,725
Phone Number713-864-6348

If you’re looking for an all-boys school, then St. Thomas could be the right choice for you. The school was founded in 1900 and still follows the teachings of the Catholic faith. The school follows the mantra of “Goodness, discipline, and knowledge” and teaches a wide range of different subjects.

The school has a house structure to help foster a sense of community and teamwork. Which also serves to help students develop leadership skills as well. Subjects include a wide range of academics, arts, and athletics.

Advanced classes are also available, and unlike many private skills, transportation is also available. Tuition can also be paid in numerous ways, and financial aid is available. However, unlike some private schools, students will need to pass an entrance exam to be admitted.

4. The Village School

The Village School
Religious AffiliationNon-sectarian
Teacher To Student Ratio9:1
Student BodyCo-ed
Address13051 Whittington
Drive, Houston, TX 77077
Years TaughtGrades PK -12
Tuition CostVaries per year. Check out the fees section ees section for more info.
Phone Number281-496-7900

The Village School was founded in 1966 and place’s a strong emphasis on diversity and culture. The school has many international students and utilizes modern teaching techniques to provide a high-quality educational service.

The school has many impressive facilities and a dedicated STEM program. The curriculum is very diverse, with traditional subjects like English, math’s, science, arts, and music alongside opportunities for entrepreneurship and business studies.

The school covers all ages from pre-kindergarten to grade 12 and also offers to board students as well. The school is partnered to provide a financial aid program as well. So whether you’re in Houston or abroad, the Village School certainly is a great place to learn.

5. The Emery/Weiner School

The Emery or Weiner School
Religious AffiliationJudaism
Teacher To Student Ratio5:1
Student BodyCo-ed
Address9825 Stella Link Road
Houston, TX 77025
Years TaughtGrades 6 -12
Tuition Cost$24,600 - Grades 6 & 7

$26,500 - Grade 8

$28,950 - Grade 9 - 12
Phone Number(832) 204-5900

The Emery/Weiner School is a middle and high school that covers grades 6 – 12. The school prioritizes small classrooms and offers a diverse curriculum to help students get the best learning experience possible.

The school has many excellent onsite facilities, including modern science and computer labs, a multi-court gymnasium, a football stadium, a sports field, and more. The school curriculum covers many subjects, including English, math’s, science, and more.

Arts and athletics are also important, with numerous options available to students. The school has designed its services around the principles of progressive and pluralistic Judaism. However, it’s open to all pupils regardless of their religion.

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