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5 Best Corn Mazes in And Around Houston, TX

I don’t know about you, but I always love the idea of getting lost in time in corn mazes, not knowing how long it will take you to get out, and trying to retrace your steps to find the exit.

Corn mazes are a brilliant idea for any day out with friends and family, but when it comes to the best corn mazes in and around Houston, where can you find them?

I was surprised to learn that there were a few corn mazes I hadn’t been to around Houston, so I took the opportunity to visit them all and put together this guide so that you can decide which one will suit you best, whether it’s the location, the amenities, or the price.

Best Corn Mazes in Houston

Throughout this guide, I will tell you about my favorite corn mazes in Houston, which I thought were the most fun and the best value for money.

I have also looked at what else they offer regarding lunch options, hay rides, and other fun activities such as pumpkin picking and seasonal events.

So, let’s find out where to find out which corn mazes a-maze-d me the most in terms of a great day out.

1. Atkinson Farms

Atkinson Farms
Image Credit: James Silvey
Location3217 Spring Cypress Rd, Spring, TX 77388
Other ActivitiesStrawberry picking, fresh vegetables
Distance From Houston25 miles
Opening TimesMonday- Saturday: 10:00 am till 6:00 pm
Sunday: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Atkinson Farm is a fabulous day out for the entire family and offers a number of seasonal activities.

The working farm is open to the public from March through to October. It offers the opportunity to pick your own homegrown vegetables such as blackberries, kale, corn, collards, onions, and much more.

In the run-up to Halloween, there is also the chance for you and the kids to go and pick your own pumpkin, which is a great tradition to start with your family.

The corn maze is great fun, but I would advise checking with the farm before you visit, especially if you’re driving long, as they close under certain weather conditions.

I would also advise you to wear suitable footwear because it tends to get slightly muddy. The price for the maze is just $6.00.

There is a farm shop on site where you can pick up some of the freshest produce in the area. All of which has been picked on the day at the farm.

Some other activities include a playground for keeping the kids entertained and a train ride for only $3.00.

The staff are extremely friendly, and the whole place is highly family-oriented, making it a great destination to head to with the kids, whether in the Spring to pick your own fruit or later in the year for some outdoor Winter fun.

There is no on-site dining available, and I have noticed no toilet on the premises, only a portable loo that isn’t in the best condition. It’s worth bearing in mind, especially if you plan to be there for a few hours and have little ones with you.

2. P-6 Farms

P-6 Farms
Image Credit: abc13.com
Location9963 Pooles Road, Montgomery, TX 77356
Other ActivitiesFlower fields, pumpkin patches, animal experiences, photo opportunities, festivals
Distance From Houston59 miles
Opening TimesSaturday & Sunday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

If you’re looking for fall activities, then you won’t be disappointed with the awesome, fun-packed day out that is to be had at P-6 Farms.

I absolutely love this place and have been coming for many years. Over time I have seen it improve and introduce more and more activities and things to see.

Prices to enter the farm are pretty expensive, which some people might frown upon, but for $24.00 a ticket, a whole day of entertainment can be had.

From pumpkin picking to the produce-packed farmers market and plenty of children’s entertainment, there is fun for the entire family.

There are two corn mazes to complete, both of which are great fun. I would recommend having a go at both during your visit. Plus, this way, you’re getting the most out of the hefty ticket price.

Suppose you visit near fall and close to Halloween. In that case, a maze also offers a brilliant spooky experience.

Other than the corn mazes, I would say most of the other activities at the farm are aimed at younger children, so I would definitely say it’s a day out to share with the kids.

Other experiences you can participate in include pig racing, rides, tractor drives, and a children’s roller coaster. There are also hundreds of brilliant photo opportunities to get as a souvenir of your day against the eye-pleasing backdrops.

Food is available here, such as BBQ sandwiches, burgers, and donuts. However, the food and drinks are both costly. We have now made a point of grabbing a bite to eat before and after visiting the farm.

I have to pre-warn you; however, the queues can be ridiculous if you’re coming for popular activities such as pumpkin picking or the haunted corn maze.

I advise you to set off a few hours before your experience to try and beat the queues. One year when I visited, I queued for half an hour to get into the car park and then for another two hours to get into the maze, so this is worth bearing in mind.

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3. Froberg’s Farm

Froberg's Farm
Image Credit: yelp.ca
Location3601 West Highway 6, Alvin, 77511
Other ActivitiesHomegrown produce, festivals, pumpkin patch, playground, bakery, Christmas trees
Distance From Houston28 miles
Opening TimesMonday - Sunday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

This 22-acre farm is owned by the Froberg family, who bought it with the intention of growing strawberries during the war for the locals to come and pick for themselves.

When one of their sons went off to fight for his country, the family found themselves struggling, so when the son returned, they decided it was time to expand and offer even more services.

Today, the farm is one of Houston’s most popular spots for produce picking and outdoor activities.

It’s not only fruits and vegetables that you can pick up here but also some fantastic homemade pies sold by the on-site family bakery. The pies are unique and are all made using their own homegrown ingredients.

They also offer a Christmas tree experience, where you can go and select your own tree. This service is available from the 25th of November every year, with three different varieties to choose from.

Regarding the corn maze, they have an annual event that takes place during the fall and has been running for over ten years.

If you can find your way out of the winding maze of corn, you’ll find yourself in the picturesque flower fields where you can pick your own flowers to take home. It is also the perfect scenery to get some stunning photographs to remember your day.

Other Fall events include the paintball gallery, a little roller coaster, and the bee barrels. The bee barrels are pulled around the farm by a tractor.

There is also an emoji cannon where you can shoot cannons at targets with tennis balls, and something called Friendly Fire, where you can attack your friends and family with nerf guns.

There is a playground for the little ones with slides, swings, and a tire mountain. There is a mining area where the kids can mine precious gems.

Some of the attractions are open at slightly varied times than the regular opening hours, such as the duck racing, the fun land, and the corn maze, which all close half an hour before the farm closes.

It’s also best to check the weather forecast before you visit, as they can call off certain attractions if it’s raining.

The entry price is around $12.00. But there are additional costs for some of the activities once inside; however, these are only approximately $4.00 each.

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4. Blessington Farm

Blessington Farm
Image Credit: dastylishfoodie.com
Location510 Chisolm Trail, Wallis, TX 77485
Other ActivitiesBirthday parties, pick your own, corporate events, gem mining, tug-o-war
Distance From Houston36 miles
Opening TimesFriday: 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday - 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Blessington Farm was opened in 2011 and has become a favorite spot for family days near Houston. When it first started, it was a small business with a couple of activities and strawberry picking.

However, it has now grown to be a fantastic place where you can spend the entire day participating in various activities.

Instead of just strawberries, you can now also pick fresh blueberries and blackberries, and during the fall, you can select your own pumpkin from the fantastic pumpkin patch.

They have various festivals throughout the year, depending on the season, such as an Easter Egg Hunt and a Spring Break Spectacular. They also have other events during the spooky season and the Christmas holidays.

There are loads of activities for adults and children to get involved in, such as pony rides, fossil mining, a barrel train, and hay rides.

The maze here is not actually a corn maze but a hay bale maze, which is just as fun. Surprisingly, it was a lot more challenging than I first anticipated.

I wouldn’t recommend this farm as somewhere to take kids who are a bit older, as they might be a little bored. Many activities are aimed at children under the age of 10, but of course, it depends on the child.

There isn’t a massive selection when it comes to food. I would advise that you take a picnic and a blanket. There are plenty of places to set up on the grass or under the shade of a tree with your lunch.

Ticket prices vary, it’s $25.00 for a single entry to fun land, and there are additional charges for events and activities. You can buy tickets online or on the day for the same price. For the best idea of a price, it’s best to call the farm in advance.

5. Dewberry Farm

Dewberry Farm
Image Credit: garnerfamilyonline.com
Location7705 Farm, 362 Brookshire, TX 77423
Other ActivitiesChristmas trees, fall festival, spring festival, photography, birdhouse, barnyard
Distance From Houston45 miles
Opening TimesFriday - Saturday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Dewberry Farm is a popular attraction, less than an hour’s drive from Houston’s city center. The best time to visit this farm is during the fall, at least when I most enjoy it anyway.

Something about the Halloween season and the autumnal colors and smells makes the experience even more special.

The farm has been open since 2002 and has expanded massively over the years. It now has tons of attractions, which they are still adding to as the years go on.

In all, at the time of writing this guide, there are over 40 different attractions. The corn maze is one of the most popular.

The corn maze isn’t exactly the most challenging I’ve ever been to, but the kids appear to love it.

There also isn’t really a clear end to the maze, it seems to have a few exits where you can emerge from at various points, so it means that you can end up coming to an exit before you’ve explored the rest of the maze which I think could be improved, or at least made slightly more challenging for older kids and adults.

Aside from the corn maze, there is so much other stuff to see and do that I recommend getting here when they open and staying until they close so that you can make the most out of all the activities.

Some of the activities, to name just a few, include:

  • A wagon ride through the woods.
  • A trail of lights.
  • A 40-foot slide.
  • Haystack swings.
  • An 8-acre pumpkin patch.

If you want to avoid the crowds, I’d recommend avoiding the farm in the run-up to Halloween and the run-up to Christmas. These seem to be the most sought-after dates to visit, and the queues can be extensive.

Regarding food, in a similar theme to other places I’ve talked about, there is nothing overly exciting on-site. It can be expensive, especially if you’re feeding the entire family. I’d recommend eating before or after or packing yourself a picnic to enjoy while you’re there.

Tickets to the festivals are around $35.00 – $42.00, so not the cheapest, but worth the money, as it truly is a magical day out to make memories and try out new experiences.

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All in All

All these places have some great photo opportunities and stunning surroundings. So, those are my favorite places to experience the best corn mazes in Houston.

Which one will become your next memorable day out with the family? One thing I can say is, make sure you get plenty of photographs to remember your day.

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