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Top 5 Cycling Classes in Houston, TX

Houston is an energetic city, with many different styles of gym sessions and fitness classes happening all over the place. Cycling classes in Houston are as popular as ever and a great place to work out and socialize.

Flexible sessions suit all schedules, from early morning rides to late-night workouts.

What I really enjoy about cycling classes is how much fun they can be, especially when paired with energetic music and like-minded individuals.

Within this guide to the top 5 cycling classes in Houston, you will discover a range of classes to suit different abilities and fitness goals.

List of Top Cycling Classes in Houston

I have highlighted some of my favorite cycling classes Houston has to help you decide where to try for an intense full-body workout.

I have noted what makes these classes so fun and different while also showcasing what else the gyms themselves offer that might be of interest. Prices have also been included to help you budget your monthly fitness plan.

1. RYDE at Ryde

RYDE at Ryde
Image Credit: letsryde
AddressRiver Oaks Shopping Center
2005-D West Gray
Houston, Texas 77019
Class StylePremium intense workouts
Price RangeFrom $25.00 - $2,800.00

Ryde is an immersive, premier cycling studio in the Hyde Park community of Montrose, Houston. This modern gym is in a historic area filled with industry-leading personal trainers and cutting-edge equipment. There is also a second Ryde Studio located within The River Oaks Shopping Center.

Daily classes run from 5.30 am until 7.30 pm. Each class lasts forty-five minutes and focuses on a full-body, high-intensity workout, all with beat-based background music.

Fourteen instructors run the classes. Each of the instructors brings something a little different to each class. A large studio team also keeps the gym in tip-top condition.

I wanted to add more info about each instructor: Ally has a dance background and enjoys adding a little Latin flare to the classes. Lisi is a trained pilates teacher and is an excellent option for anyone wanting to work on their form or alignment. Finally, Stephanie is a mom with a background in yoga, dance, and functional fitness, so she offers fun, energetic classes perfect for new moms.

You can enjoy your first class at Ryde for just $25.00; any other classes are charged $32.00. Alternatively, if booked in advance, they have the following packages: five classes for $155.00, ten classes for $300.00, twenty classes for $580.00, or thirty classes for $810.00.

These packages are all valid to use within one year.

Suppose you are looking to commit yourself completely to the Ryde family. In that case, it may be more cost-effective to book one of their unlimited packages, which starts from $225.00 per month, or you can book a yearly pass which includes early booking privileges and a personal locker for $2,800.00 per year.

2. Cycle GX Rhythm Ride at Facet Seven Fitness EaDo

Facet Seven Fitness EaDo
Address1005 Ennis St, Houston, TX 77003
Class StyleEndurance for toning
Price RangeFrom $20.00 - $225.00

Situated in East Downtown, you will find Facet Seven Fitness EaDo. This full-service gym offers a fantastic variety of classes, including the immense Cycle Seven class. In addition, there is a second Facet Seven Fitness center in The Heights neighborhood of Houston.

The Cycle GX Rhythm Ride studio has almost a nightclub vibe, with neon lighting and pumping tunes to get you in the mood for a carefree, energetic workout.

Instead, the class has been designed to concentrate on a full-body workout, which focuses on blasting away fat, toning and strengthening muscles, and aiding in calorie burning.

You can book a single Cycle GX Rhythm Ride for just $20.00 or take advantage of one of the gym’s class passes (which you can use at any class within the gym). For example, a ten-class pack is $135.00 (to use within three months), or book a twenty-class pack for $225.00 (to use within six months).

Some other classes you can try here include ABC (arms, body, core toning), intense run club, BARRE (fusion of ballet, pilates, and yoga), flow yoga, boot camp, HIIT, cardio strength training, and strength.

If you are looking for a fun hangout for a post-workout session with your new gym buddies, East End Backyard is a great bar to head to, just around the corner. The bar has a huge patio area that hosts various festivals and pop-up live music events throughout the year.

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3. SPENGA at Spenga

SPENGA at Spenga
Image Credit: groupon
Address243 Westheimer Rd Suite 100, Houston, TX 77006
Class StyleIntense strengthening with yoga
Price RangeFrom $69.00 - $159.00

Spenga has three gyms within Houston. My preferred location is the Spenga in Montrose; however, their Tanglewood or Baybrook locations may be more convenient depending on where you are traveling from.

The Montrose location is close to the central business district and has its own car park, so classes are usually full, with an eclectic, diverse crowd.

The SPENGA cycle class is an intense, multi-sensory workout, blending spin, yoga, and strength training to DJ-inspired beats. The class lasts an hour, with a dedicated area in the studio for each of the three workout styles.

An hour of class may seem intimidating; however, as you don’t spend the whole hour on a bike, it can provide excellent results without leaving you feeling exhausted.

I really enjoy how the Spenga class finishes with a yoga session. This is a fantastic way to cool your body down and aids in recovery from the overall class. There are classes all the way through the day, so it’s easy to get started at a time that suits you.

You can book Spenga on a monthly basis, with a thirty-day money-back guarantee if you decide it’s not for you. $69.00 per month will allow you four classes; you can book eight classes for $119.00 or go for the unlimited package for $159.00.

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4. Hip Hop Spin Cycle Bootcamp at Glory Fitness

Hip Hop Spin Cycle Bootcamp at Glory Fitness
Image Credit: mindbodyonline
Address5112 Ashbrook Dr B, Houston, TX 77081
Class StyleFun and energetic
Price RangeFrom $30.00 - $1,080.00

Long-term fitness fanatic Christopher Boykins founded Glory Fitness. Christopher has a Bachelor’s degree in science, alongside a Masters’s degree in Health and Human Performance; he is also a mentor at the Boykins Youth Foundation.

The Youth Foundation was set up to encourage children aged five to seventeen to pursue their athletic dreams.

The Hip Hop Spin Cycle Bootcamp is a class held every Monday from noon. The class lasts one hour and offers a combination of spin, ABS, and fitness training to a funky hip-hop beat.

This is an excellent full-body workout in a welcoming, friendly environment that might be better suited to beginners than spin regulars.

There is a selection of price packages that can be purchased in advance. The packages are split into one-to-one training sessions, group training classes, twelve-week one-to-one sessions, and twelve-week group programs.

The group training sessions cover the Hip Hop Spin Cycle, which costs $275.00 for five sessions, ten sessions for $450.00, or $700.00 for twenty sessions.

There aren’t too many bars or restaurants in this area to head to with your new group session friends. Burnett Bayland Park is just a fifteen-minute walk (or two-minute drive) from the gym and is a great place to continue to work out with a jog, cycle trail, or even make use of the skate park.

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5. Classes at CycleBar West U

Classes at CycleBar West U
Image Credit: classpass
Address3233 Southwest Fwy, Houston, TX 77027
Class StyleSix energetic classes to choose from
Price RangeFrom $89.00 - $179.00

CycleBar West U is located near Rice University; therefore, it has a contagious youthful, energetic vibe regardless of age or fitness level. Six cycling classes are available for you to try out, each offering something different to challenge each area of the mind, body, and soul.

Connect offers a peaceful studio with no music or monitors for people who need to switch off and get into the zone.

Performance is a competitive class that motivates and encourages participants to challenge each other in competitions – This class uses cycle stats technology to track your performance.

Classic is a more traditional spin class, with endurance tests, hills, challenges, and strength building at its core.

Empower is an absolute athletic endurance test, one which you are guaranteed to leave needing a shower!

Xpress is a great class for beginners. However, the session only lasts for thirty minutes which includes cool-down time.

Foundation is one of the more diverse classes; it brings together people of all fitness levels, emphasizing the foundations of indoor cycling, to a rhythm-based setlist.

As a new rider, you can purchase three class passes for $49.00, which must be used within two weeks. If you decide that West U is the gym for you, further passes can be discussed in-house with a member of the CycleBar team.

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To Sum Up…

So, where will you head for your next fun, intense, heart-pumping cycle class?

I hope that this guide will have helped you to create a shortlist of the best cycling classes to consider joining in Houston.If you would like to see where else you can enjoy a workout in Houston, you might want to check out our guides to The Best Places to go Rock Climbing in Houston and The Best Houston Bike Trails for inspiration.

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