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Japanese Discount Store Daiso in Houston, TX – Our Honest Review

Have you ever been to the Japanese discount store Daiso? They have a store in Houston packed with cheap and cheerful goods and unique and unusual Japanese items. But is it worth taking a trip to Daiso? And are there good discounts to be found here?

The bottom line upfront is this: We think Daiso is worth a shopping trip, particularly if you’re throwing a party or you’re looking for some unique gifts. It’s also a great spot to grab some Japanese snacks.

We’ll let you know the key details (like the address and opening hours), and we’ll give you an overview of the types of products you can find here. We’ll let you know what the pricing, shipping, and customer service are like, too.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about this Japanese discount store.

Key Details

Before we get into the products, let’s take a look at the key information you need to know about Daiso:

Address: 11151 Westheimer Rd Houston, TX 77042
Opening Hours: Sunday-Thursday 10 am-8 pm, Friday-Saturday 10 am-9 pm
Delivery Available: Yes
Payment Methods Accepted: Paypal, credit card, debit card, cash (in-store only)


Daiso offers a range of products, covering homeware, food, accessories, gifts, toys, electronics, and more. Here’s a quick overview of what you can find here:

Food and Bento Boxes

While you won’t get all your food at Daiso, you can buy some interesting Japanese snacks, including seaweed chips, spicy roasted green peas, biscuits, rice crackers, chocolate, and ramen.

You can also get some high-quality Bento boxes and accessories here. So if you’re getting into Bento boxes, this is the place to go. They have a range of accessories, including vegetable cutters, silicone cups, portable chopsticks, lunch bags and lunch cloths, cups, and water bottles.

Continuing on the cooking theme, Daiso sells some authentic Japanese cooking tools, including knives, baking tools, and cleaning products. In addition, they have some beautiful dining sets, which would make lovely gifts for loved ones.

You can grab some laundry products here, too, including laundry bags and hangers.

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Daiso has some beautiful Japanese decorations, like saving boxes and other ornaments. They have a few household items, like cushions and pillowcases, and some safety items for the home.

If you’re into organizing, Daiso is a treasure trove. With storage bags and boxes, compression bags, cases, and dividers, you can find plenty of tools to get your home in order.

Health and Beauty

There’s plenty to choose from, including health and beauty, too, from tools (like eyelash curlers, make-up brushes, and nail care tools) to hygiene products like cotton buds. It’s worth having a browse through for some beauty tools at reasonable prices.


This is where Daiso comes into its own. With a vast range to choose from (including keychains, notepads, stationery, stickers, paper plates, cookie cutters, and mugs), you can find some super-cute items here. Featuring bears, cats, frogs, and koala bears, it’s an excellent place to look for gifts.

They also have a range of Sanrio items here. If you (or someone you know) loves Hello Kitty, it’s worth checking out what they’ve got.


There is a small amount of clothing and accessories in Daiso, including sandals, hats, belts, ties, and bags. They have some cute reusable shopping bags here too.


You can find a small number of electronics here, including cell phone accessories, audio accessories, batteries, computer accessories, flashlights, and LCD screen protectors. They sell some gaming accessories.


There are gardening, bicycle, car accessories here, and a selection of tools, like pliers and sanding blocks. They have a decent range of pet accessories (think clothes, toys, collars and leashes, and grooming tools).


Daiso is a good spot to check out for gifts. They have a Japanese sake kit, a pottery set, and a clay pot set. They also have gift wrap and greeting cards.

Toys and Parties

There are some cute toys here, including small toys like skip balls and water guns, some store-brand Lego-Esque building kits, and some super cute wooden food toys, perfect for stocking fillers.

Check out their range of costumes, party goods, and party decorations if you’re throwing a party.


As you might expect, there are some beautiful Japanese items to find at Daiso. From calligraphy sets to origami paper to green tea, you can find some lovely things here.


Daiso offers a few seasonal items throughout the year. Springtime will bring pastel-colored items, for example, and if you visit in December, you’ll find Christmas goodies, including gifts, Christmas lights, and decorations.

Items can vary, so it’s nice to visit in-store if you can to browse.

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Daiso is a discount store, so you can expect to find some cheap items here, with many items costing $1.50 (unless otherwise stated).

They offer bulk items, which makes it an ideal store to visit before a party. For example, you can pick up a 15-pack of kids’ coloring books for $22.50, making perfect party gifts. So if you want to grab a bargain, make sure to keep an eye out for bulk offers.


Daiso has an online store with plenty of options, although you may find slightly different items in-store. They offer to ship anywhere in the US, but it can vary depending on the state. Shipping within Texas costs around $20 for UPS Ground Delivery, and it goes up to around $40 for 2-day air shipping.

If you’re in Houston, it’s worth a trip to save yourself paying for delivery.

Customer Service

The customer service here is pretty good, and the staff is friendly and polite. It’s also clean, tidy, and well-organized, making for a pleasant shopping experience.


Is Daiso worth a visit? Absolutely! We’d recommend swinging by to buy some cheap but unique items. If you’ve got a party to throw, or there’s a holiday coming up, it’s a good store to check out for small gifts, partywear, and stocking fillers.

Plus, it’s a great place to find unique Japanese items and some tasty Japanese snacks!

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