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Top 5 Best Gay & LGBT Clubs in Houston, TX

There are so many diverse choices in Houston nowadays regarding finding bars and nightclubs in Houston. But, when it comes to the LGBT community, which bars offer the best evening experience?

Here in our guide to the top 5 best LGBT clubs in Houston, TX, we will discuss which spots offer the best night out.

Which Gay and LGBT Clubs Are The Hottest Spots in Houston, TX?

Throughout our guide, you will discover about the Clubs in Houston you can get the most for your money, enjoy a chilled evening with friends, and which ones serve the best beverages.

We will look at whether or not they serve food, which places attract older and younger generations, and which spots are open the latest for when you’re just not quite finished for the night.

So, on that note, let us dive straight in and look at what we deemed to be the best gay and LGBT clubs in Houston, TX.

1. Numbers

Numbers gay club
Image Credit: https://houston.eater.com/
Address:300 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006
Attractions:No dress code, karaoke, live DJs, large stage, and dance floor.

Numbers are, in fact, Houston’s oldest and most well-known venue for live international, alternative and local acts.

When they aren’t hosting some form of great live music, they are still open as the largest progressive video dance bar in the United States, showcasing music and videos by various DJs depending on the night.

They are also extremely popular for their weekly “Classic Numbers,” which is on a Friday night. This has been an event that has been enjoyed by guests for more than thirty years. They showcase music such as alternative ’80s, new wave, music videos, and some more current tunes hosted by a live DJ.

This is probably one of the largest venues in our guide. You’ll struggle to find another spot in a country of this size, which provides progressive dance music, live alternative music, and local and international acts.

If you like music from Crystal Castles, Depeche Mode, Daft Punk, Beastie Boys, Underworld, The Cure, and New Order, you’re in luck, and this is definitely one place you need to pay a visit to.

Numbers also features a state-of-the-art light and laser show with digital video projectors, giant video screens, and monitors scattered throughout the nightclub. This projects videos and remix videos which are edited especially for the venue.

There is an HD video bar on the second floor, which overlooks the stage and dance floor. There is plenty to look at and see, and the surroundings are great fun.

The age range here is vast; people from school children to older adults frequent here. The customer base is also diverse, of all races and sexual preferences.

Children under 17 are allowed in here for special events and shows.

This place does get jam-packed, and there is limited seating, so we recommend getting there in good time if you want to be seated for the evening. There is, however, a fantastic patio area, which is great for relaxing outside.

On their website, you can find a calendar that gives you all the upcoming dates and events.

The drinks are priced reasonably here. So you don’t have to worry about a broken bank balance the following morning. Overall you can guarantee that you can walk into Numbers at any time on any day and enjoy a great night.

We would state that it can be very packed inside, and they use smoke machines, so if you aren’t a fan of tight crowds, you may want to stick to the patio area. There is also often a queue to get in with bouncers on the door.

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2. Barbarella

Barbarella gay club
Image Credit: https://www.visithoustontexas.com/
Address:2404 San Jacinto | Houston, TX 77002

Barbarella first opened its doors back in 2009, and it has since become one of the hottest clubs in Texas. It is a great place to dance all night and mingle with old friends and new ones.

It is a diverse dance club that has been voted “Best Dance Club” by Free Press Houston for two years in a row.

This unique video bar expanded into Midtown Houston in 2013, drawing even more guests to its vast space in San Jacinto.

What makes this place so unique is its devotion to music. It is, in fact, owned and operated by two DJs, who, between them, boast decades of experience in the clubbing and music area.

Barbarella has a lot of respect for good-quality music, and you can be sure you will not find any unnecessary mixing or scratching here. Nor will you find familiar sounds such as “Top 40 Traditional Techno” or any such likeness. The main focus is Indie music, both new and vintage, modern and alternative.

They also host weekly theme evenings. Thursday, they have “Grits n Gravy,” featuring soul and Motown music. There is also “New Noise Fridays” for anyone looking for some hipster vibes and “Footloose 80’s” on Saturdays.

Although it doesn’t actually label itself a gay bar as such, this place prides itself on being open and inviting to all guests. It is a place where you will find a diverse crowd, from drag queens and hipsters to business folk.

With its whimsical lights and a fantastic view of the city skyline, this is the perfect spot for a memorable evening.

This is 21+ venues only, and they are open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday until 3:00 am.

The drinks here are reasonably priced.

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3. Neon Boots Dancehall & Saloon

Neon Boots Dancehall & Saloon
Image Credit: https://nicelocal.com/
Address:11410 Hempstead Rd, Houston, TX 77092
Attractions:Live bands, special events, daily specials

Neon Boots Dancehall & Saloon is an award-winning country and Western bar and nightclub.

It is a large venue offering entertainment over 11,000 square feet. Further, it boasts a colossal dancefloor, ten bar stations, a historic esquire room, and a large outdoor patio area.

Get your cowboy boots polished and grab a 10-gallon hat. Here, you will encounter a wide variety of country music, and you can even get involved with some good old line dancing.

They are not restricted to only Country and Western music. You will also hear some pop hits and Latin music, and some more alternative tunes.

If you’re feeling brave and love a challenge, you’ll be glad to hear a mechanical bull available which is great fun and gives an authentic cowboy experience.

The prices here are great, and you can get some even better deals if you visit between such times when they have offers, such as “Happy Hour,” which runs between 5:00 pm and 9:00 pm on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Or, every Saturday all day, you can grab yourself a Wells for $4.50 or a Domestic Draft Beer for $4.75.

The overall feel here is friendly and welcoming, and people of all walks of life are welcomed and not judged.

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4. Ripcord

Image Credit: https://mobile.twitter.com/
Address: 715 Fairview St, Houston, TX 77006
Attractions:Wild parties, drag acts, quiz nights, cheap drinks

Ripcord is a definite staple of the LGBT and gay community in Houston and is known as “THE” gay leather gay bar, where the wild, the kinky, the weird, and the unusual gather every night.

The crowd is incredibly diverse. The atmosphere is laid back and cool, and there is an amiable vibe here, and everyone of all genders is more than welcome. Everyone who enters here is embraced for exactly who they are, with no pretense and no gate-keeping.

The sights and sounds are a major attraction here. There is a lot to look at, from the people down to the fabulous decor and crazy lights. But mainly, this venue is known for its community spirit.

The prices are keeping in line with the other venues we have mentioned. You can have a budget-friendly night out here quickly, and if you visit them during Happy Hour, which runs between 1:00 pm and 8:00 pm seven days a week, you can pick up drinks such as flavored vodka and mixers for just $4.00, and lager or ciders for only $3.00. Meaning you can get your night started for a really low price.

They host a trivia night on Monday, which is highly recommended for a tremendous start-of-the-week night out. Hosted by drag act Hu’nee B, cash prizes can be won, cheap drinks can be had, and all-in-all it’s a fabulous evening.

There are plenty of other events, so check out their website for all upcoming performances and shows.

5. Hamburger Mary’s

Hamburger Mary's
Image Credit: https://denver.eater.com/
Address:2409 Grant St Houston, TX 77006
Attractions:Great food, good laughs, reasonable prices, great locations

Hamburger Mary’s is a popular, drag-themed burger joint, initially starting in San Francisco, California, in 1972.

They are a chain restaurant, and you will find most of them situated in the “Gayborhood” areas.

It is intended to represent the stereotypical gay culture by displaying flamboyant decor, giving funny names to its menu items, and hosting drag shows on the weekend.

The name comes from the slang word “Mary,” which describes gay men back in the 1900s.

Although this doesn’t fit in with other nightclub-type recommendations in our guide, it is such a popular destination for an LGBT night out that we couldn’t leave it off.

Along with serving up some of the best burgers in town, and other great menu items, such as the fried pickles, named “Britney Fried Spears” or the LGBT (lettuce, guacamole, bacon, and tomato. They are also a top spot for a night out, whether you’re looking for drinks and something to eat or a great night of partying with friends.

The drag dinner and game night on Tuesdays is a fantastic night out. This is also a charity event, so you’re also contributing towards a reputable cause by taking part.

They always have events on the weekends, so it’s worth checking out their website before you go to see which events tickle your fancy.

They are open Tuesday through till Sunday until 2:00 am and closed on Mondays.

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To Conclude

With all the choices available for the gay and LGBT community, we hope that we have narrowed down a few options that will offer exactly what you’re after in terms of a great night out. Whether you’re looking for the best drag show or something good to eat while enjoying an incredible show.

If you have found this helpful guide, why not take a look at some of the other great stuff that Houston has to offer, such as 10 Exceptionally Amazing Dive Bars to Visit Right Now in Houston or 7 Best Diners and Drive-Ins in Houston, TX

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