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Top 8 Best Movie Theaters in Houston, Texas

There are tons of options for things to do in the city, and it’s a great place to go for movie lovers. Our guide to the top 8 best movie theaters in Houston, Texas, will help you figure out where to go.

Our Top Movie Theater Recommendations

Are you a family wanting to keep your kids occupied at the weekend? Or do you want to head out at the weekend with friends or on a date to see the latest blockbuster release? An indie film lover looking for a movie you won’t see anywhere else?

Luckily, Houston has a large array of theaters to choose from. We’ve gathered our top 8, giving you the critical information you need, as well as the kind of movies you can watch there. We’ll also let you know what the facilities are like, too. So no matter what you’re looking for, you can find it in the city. 

Without further ado, here are our top 8 recommendations:

1. Wortham IMAX Theater

Wortham IMAX Theater
Image Credit: https://www.slashfilm.com/
Address 1 Hermann Cir Dr. Houston, TX 77030
Website hmns.org
FeaturesRocker seats, digital sound and lights, IMAX movies
Number of screens 1

The Wortham IMAX theater is located within the Houston Museum of Natural Science. They specialize in showing educational IMAX movies but occasionally showing popular films like Harry Potter.

The theater has been renovated, with better flooring and lighting. The 4K screen is enormous, at 60′ x 80′, and can show 3D images. This, combined with state-of-the-art digital sound and lights, make it a very immersive experience. They also have comfortable rocker seats for a better viewer experience.

Typically, you can see shows like Mummies: Secrets of the Pharaohs, Into America’s Wild, Dinosaurs of Antarctica, and the Great Barrier Reef. They occasionally show other movies too, so it’s worth keeping an eye on their website for listings.

As the theater is located within the museum, there are tons of other things to do here. For example, you can enjoy the museum exhibits and shows or visit the gift shop.

2. IPIC Houston

IPIC Houston
Image Credit: https://www.foxbusiness.com/
Address4444 Westheimer Rd Houston, TX 77027
FeaturesFood and drink, reclining seats, blankets, free refill popcorn
Number of screens8

If you want an ultra-comfortable, luxurious movie theater experience, you must head to IPIC Houston. It’s a cozy place to go, especially for a date night!

They have eight screens of varying sizes, with excellent ambient lighting and sound. Staff will bring food and drinks to your seat and are trained to do this with minimal disruption to the movie experience.

You can watch all kinds of movies at IPIC Houston, from The Fifth Element to Breakfast at Tiffany’s to the Harry Potter series. There is a good rotation of classic films, so chances are you’ll find something that suits you.

The food and drink here are incredible. You can grab a light bite like mozzarella sticks, nachos, or edamame beans, or you can go for something more filling. They offer burgers, wraps, pizzas, chips. You can grab classic movie snacks like popcorn, and you can get a craft beer or signature cocktail too.

3. Star Cinema

Star Cinema
Image Credit: https://houstonprimerealty.com/
Address22125 Fm 1093 Richmond, TX 77407
FeaturesFood and drink, 3D technology, reclining chairs
Number of screens7

Star Cinema offers some incredible food and great movies on high-tech screens. Ideal for true movie lovers, you can see the newest releases here.

There are seven screens with 565 seats. And each one uses Sony 4K Digital Cinema Projection for high-quality visuals, 3D technology, and high-quality audio. The chairs recline, which is excellent, and they’re super-comfortable.

They show all the latest releases, so it’s great if you love to keep up to date with new movies.

You can get some fantastic food here. Place your order from your seat by writing it down on the card provided (each seat has a card and a menu for you to look at before the movie starts). Press a button when you’re ready, and a staff member will come to take your order.

You can choose from some classic comfort food, like pizza, tacos, and burgers, and they have some incredible desserts too. Try the hot fudge brownies if you want something delicious to go with your movie. They also offer craft beers, wine, and cocktails.

4. Rooftop Cinema Club Downtown

Rooftop Cinema Club Downtown
Image Credit: https://secrethouston.com/
Address1700 Post Oak Blvd Fl 5 Houston, TX 77056
FeaturesRooftop cinema experience, classic movie snacks, personal headphones
Number of Screens1

The Rooftop Cinema Club plays classic movies in a stunning setting. So if you want to experience the beauty of Houston at night, this is the place to be.

The screen is large enough to give you a decent view, showing classic movies, including a good selection of 80’s movies. The film will start after the sun goes down so you can truly appreciate the view. Each person will be given a personal pair of headphones to watch the movie, which means you’ll be able to hear it over the noise of the city below.

They have some classic movie food here, like candy and popcorn. There’s also a bar with cocktails, beers, and wine if you want to have a drink. It’s recommended that you bring children aged five or above to ensure the headphones fit them comfortably.

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5. Moonstruck Drive-In

Moonstruck Drive-In
Image Credit: https://www.ricedesignalliance.org/
Address100 Bringhurst St Houston, TX 77020
FeaturesDrive-in movie theater, local food trucks
Number of Screens1

Moonstruck Drive-In is perfect if you want to enjoy a drive-in movie experience. Showing all the latest releases, it’s ideal for a date night or a special treat for families.

The screen is large enough to be seen from wherever you park, at 60′ wide, with a 4K projection. The audio is broadcast via FM transmission, so you can listen using your car radio or portable radio. Some areas have outdoor speakers (the restroom and concession areas, for example). Still, you’ll need to have some sort of radio to hear the movie properly.

They show mostly new releases, which is ideal for movie enthusiasts who want to keep up with new ones.

You can support local Houston businesses by enjoying the variety of food trucks on rotation throughout the year. The food is delicious with various options to enjoy new food on each visit.

You can also bring pets, as long as they’re kept on a leash. The nearby bar serves drinks if you want to enjoy a craft beer or a glass of wine.

6. 14 Pews

Image Credit: https://preview.houstonchronicle.com/
Address800 Aurora St Houston, TX 77009
FeaturesIndie movies, lectures, and film education
Number of Screens1

14 Pews have an interesting history. When the Aurora Picture show founder moved across the street from a little white wooden church, they were intrigued. It became the must-visit place to see art films and indie movies.

They have, as the name suggests, 14 pews. The screen isn’t as large or flashy as some other theaters on this list, but that isn’t the point. The main focus here is to see movies that you won’t be able to watch anywhere else. Of course, you can enjoy events like film festivals here too.

It’s an excellent place to go if you want to support a genuinely local business run by artists.

7. Regal Edwards Greenway Grand Palace

Regal Edwards Greenway Grand Palace
Image Credit: https://www.uniquevenues.com/
Address3839 Weslayan Street Houston, TX 77027
FeaturesFood, latest releases
Number of Screens 10

Regal Edwards Greenway Grand Palace has a traditional movie theater feel, with murals and old-fashioned marquee lights.

It has many screens showing all the latest releases. It’s a classic movie theater, but it is a little worn in places, but it does have a cozy, familiar, comforting vibe. It’s an excellent place to go with your kids at the weekend, with plenty of family-friendly options.

They show all the latest releases and classics, like Cabaret and It’s a Wonderful Life. They also show some ballet and opera, and you can pre-book tickets for special events.

They have a concession stand that offers the classics (popcorn, candy, soda). There is also a small bar on-site if you want to have a drink.

8. AMC Houston 8

AMC Houston 8
Image Credit: https://houston.culturemap.com/
Address510 Texas St. Houston, TX 77002
FeaturesFood and drink, popular and artisan movies, discount days
Number of Screens8

AMC Houston 8 is the ideal place to go for movie lovers wanting to grab a discount. You can join their AMC Stubs club to get a discount on movies or enjoy money off on certain days of the week (like Tuesdays). Plus, you can get 30% off tickets for movies shown before 4 pm.

It has excellent quality screens with great sound. The chairs are a little old and worn, but they’re comfortable. 

They show the biggest releases here, with many screenings each day to choose from. They also show artisan movies, which means it’s a nice place to go if you want to see something a little different.

They serve food here, including popcorn, soda, and candy. They also offer more filling options like pizza and hot dogs. The bar serves beer, wine, and cocktails if you want to enjoy a drink with your movie. You can order snacks ahead of time, as well as pre-book your seats. And all these through an app on your phone, which makes it very convenient.

To Sum Up…

We hope this has helped you figure out where to go the next time you want to watch a movie! With tons of things to do in Houston, it’s worth checking out our other guides so you can uncover some new and interesting places to go.

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