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The Best Tacos in Houston You Must Try

Tacos are a classic Mexican dish known all around the world. You’ll find plenty of dedicated taco lovers in Houston, and because of this, numerous restaurants and other eateries have tried their hand at crafting the perfect taco.

In many countries, tacos are a popular street food or even considered fast food by some people. But tacos are much more versatile than many people realize, and they can actually be very healthy if they are prepared in specific ways.

However, there is a big difference between a restaurant-quality taco and one you’d find in a fast-food establishment. You’ll often have a lot more choice when it comes to filling for one thing. But where should you go to find the tacos in Houston?

The Best Tacos in Houston

Tacos are usually relatively small, so they can easily be held in one hand and traditionally served in a tortilla carefully folded around various fillings and served warm. That last point is important because many people get confused over whether tacos are served hot or cold.

The truth is usually in the middle, the tortilla is often warmed up, but the fillings are typically served cold in most cases. Because tacos come in so many varieties, finding the best one will be down to personal taste.

But to help you find the best tacos in Houston, we have compiled a list of our 7 favorite tacos spots for you to try. We’ve chosen our favorites based on several factors, including the variety, price, and location.

1. Ninfa’s on Navigation

Ninfa's on Navigation
Address:2704 Navigation Blvd, Houston, TX, 77003
Website: https://ninfas.com/

Ninfa’s on Navigation offers both Mexican and Southwestern cuisine. So, as you can guess, there are some great tacos available! You can eat in or take out at the restaurant, so it’s the perfect place to go if you quickly want to grab some food and eat as you explore the city.

The Texas Redfish taco is one of our favorites; it includes coleslaw, rice, chipotle aioli, and more! It’s a Texan-twist on a Mexican classic and well worth checking out. There are also other seafood-style tacos which include shrimp and salmon.

Although if you want a more classic, traditional-style taco, you could opt for the Al Pastor, which contains oven-roasted pork, salsa, onions, and pineapple. But you can also make your own taco with the restaurant’s “Build Your Own” service.

2. El Taconazo

El Taconazo
Address:5601 Bellaire Blvd, Houston, TX, 77081 (location can vary, though)
Website: N/A

Tacos are popular street food in many countries, and while you can find them on the menus of many restaurants in Houston, you can find them in other establishments. El Taconazo is one such establishment; this popular food truck is visited by locals and tourists alike and offers some fantastic tasty tacos.

The El Taconazo food truck is quite famous and has been mentioned on several websites and food blogs. So, you might have a short wait, especially during peak times, if you want to pick up a taco or two. But it will be worth the wait!

The El Taconazo food truck is all about the simple pleasures, so its tacos might seem a little dull at first. There are no fancy fusions or fruit-based tacos; it’s all about meat, spices, and fiery salsa! If you like your tacos with more traditional flavors, then you will love paying a visit to this tremendous taco truck!

It’s easy to recommend the El Taconazo food truck, it’s got great high-quality food for fair prices, and tacos are also the ideal street food to eat as you’re exploring. Grab a taco with friends and then go and explore some of the great parks in Houston for a fun afternoon out in the city.

3. The Cabo Baja Grill

The Cabo Baja Grill
Address: 4520 Washington Avenue, Houston, TX, 77007
Website: http://cabobajagrill.com/

With its friendly, fun atmosphere, the Cabo Baja Grill is the perfect place to visit if you’re having a fun trip to the city with friends. This restaurant opens early and closes late, so you can enjoy fantastic fresh tacos at any time of the day or night!

The Cabo Baja Grill offers a wide variety of different tacos, with its specialty being fish tacos! Options include the Camaron, which includes shrimp, mozzarella, veggies, and chipotle sauce. In comparison, the titular Baja taco includes battered fish, onion, veggies with a chipotle sauce.

If you aren’t feeling fish, plenty of meat tacos are available with pork, chicken, and even steak being used! If you like Houston’s steakhouses, then this taco could be for you. If you want something a little more unusual, then we recommend the Nopal taco.

This taco uses grilled cactus, mozzarella, tomato with a cilantro sauce. If you’re wondering, grilled cactus has a fusion of sweet and sour flavors with a distinctly crunchy texture. If that sounds like something you’d like, the Cabo Baja Grill is the place to go.

4. Taconmadre

Address: 610 Crown St, 905 Edgebrook Dr, and 647 Freeport St.
Website: https://taconmadre.com/

With their bright green coloring, this trio of food trucks is well-known all over Houston. They offer both flour and corn tacos with a variety of different fillings. The tacos are a little smaller than the average size, but they are packed with fillings and bursting with flavor.

The tacos are so popular it’s not uncommon to see locals from Houston travel great distances to get one on their lunch hour! So, if you visit one of these great food trucks, you should try a taco or two.

At Taconmadre, the classic flavors are the most popular, with spicey beef, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and a sour cream sauce being the taco of choice. But if beef isn’t your filling of choice, you have plenty of other options to choose from.

Other options include steak, chicken, various types of pork, and barbacoa which is slow-cooked beef cheek. You can add this meat with a wide assortment of other fillings to create your perfect dram taco!

5. The Pit Room

The Pit Room
Address: 1201 Richmond, Houston, TX, 77006
Website: https://thepitroombbq.com/

Barbecue and tacos are the perfect mix, and you can find plenty of great dishes at this traditional Texan-style family restaurant. Whether you are eating in or taking out, you’ll find some great tacos to try at The Pit Room.

Mexican cuisine is very popular in Houston, so many restaurants and eateries have been inspired to add their own twists to the food. At The Pit Stop, the taco menu is quite limited, but this isn’t always a bad thing because each of the tacos is very high-quality.

Taco fillings include pulled pork, chicken, and brisket. Alongside specially selected salsa, red onion, cheese, garlic, and sour cream. They might not be the most exciting tacos available in Houston but, they are still delicious and worth trying, especially if you’re looking for a family restaurant that serves excellent tacos.

6. Taquería Del Sol

Taquería Del Sol
Address: 8114 Park Blvd, Houston, TX, 77017

Taqueria Del Sol has been serving the people of Houston for over 35-years now! Located on the southeastern side of Houston, this popular family restaurant is an official taquería! So, can you afford not to give their terrific tacos a try?

Like any food Mexican cuisine specialist, the Taqueria Del Sol offers a wide range of different fillings. Whether you opt for chicken, pork, beef, ham, or even grilled cactus, you can be sure of a tasty taco! If you are new to tacos and aren’t sure what to have, the friendly staff can advise you.

With its colorful Mexican decor and lively atmosphere, a visit to the Taqueria Del Sol is sure to be a good time. Food is very high-quality and cooked following traditional practices. We think it’s an excellent place for vegetarians to try as well, thanks to its range of vegetarian fillings, which include avocado, beans, potatoes, and numerous other veggies.

7. Gerardo’s Drive-In

Gerardo’s Drive-In
Address: 609 Patton St Houston, TX, 77009
Website: N/A

For our final pick, we have the famous Gerardo’s Drive-In! Houston locals are very familiar with this little shop as it’s been serving the community for over 40-years now. The shop specializes in Barbacoa tacos, and they are something extra-special.

Barbacoa is a unique way of cooking meat in which it is slow-roasted for several hours. The cooking style originated in Mexico, and the meat is traditionally served with diced onions, salsa, and cilantro herbs in a corn tortilla.

You can get your tacos made with these fantastic slow-cooked meats from this quaint little shop and choose from a range of different fillings. The popular choice is Barbacoa beef with salsa, cilantro, and a twist of lime for a tasty taco anyone will love.


So, if you are looking for tacos in Houston now, you have plenty of great places to try! Tacos are a great food to try, whether you’re sitting in a restaurant or visiting a food truck on your way to one of Houston’s great beaches.

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