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13 Best Boutiques in Houston, TX [Ranked]

Who doesn’t love a good shopping trip? Being such a large city, Houston has got plenty to offer for fashion lovers. There are plenty of great boutiques to visit in Houston, and in this guide, we’ll be sharing some of our favorites.

Of course, you can find all the big-name brands and designer labels, and Houston has some fantastic shopping malls you could easily spend all day at. But in this blog, we’re looking at Houston’s hidden treasure troves, namely the best fashionable boutiques.

Boutiques are traditionally small shops that sell clothes and other accessories like jewelry. There is a lot of variety to them, though; some boutiques focus on specific styles like the 60s or 70s fashion. At the same time, others are much more diverse and offer a wide range of different styles.

13 Best Boutiques In Houston

In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at the best boutiques in Houston. We’ve chosen our picks based on many factors, including their local reputation, price, styles, and more. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the best boutiques in Houston.

1. Abejas

Address: 5600 Kirby Dr, Houston, TX
Website: https://abejasboutique.com/

Abejas is an amazing boutique that offers an incredible array of casual women’s clothing. Whether you’re shopping for a stylish everyday outfit or looking for a lovely Summer dress, you’ll find everything you could need at this charming boutique.

Many of the clothes have an authentic bohemian look, making them ideal for the Fall and Winter. But there is clothing for all year round, and the jewelry is also worth mentioning. Necklaces, bracelets, and rings are all available and made with more unorthodox materials like bone, beads, and antlers.

2. Baanou Boutique

Baanou Boutique
Address: 1309 S Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX
Website: N/A

Usually known simply as Baanou, this fashionable boutique specializes in women’s clothing and accessories. You can find this boutique in a converted house, which lends it an appropriate and somewhat quirky charm.

The boutique is well-known locally for its youthful fashion, especially its fabulous dresses. It also features a range of pieces from local designer Amir Taghi. If you’re looking to go dress shopping, be sure to visit this stylish boutique.

3. Collectivo

Address: 4310 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX
Website: https://collectivostore.com/

Collectivo specializes in Latin American styles and fashions. The owner of the boutique is from Mexico City and proudly displays fashions from her home country. There is a wide selection of women’s clothing available, including dresses, coats, shirts, and more.

If you are thinking of visiting some of Houston’s beautiful beaches, then you might want to stop by Collectivo for a stylish swimsuit. They have several different styles available to suit all tastes and plenty of fabulous accessories.

4. Elizabeth Anthony

Elizabeth Anthony
Address: 1180 Uptown Park Blvd #8, Houston, TX
Website: https://elizabethanthonyhouston.com/

Elizabeth Anthony is one of Houston’s most well-known upmarket boutiques. You’ll find an incredible array of designers at this boutique, making it the place of choice for people looking to spend a little more.

You’ll find tops, jeans, dresses, shoes, handbags, jewelry, and much more. This stylish boutique covers two floors, with the second floor being the home of its huge eveningwear selection. If you have a bigger budget and are looking for designer gear, this is the boutique to visit.

5. Emerson Rose

Emerson Rose
Address: 350 W 19th St., Houston, TX and 1637 Westheimer Rd., Houston, TX
Website: https://shopemersonrose.com/

Emerson Rose is a fabulous budget boutique! It offers a great range of women’s clothing and accessories to suit all tastes. While the boutique has a reputation for selling “country” style clothing, don’t worry; you won’t find any cowgirl/ rodeo outfits.

The clothing is perfect for the modern woman, with many of the garments offering stylish yet subdued pastel colors. The impressive range of boots and shoes is also worth highlighting. If you love shoe shopping, this Houston boutique is well worth visiting.

6. Forty-Five Ten

Forty-Five Ten
Address: 4444 Westheimer Road, Suite F100, Houston, TX
Website: https://fortyfiveten.com/

While the Dallas store might be more well-known, the Houston branch of Forty-Five Ten is undoubtedly worth visiting! If you love designer fashion, then you will be spoilt for choice at this upmarket boutique
Among the designer names, you’ll find Alexander Wang, Maison Margiela, Gucci, and many more. While it is one of the more pricey boutiques in the city, you certainly can’t argue with the quality of the fashion.

The boutique offers clothing for men and women and has everything you could want, from shirts and tops to trousers, dresses, jewelry, and many other stylish accessories. If you like the finer things in life, be sure to visit Forty-Five Ten.

7. Hello Lucky

Hello Lucky
Address: 1025 Studewood St, Houston, TX
Website: N/A

Part boutique and part gift shop, this charming store is a must-visit for anyone visiting Houston! Take a stroll through one of the nearby Houston parks, and then stop by this lovely boutique to pick up a memento of your journey.

There are plenty of funky retro-style t-shirts for both men and women. But while these are undoubtedly fun, the real winner of this beautiful boutique is the unique jewelry. Designed in the vintage style, the collection of bracelets, necklaces, and rings would make a fine addition to anyone’s jewelry box.

8. Poshak

Address: 6620 Southwest Fwy, Houston, TX
Website: N/A

Houston is a very diverse city with people from all cultures and backgrounds. The city celebrates this diversity in several ways, and this boutique is one such example. Poshak specializes in traditional Indian and Pakistani apparel, which includes dresses and jewelry.

Amongst the collections, at Poshak, you’ll find some clothing and accessories for men, women, and children. If you’re unsure what dress is right for you or would like more information, the friendly staff will be happy to advise you.

9. Premium Goods

Premium Goods
Address: 2416 Times Blvd, Houston, TX
Website: N/A

Premium Goods is a very specialist boutique! If you want to go shoe shopping, you need to visit this charming store. Though initially set up in Brooklyn, this Houston branch has become one of Houston’s most popular stores.

It specializes in shoes and offers a variety of different styles to suit all tastes. Men and women will be sure to find stylish shoes whether they want something unusual and unorthodox or something a little more retro like some classic old-school sneakers.

10. Saint Cloud

Saint Cloud
Address: 5217 Kelvin Street, Houston, TX
Website: N/A

If you’re looking for the quintessential boutique experience, then you simply must visit Saint Cloud! This charming little boutique is a melting pot of styles from all over the world, including European, American, and Norwegian.

Whether you’re shopping for handbags, jewelry, dresses, or even homeware like pillows and blankets, this boutique offers you everything you could want. We particularly like the artsy jewelry, which includes rings, earrings, and bracelets.

11. Sobare

Address: 2400 Mid Lane 140, Houston, TX
Website: N/A

A boutique that specializes in activewear? Yes, it might be a little unusual, but this modern boutique is a must-visit for anyone looking to stay fit and fashionable! Its owner, Krystal Luna, is a fitness buff who knows the importance of quality in activewear.

Amongst the collections, you’ll find designer brands from all across the world, including America, Europe, and Australia. If you are looking for clothes, you can wear down at the gym, or while you’re out on the run, this is the boutique to visit.

12. STAG Provisions for Men

STAG Provisions for Men
Address: 2400 Mid Lane 140, Houston, TX
Website: N/A

It can’t be denied that many boutiques are focused on women’s apparel. But STAG is all about male fashion, and it offers a great selection of clothing and accessories. You’ll find plenty of Texan’favorites like denim and plaid apparel but also some more unusual options as well.

From jeans to dress shirts, STAG has got clothing to cover all tastes. Its impressive range of outwear is awe-inspiring, especially if you’re into the more rugged “manly” look. But you’ll also find modern fashionable sunglasses, hats, bandanas, bags, belts, and more.

13. Tres Chic

Tres Chic
Address: 2614 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX
Website: https://stagprovisions.com/

You really can’t go wrong with Tres Chic! This fashionable boutique is owned by a Mother and daughter team, and while it might be pretty small, there is plenty to see! Its array of cute clothing is sure to delight any woman.

This boutique offers an expansive array of unique clothing and accessories with funky printed jackets and coats alongside colorful handbags and printed silk scarves. With unique designs and plenty of choices, it’s a classic boutique with plenty to offer.


So, that is 13 of the best boutiques to see if you’re visiting Houston. From colorful dresses to designer clothing, retro shoes, and much more, you can find anything you could want in these fantastic Houston boutiques.

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