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10 Best Vintage Clothing Stores in Houston, Texas

Whether you’re going out to one of Houston’s best steakhouses or simply taking a stroll through one of Houston’s many great gardens, you’ll want to look your best, won’t you? As one of the largest cities in America, there is plenty for fashion lovers to do in Houston.

You could spend weeks (maybe even months) visiting all the fashion outlets and trendy boutiques. But who has time for that! Instead, we can help you find the best vintage clothing stores in Houston so you know exactly where to go.

Now vintage fashion is by design a little trickier. For one thing, vintage clothing is a very loaded term. To some people it can mean clothing from 20-years ago while to others it can mean clothing from 100-years ago!

Some designers also use the vintage-inspired moniker, which means clothing made recently designed to emulate older styles.

10 Best Vintage Clothing Stores in Houston

So, looking for vintage clothing isn’t quite as simple as you might first think, and it means different things to different people and encompasses a wide array of different styles/ designs. The good news, though, is Houston is quite the vintage fashion hub!

There are some fantastic vintage fashion stores to visit in Houston of all shapes and sizes. But to help vintage clothing lovers get a head start on their search, we have compiled a list of the top 10 stores for you to visit.

1. Hello Lucky

Hello Lucky
Address: 1025 Studewood St, Houston, TX, 77008
Website: N/A

Hello, Luck is one of our favorite boutiques in Houston, and it’s also a great vintage clothing store well worth visiting. While it doesn’t specialize solely in vintage clothing like some stores, it still has some great selection, including dresses, blouses, shirts, and pants.

But one particular area worth highlighting is this fashionable boutique’s array of vintage-style jewelry. These stylish accessories are sure to please vintage fashion lovers. There is a wide range on offer to please anyone, including rings, broaches, bracelets, and more.

2. Cheeky Vintage

Cheeky Vintage
Address: Cheeky Vintage, 2134 Richmond, Houston, TX, 77098
Website: https://cheeky-vintage.myshopify.com/

Shopping for vintage clothing can be expensive but rest assured the quality will be worth it. The Cheeky Vintage clothing store is a little pricer than some alternatives, but it offers excellent quality and a wide range of clothing across multiple decades.

The store specializes in women’s clothing and covers the 1920s to 1990s, giving you plenty of different vintage looks to check out. The clothing sold is mostly secondhand and described as gentile used, and it’s well cared for and preserved. If you love vintage fashion, then you simply have to visit Cheeky Vintage.

3. My Flaming Heart

My Flaming Heart
Address: My Flaming Heart, 3622 Main Street Suite C, Houston, TX, 77002

My Flaming Heart is a store with a rich heritage and a great place to visit for some vintage clothing. The store specializes in vintage and vintage-inspired clothing for both men and women!

It has a particular focus on footwear, especially cowboy boots. After all, you are in Texas, and this is a great store to stop at for some authentic footwear. But you’ll also find a great selection of vintage jewelry and other accessories too.

4. The Little Bird

The Little Bird
Address: 1121 Uptown Park Blvd, Ste 11, Houston, TX, 77056
Website: https://www.thelittlebirdinc.com/

The Little Bird has a few locations around the US, including a great vintage store in Houston. You can find a wide range of vintage clothing, including dresses, tops, shirts, trousers, accessories, and more.

The Little Bird specializes in designer brands like Gucci and Hermes, to name just a few. While it is a bit pricer than some alternatives, you are indeed getting quality for your money. So if you love designer vintage clothing, be sure to take a trip to The Little Bird.

5. Lo-Fi Vintage

Lo-Fi Vintage
Address:1629 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX, 77006
Website: https://lofihtx.com/

When people think of vintage clothing, they usually think of delicate dresses and fancy jewelry. But at Lo-Fi Vintage, the clothing on offer is a little more lowkey. You’ll find denim jackets, retro tee’s, sports shirts, jerseys, casual jackets, and much more.

There is an excellent array of retro/ vintage clothing for both men and women and even designer clothing. You could easily spend hours searching this fantastic clothing store for hidden treasures, and there is clothing to suit all tastes.

If you want more casual vintage clothing, then you will enjoy visiting the Lo-Fi Vintage store. It’s got something for everyone, and clothing is very reasonably priced, so it’s a great spot to see if you like bargain hunting.

6. Flamingos Vintage Pound

Flamingos Vintage Pound
Address: 2814 S Shepherd Dr suite d, Houston, TX, 77098
Website: N/A

The fantastic Flamingos Vintage Pound clothing store is a must-visit for fans of vintage clothing. With a variety of clothing for both men and women, this is a shop with something for everyone! Its colorful design and decor also make it an excellent backdrop for photos.

If you’re thinking of visiting one of Houston’s incredible beaches, you can stop by and get a stylish vintage sunhat. Or even put together a whole outfit for your next trip out. The Flamingos Vintage Pound is also very affordable with some great bargains. Vintage clothes shopping doesn’t have to be expensive after all.

7. Leopard Lounge

Leopard Lounge
Address: 1657 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX, 77006
Website: https://leopardlounge.store/

With its funky leopard print exterior, the Leopard Lounge is a well-known store to locals. But while the exterior is undoubtedly fabulous, you need to visit the interior. The shop describes itself as the “go-to spot in Houston for true vintage,” so vintage clothes lovers, you know what to do!

The store offers clothing from the 1920s to the 2000s, and you can find dresses, trousers, shirts, and much more. The store also prides itself on have a knowledgeable staff who know all about vintage clothing. So, if you want to know more about what you’re buying the friendly staff will be able to help.

8. Milk + Honey Vintage

Milk + Honey Vintage
Address: 3708 Main St, Houston, TX, 77002

Plenty of men and women love that bo-ho look, don’t they? But modern and vintage bohemian fashion is very different. Milk + Honey Vintage offers an excellent selection of vintage bo-ho styles for both men and women.

Located in a former artists’ studio, this stylish, retro store is a must-visit! It’s got the charm you’d expect from a fashionable Houston boutique, and all kinds of clothing are available. It’s a perfect spot to visit if you love vintage accessories.

You’ll find a great selection of jewelry, leather goods, handbags, messenger bags, and even an array of enamel pins. Charming and chic, any vintage clothes lover simply must pay a visit to Milk + Honey Vintage.

9. Area 52

Area 52
Address: 1802 Yale St Ste F Houston, TX, 77008

Area 52 is vintage clothing with a difference! This stylish store specializes in vintage streetwear for both men and women. From hoodies and jeans to tank tops and shorts, there is something for everyone, whether you want an outfit for down at one of Houston’s great parks or for a trip to an upscale Houston restaurant.

Shopping at Area 52 will give you a greater appreciation for the variety on offer when it comes to vintage clothing. It’s not all fancy dresses and shirts; you can find plenty of more casual vintage clothing too. It also has an incredible array of vintage shoes and sneakers, and prices start from as little as $10!

10. Eastside Vintage

Eastside Vintage
Address:2409 Commerce St Houston, TX, 77003

We close out our look at the best vintage clothing stores in Houston with Eastside Vintage! This cool clothing store recently received a boom in popularity thanks to TikTok, and it offers a wide range of vintage clothing for both men and women.

Unlike many stores, Eastside Vintage has a strong emphasis on male vintage clothing! So, guys who love that vintage look should be sure to visit. While the store doesn’t just specialize in clothing, there is still plenty of it available.

You’ll find tee’s, trousers, jeans, jackets, coats, hats, and much more. It’s a great spot for bargain hunting as well. If you love all things retro, then Eastside Vintage is a great place to visit, so be sure to stop by if you’re in the area.


So, that’s 10 of the best vintage clothing stores to visit in Houston! As you can see, vintage clothing is incredibly diverse with styles and looks to suit all tastes, from fancy dresses to casual streetwear and much more!

Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll be sure to find a store in Houston that can help. So, the next time you’re visiting Houston, make sure you visit some of these fantastic vintage clothing stores. Trust us; you’ll be sure to find your new favorite outfit.

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