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8 Amazing Dog Parks in Houston (Indoor and Outdoor)

Take a look at our guide to the most amazing parks in Houston to keep your dogs engaged, entertained, and active.

The city has some fabulous parks, as well as being surrounded by magnificent forests, woodlands, and beaches. We have included parks that we think are awesome close to the center of Houston, so your pooch isn’t cooped up in the car for too long. You may also want to check out 7 Best Parks in Houston for Pictures and Picnics and 8 Amazing Parks & Trails to Run Near Houston.

Amazing Dog Parks in Houston

I have highlighted our top picks for indoor and outdoor dog parks in Houston. There is nothing quite like the great outdoors for dogs. They love exploring the sights, sounds, and smells only available outside.

Houston is close to the Gulf of Mexico, and the weather can be extremely hot, which isn’t too great for our furry little friends; it can burn paws and lead to dehydration. Indoor dog parks are a great idea to give your beloved pets a cool, safe, fun place to exercise and make new friends.

Now, let’s take a look at our top 8 picks for amazing indoor and outdoor dog parks in Houston!

Amazing Indoor Dog Parks in Houston

Indoor dog parks are growing in popularity, especially as dog owners are becoming more conscious about appropriate weather walking conditions for their fluffy little pals. The parks are still relatively hard to come by due to high insurance costs and general maintenance fees.

If you want to enjoy an indoor haven for your dogs to run freely in Houston, it will come at a price. Here are a few of the best establishments we have come across in town for your pet to enjoy some safe indoor fun.

1. The Dog Gym

The Dog Gym
Image Credit: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/
Address:3410 N Shepherd Dr Suite B, Houston, TX 77018
Price:From $30.00 per session

The dog gym has a fantastic range of indoor classes for dogs of all ages, sizes, and athletic abilities. This indoor play center offers classes and freestyle sessions for your dog to come and play, alongside agility and obedience classes.

Conveniently located within The Dog Gym is Molly’s Mut House, a dedicated pooch haven for grooming, private boarding, and an engaging doggy daycare facility.

One of our favorite things that are on offer at The Dog Gym indoor dog park is their fitness day camp, which is available to dogs who need to work on their agility, mind, and social skills. This full-day session is available for $65.00.

2. Houston Bark Park and Daycare

Houston Bark Park and Daycare
Image Credit: https://www.houstonbarkpark.com/
Address:4905 Maxie St, Houston, TX 77007 & 710 W 27th St, Houston, TX 77008
Price:From $35.00 per day

Houston Bark Park and Daycare currently have two locations close to the center of Houston. They are family-run indoor dog parks that have been designed with your pet’s comfort in mind.

The Dog Park is a members-only club that allows your pup to socialize with familiar dogs regularly, taking away some of the anxiety our canine pals can feel when meeting new dogs.

Both locations offer spacious indoor and outdoor play yards, cold plates, misting fans, splash pads, and bubble cannons.

The Dog Park also offers lodging and doggy daycare. They do not have full grooming facilities; however, they offer a bathing service, including nail trims, teeth cleaning, and de-shed treatments.

Amazing Outdoor Dog Parks in Houston

Houston is a fantastic place for dog owners to live. There is an abundance of incredible parks dedicated to keeping your pups safe, entertained, and socialized with pals their own size. There are dog parks all over the city, from small fenced areas to vast fields lined with giant trees providing much-needed shade. Here are just a few that we think are fantastic.

3. Danny Jackson Family Bark Park

Danny Jackson Family Bark Park
Image Credit: https://www.trip.com/
Address:4828 1/2 Loop Central Dr, Houston, TX 77081

Danny Jackson Family Bark Bark offers a tremendous amount of green space for dogs to practice their off-leash recall skills. There are smaller confined spaces for nervous dogs to enjoy too, and a dedicated space for dogs under 20lb to play.

Our favorite feature at Danny Jackson Dog Park is the fantastic doggy swimming pool. A shallow oasis for your canine companion to cool down after a good run.

The park has some human-friendly features, such as benches, water hoses (to aid in cleaning up after your pet), and a large parking lot.

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4. Ervan Chew Dog Park

Ervan Chew Dog Park
Image Credit: https://westuniversitymoms.com/
Address:4502 Dunlavy St, Houston, TX 77006

Ervan Chew Dog Park offers ample space for your dog to enjoy some exercise. The 9,000 Square foot yard is completely fenced off for safety.

There is something for everyone here at this wonderful family park. You will find the superb space for dogs, a playground with a splash pad to keep children entertained (dogs can use this too), and picnic areas with benches surrounded by lush trees for adults to relax.

There is a great little coffee shop called Siphon Coffee, a short walk from Ervan Chew Park, where you can grab a snack to enjoy in one of the picnic areas. They have a lovely shaded dog-friendly patio equipped with water bowls.

5. Millie Bush Dog Park

Millie Bush Dog Park
Image Credit: https://www.youtube.com/
Address:16101 Westheimer Pkwy, Houston, TX 77082

If you are looking for a scenic, peaceful place to enjoy with your dog, Millie Bush Dog Park is one of the best. The dog park is maintained to a high standard, with beautiful views across George Bush Park Nature Area and the hiking trails.

There is plenty of space for dogs to run off-leash here, alongside a contained area for the comfort of smaller pooches. The park also offers two artificial swimming holes; a path runs through the larger of the two, so you are never too far from your pet, alongside a step to aid less agile dogs access the cool water.

There is ample parking here, with doggy showers available in the parking lot. If you are up for a hike, you can cut through George Bush park to get to a tranquil area along the Buffalo Bayou in about an hour’s walk. The majority of the hike is well shaded, with swamp and forestry surroundings.

6. Lake Nassau Dog Park

Lake Nassau Dog Park
Image Credit: https://www.businessyab.com/
Address:18900 Upper Bay Rd, Houston, TX 77058

Lake Nassau Dog Park is the smallest outdoor dog park mentioned in this guide, but that doesn’t stop it from being an incredibly fun place for your furry little pals to enjoy socializing, running off-lead, and generally having a great time!

The park has two fenced-off sections, one of them being specifically designed with smaller dog needs in mind. The park has an authentically rustic Texan feel, with plenty of sunshine and small wooden shaded bench areas for owners to relax.

Other facilities you will find close to the dog park include a children’s playground, duck pond, basketball courts, tennis courts, and walking trails. There are also a few quaint areas where you can take a break while enjoying watching the boats sailing along Clear Creek.

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7. Discovery Green Dog Run

Discovery Green Dog Run
Image Credit: https://www.avenidahouston.com/
Address:Brown Promenade, Houston, TX 77010

Discovery Green Dog Run is one of the only safe spaces in the heart of Downtown Houston for your dog to enjoy some freedom within this bustling urban area. The dog park is in need of some attention; however, does your dog really care that the fence could use a lick of paint? For a pleasant on-lead experience, the rest of the park is endearing.

The dog park is located within Discovery Green, a wonderland filled with amenities, including restaurants, putting greens, and art monuments. Discovery Green is also home to Kinder Lake. A beautiful spot for kayaking and enjoying the local wildlife.

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8. Congressman Bill Archer Dog Park

Congressman Bill Archer Dog Park
Image Credit: https://houstonprimerealty.com/
Address:3201 Hwy 6 North, Houston, TX 77084

Congressman Bill Archer Dog Park has to be our absolute favorite park mentioned within this guide! There are 17-acres of gorgeous grassland for dogs to bask in off-leash fun, with 3-acres dedicated to small dogs only.

The park has everything your hound could want or desire, including water fountains, puppy showers, agility courses, and shaded areas. Still, the pièce de résistance of this brilliant dog park is the fabulous bone-shaped doggy swimming pool!

Just a stone’s throw from Congressman Bill Archer Dog Park is the magnificent Bear Creek. Spanning an incredible 2,154-acres, Bear Creek is teeming with hiking trails that you and your canine friend can enjoy together, alongside children’s playgrounds, sports areas, and shaded pavilions.

To Sum Up …

Which park will you and your furry friend head to for a paw-some adventure?

We hope that we have helped you to create a shortlist of indoor and outdoor parks to consider to keep your pup happy. Dogs love adventures. Another guide that you might find interesting is the 5 Best Beaches In Houston.

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