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The French Fry House in Houston, Texas (Review)

If you’re into loaded fries, we’ve got the best recommendation for you. The French Fry House in Houston, Texas, provides delicious, filling, classic American comfort food. It’s just the thing when you don’t feel like cooking.

The French Fry House not only offers tasty fries, but they also offer a series of toppings for you to try. From Philly cheesesteak to seafood to shredded jackfruit, there are loaded fries for every occasion here, at an excellent price for the amount of food you get.

Please keep reading to find out our full thoughts on the French Fry House!

Key Details

Here are the key things you need to know about The French Fry House in Houston, Texas:

Address5740 South Wayside DR Houston, TX 77087
FoodLoaded fries, egg rolls, drinks
Our RecommendationsPhilly Fries


Let’s get down to the most important thing: the food! While The French Fry House doesn’t offer much variety, that’s not the only point. The specialty here is loaded fries, and they provide some delicious options in that regard.

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Loaded Fries

Loaded Fries
Image Credit: www.eatthis.com

There are several toppings to choose from, with a generous amount of toppings in each portion.

You could try the Bayou Fries (shrimp and crawfish etouffee with shredded cheese and green onions) if you’re in the mood for seafood. We’d also recommend the Philly Fries: 

  • thinly sliced steak,
  •  sauteed with bell peppers and onions, 
  • onions, 
  • provolone cheese, 
  • cheddar cheese sauce with ranchero aioli and parsley

If you want real comfort food, you could go for the buffalo chicken tender fries. Loaded with buffalo chicken, tossed in buffalo sauce, and topped with shredded cheese, ranch dressing, bacon, and parsley is a real treat if you need a pick-me-up.

There’s a vegan option too. Try the ‘Vegan Big Tex’ fries, topped with BBQ jackfruit, vegan BBQ sauce, vegan shredded cheese, and green onions.

If you don’t want the loaded fries, you can go for plain fries instead. You can choose from seasoned or plain. Both are delicious!

The portions are generous and filling, and it’s affordable too—a nice reward at the end of a long week when you don’t feel like cooking.

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Egg Rolls

Egg Rolls
Image Credit: bestrestaurantinhouston.com

They also have egg rolls on the menu, which are worth a try. 3 deep-fried egg rolls, cut and served with a sweet chili sauce.


Drinks from Houston
Image Credit: www.houstonpress.com

They have a limited selection of drinks, including soda cans (Sprite, Coke, Fanta Strawberry, Pineapple, Grape, and Orange). They also sell bottled water and Gatorade.


Image Credit: www.1900-yorktown.com

The French Fry House offers takeout if you’d rather pick it up to eat at home. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer delivery. They have street parking and parking for bikes, outdoor seating, and free wi-fi.

It’s suitable for kids, and it’s also dog-friendly so that you can bring your dog along with you too!

There is no public restroom which is something to keep in mind.

Customer Service

The customer service here is excellent. You can expect a warm welcome from friendly, helpful staff, and the service time is fast (although it can get busy at peak times).

It’s a welcoming place for families to go, too.


The pricing here is generous. Large loaded fries start from $11 and go through to $14 for the Bayou Fries. The portions here are large. The smaller portions start at $7 and go through to $9.50.

Plain fries are $4 for a small portion and $6 for a large portion. It’s a good choice if you want some reasonably priced but super-filling and satisfying American comfort food.

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Our Final Thoughts – Is The French Fry House Worth Trying?

We think so! The French Fry House is just the thing if you want to grab some takeout or visit in person. So if you wish to go out for a catch-up with friends, enjoy a bite to eat after work on your own, or want to feed your family, we’d recommend heading here for some fantastic fries.

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