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7 Best Places Serving Halal Food in Houston, TX

Houston has some of the most incredible inclusive restaurants in Texas that cater well to different cultures and diets. If you want to eat out tonight but adhere to Islamic dietary laws, you can use our guide to the best Halal food in Houston to help you find your next favorite restaurant.

From busy, bustling restaurants to excitingly tempting food trucks, there are many places to check out in Houston!

Best Places Serving Halal Food in Houston

We’ve highlighted our top picks in Houston for Halal food, including an overview of the atmosphere, what kind of food you can expect, and also a few of our own food recommendations.

The majority of Halal restaurants also include a vast vegetarian-friendly menu, so we have also included if they serve vegan options. We have also included if the restaurants offer food delivery services.

Without further ado, let’s check out our top seven spots for Halal food in Houston!

1. Tempura Pak Indo Halal

Tempura has been one of the top places to go to in Houston since 2009 for authentic Pakistani food, which deliciously has a Japanese fusion. The restaurant was created by Asrar Saeed, who used his mother’s cooking as inspiration.

The restaurant has a traditional menu consisting of desi food; they also have a grill service and an extensive hot buffet area. The buffet is priced at $17.99 per person; you can enjoy a range of appetizers, soups, curries, sides, sizzling meat dishes, and traditional desserts. Our favorite dessert to enjoy here is the Gulab Jamun; the sweet syrup is perfect on the tongue after a hot curry!

Tempura offers an outside catering service, as well as a delivery service. There is ample parking here, should you wish to dine in or pick up an order.

2. M&M Grill

M&M Grill is a good choice if you are looking for a relatively cheap quick eat with some added spice! The Arabian-influenced Mexican menu consists of burgers, grilled meat platters, and traditional kabob. This restaurant does not cater to vegetarians or vegans, and the children’s menu only has two options, so this may be off-putting to families.

This is a busy restaurant as it is located directly across the street from the VA Medical Center and is the only eatery in the area offering an exclusively halal menu. They are open until 10 pm during the week and until 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. M&M Grill is closed on Sundays.

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3. Aga’s Restaurant

Aga's Restaurant & Catering

Located along Lakeside Stripmall is the wonderfully fragrant Aga’s Restaurant. The style and atmosphere of the restaurant change to suit different occasions brilliantly. During daylight hours on a typical day, you can expect to see simple tables, hoards of people, and pretty naff neon signage. Still, during special events, the entire ambiance of the restaurant transforms into an elegant dining hall with white table cloths and cozy side lights.

Aga’s has a fairly simple brunch menu, with a small selection of stews, wraps, and eggs (including omelets for those with a lesser-traveled pallet). The evening menu is more than ample and has some absolutely delicious traditional Pakistani dishes to try.

This is one of the top-rated restaurants in Houston serving Halal food. Aside from the incredible food, the staff employed here have a lot to do with those high ratings. The waiting staff and chefs are so knowledgeable; they are happy to discuss the menu with you and offer suggestions. Aga management also takes the time to personally reply to every single review given online.

4. The Halal Guy’s

The Halal Guy’s Restaurants and food trucks originated in Manhatten in 1990. This chain was the inspiration of Mohamed Abouelenein, who came to America from Egypt and began working on a street stall selling hot dogs. Mahamed figured the people of Manhatten could do better than hot dogs, so he started selling pitas filled with grilled meat and rice instead.

Since its humble beginnings, the Halal Guys franchise has gone on to win awards within the food industry for its unique style of flavors, including the New Yorks Vendi award and mentions in Food & Wines magazines.

The menu today hasn’t changed much from those old food stalls back in the day; you can still find rice platters, grilled meats, and wraps for a reasonable price. The restaurants are open until midnight during the week, 2 am on Thursdays, and 4 am on weekends. They are also available to order from on various delivery service platforms, including Just-Eat and Doordash.

5. Bismillah Restaurant

Bismillah Restaurant
Address5696 Hillcroft St, Houston, TX 77036
FoodIndian snacks, Burgers, and Pizza
Our RecommendationMix papri chaat ($8.99)

Bismillah Restaurant specializes in fast snacks that have a superb Indian flair! At this unique stip-mall joint, you will find anything from traditional Indian samosas, puri, and chaat, to buffalo wings, juicy burgers, and the most seriously cheesy pizzas! They also have a great breakfast selection and an extensive children’s menu.

As good as the more traditional food is here, what we love most is their fries menu; you can order crispy fries with an abundance of tasty toppings. Our favorite is the BR&C Fries, which are topped with caramelized onions, the sacred Bismallah spice blend and sauce, and a generous layer of nacho cheese sauce on top, incredible!

There are a few options here for vegetarians. Vegetarian diners can keep it simple with a veggie pizza or opt for one of the more authentic dishes such as Aloo Bun Kebab, one of the chaat or puri dishes (they mainly consist of vegetables and lentils), or the absolutely gorgeous Raj Kachori, which is a spicy dish topped with crispy noodles.

Though there are vegetarian options, Bismillah does not advertise itself as being suitable for vegans. They have a heavily meat-based menu; therefore, it would be difficult for them to completely avoid any potential cross-contamination.

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6. Halal 5 (Food Truck)

Halal5 (Food Truck)
Image Credit: https://s3-media0.fl.yelpcdn.com/
Address10714 W Bellfort Ave, Houston, TX 77099
FoodWraps and quesadillas 
Our RecommendationBBQ Chicken Boti Paratha Roll ($7.99)

If you are taking a stroll down Bellfort Avenue, it’s hard not to spot the awesome, bright yellow Halal5 food truck. Once you get close, you won’t be able to resist the fragrant smells of freshly grilled meats, spice blends, and fresh salad toppings that fill the air. If that isn’t tempting enough, the prices alone are enough to entice even the more dubious of customers.

Halal5 serves mostly Middle Eastern meat wraps in an American style; you can also enjoy quesadillas and rice plates here. The menu is understandably simple here as everything is cooked fresh on-site. There are no vegetarian options besides plain fries, and the only drinks served are cans of soda or bottled water.

You can hire Halal5 to cater events or catch them at local markets and festivals. Updates on their whereabouts are posted on their Facebook page. They also offer delivery via GrubHub.

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7. Hayat Café

Hayat Café
Image Credit: https://10619-2.s.cdn12.com/
Address9099 Westheimer Rd STE M, Houston, TX 77063
FoodMiddle Eastern 
Our RecommendationHayat Special Chicken Janbon ($13.95)

Hayat Café is probably one of the most stunning restaurants included in this guide. The ambiance and beauty of the dining room are delightfully middle-eastern; the walls are adorned with mesmerizing artwork, and the tables are laid with the gorgeous crockery and linen, all of which add to what makes Hayat such an incredible place to dine at.

The food here is simply divine, with plenty of options for vegetarians and pescatarians too. Hayat Café does not offer a vegan menu.

There is a patio at Hayat where you can enjoy al fresco dining; however, this restaurant is located along a strip mall, so it does not have the most pleasing views. It is enjoyable to relax on the patio with a Turkish apple soda or Aryan and watch the world go by after a busy morning shopping.

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So, where will you head to for your next Halal meal?

We hope we have helped you create a shortlist of some of the best places in the city serving Halal to consider in Houston.

If you would like to see what other restaurants Houston has to offer that are dedicated to diners with special dietary requirements, you might want to check out our guides to The Best Places to Enjoy Vegan Food in Houston and The Best Restaurants Serving Paleo Dishes in Houston for guidance.

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