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7 Delightful Restaurants in Kingwood Houston

Kingwood Houston’s intricate and peaceful wooded neighborhood comprises 25 delightful villages, lanes dotted with pine trees, and a community swimming pool. Some say this livable forest is one of Texas’s most desirable places.

The area is abundant with hiking trails, stunning routes for bike riding, and scenic lakes with waterfront views for a perfect relaxing afternoon.

What about dining in this quaint little corner of town, though?

Having stayed all over Houston for one reason or another, I have extensive knowledge of all city areas. My main focus is always what attracts people to the area and, most importantly, where are the best places to eat. After all, no vacation or day trip is complete without a decent meal under your belt.

Where to Find The Best Restaurants in Kingwood Houston?

I’ve assembled an epic collection of restaurants in Kingwood, so no matter what cuisine satisfies your cravings, you’ll find the perfect eatery on the day.

You’ll find the perfect balance of variety, from restaurants providing guests with world-class service to the perfect place to grab the juiciest burger in an idyllic setting.

Let’s look more closely at the most delightful restaurants in Kingwood, Houston.

1. The Clubs of Kingwood

The Clubs of Kingwood
Address1700 Lake Kingwood Trl, Kingwood, TX 77339
FoodSandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, nachos, chips, chicken wings
My RecommendationChicken Salad Croissant

The Clubs of Kingwood is an exclusive Golf Club in Houston with much to offer, including glorious food.

Don’t get me wrong. There’s no fine-dining service or silver spoon here; what you see is what you get, but what you get is excellent, tasty, and fresh.

You don’t have to be a member of the club to enjoy many benefits, including the restaurant, social events, and stunning grounds.

The menu comprises simplistic yet delicious dishes such as buffalo wings, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, loaded fries, and flavor-packed sandwiches. The Chicken Salad Croissant is made with pulled chicken, pecans, celery, herbs, crispy lettuce, and tomato on a fresh, locally made croissant.

Although the dishes might sound like something you could get anywhere in Texas, they were created in a way that makes them stand out. For example, the cheeseburger is no run-of-the-mill burger; it’s made with a patty made from short rib and brisket, fresh salad, pickles, sauteed onions, mushrooms, and blue cheese, with the option to add avocado and bacon.

The prices are very reasonable, especially for such an exclusive location, the cheeseburger I’ve just described, for example, costs just $17.00, and the chili cheese hot dog is only $10.00 and is loaded with homemade chili.

2. Chimichurri’s South American Grill

Chimichurri’s South American Grill
Address1660 W Lake Houston, Parkway Ste 106, Houston, TX 77339
Website www.chimichurrisgrill.com
FoodLatin, Spanish, breakfast, escargot, charcuterie, empanadas
My RecommendationPollo Maracana

Suppose you want to experience the authentic flavors of South American cuisine. In that case, it can’t get any better than Chimichurris Grill. Not only do they provide guests with vibrant, delicious-tasting authentic dishes, but they also do it within an elegant, professional, and friendly setting.

The ingredients they use are all sustainable and seasonal, so you know what’s arriving on your plate is locally sourced and as fresh as possible.

South American food has a style of its own, and it’s hard to compare it with any other cuisine, with its unique techniques and delicate yet flavorsome spices.

Many of their dishes celebrate Latin flavors; however, a couple stands out. My recommendation was something I saw on the menu, and I was intrigued by the combination. After ordering, I was pleasantly surprised. Crab meat, citrus, and chicken worked splendidly on the Pollo Maracana.

Other menu items include the Pargo Pistachio, a ceviche-style sizzling soup with seafood, and signature Champagne Risotto, which is beautiful, incredibly delectable, and elegant in texture and flavor.

Plenty of choices exist for all dietary requirements, including gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan. In addition, the staff is extremely accommodating in meeting their guests’ other needs regarding dishes.

If you need more clarification or are overwhelmed by the menu, ask one of the friendly staff members to recommend a dish for you, they’re really good and pick out the perfect dish to your liking using their professional, up-to-date knowledge of the menu.

Prices are very reasonable for what feels like such as luxurious experience, and you can easily pick up a decent-sized entree for under $20.00

3. Raffa’s Waterfront Grill

Raffa’s Waterfront Grill
Address1660 W. Lake Houston Parkway #103 Kingwood, Texas 77339
FoodSeafood, salad, pasta, Angus beef, risotto, steak, American
My RecommendationPetite Asian Grilled Salmon

Raff’s Waterfront Grill offers a stunning mixture of cuisine, from pasta and steak to Asian-style fish and classic American macaroni.

If I had to pick a favorite spot to eat in terms of scenery, this would be the one. It’s located by the waterfront, allowing you to gaze out over a tranquil lake or watch the waves of the ocean crash against the shore. Here, you can indulge in some fantastic American cuisine while admiring the picturesque landscape of Lake Houston.

It’s a family restaurant that values its recipes passed through generations of the Raffa family.

Dishes include Gumbo, crab cakes, shrimp and grits, and seafood pasta, and everything is cooked with care and presented with passion.

The Asian Salmon is stunning, served with orange and ginger sauce which compliments it perfectly; it also comes with mandarin oranges, spinach, and candied almonds. It’s the nicest salmon dish I’ve ever sampled.

Other dishes include Mediterranean Chicken and Parmesan Risotto, packed with sundried tomatoes, salty capers, mushrooms, and olives, all of which are some of my favorite ingredients, so this dish was right up my street; I’d highly recommend it.

Prices here are incredible when compared with the quality of food and service. For example, the Med chicken risotto I was describing was a measly $21.00, which was terrific; the dish was plentiful and of superb quality, not to mention flavor.

One downside I noticed was that there were few options for vegetarians; however, if you spoke with the servers, they’d be more than happy to accommodate any requirements off the menu.

If you’re looking for somewhere to head for breakfast, there are some excellent options on the brunch menu, such as the Waterfront Salad, Boiled Shrimp, and Smoked Salmon Plate.

4. Italiano’s Restaurant

Italiano’s Restaurant
Address217 FM 1960, Bypass Road, Humble, TX 77338
FoodCalzone, pizza, pasta, salad, parmigiana, sandwiches
My RecommendationShrimp Florentine and pepperoni pizza

Here I am again with my passion for Italian food; I can’t get enough of it. No matter where I am, I always seek out the best Italians in the area; I’m like a magnet for them.

So, I quickly booked a table at Italiano’s Restaurants during a recent visit to Kingwood Houston. Boy, oh Boy, I’m glad I did.

Not only is the food out of this world, but the prices are insane. After all, this feels like a high-quality Italian eatery, and the prices are mind-blowingly low. You can get a 12-inch pizza for as little as $10.50, which is insane for a restaurant of this standard. But I’m certainly not complaining; it keeps me returning for more.

The menu is vast; you’ll be blown away by the choices, from Lobster Ravioli to Pan-Seared Salmon and Meatballs to Chicken Sauteed with Capers.

Of course, I’ve sampled the pizza more times than I care to admit. I have opted for my favorite three toppings, pepperoni, jalapenos, and mushrooms, each time. It’s perfect every time.

Last time however, I ordered a dish I hadn’t tried here before, the Shrimp Florentine, tossed with Italian tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, and green onions in a creamy garlic sauce.

Aside from the main courses, pizza, and pasta, vegetarians have many choices, such as Pasta Marinara, Cheese Ravioli, and Eggplant Parmigiana. These dishes are all under $13.00 too.

5. Akashi Sushi Fusion Cuisine

Address2271 Northpark Drive, Houston, TX 77339
FoodSushi, chicken wings, spring rolls, wonton soup, noodles, vegetarian, Asian pancakes
My RecommendationTuna Jalapeno

I am always over the moon when I come across a sushi restaurant. I can’t think of a time when I would turn down sushi; you don’t need to be hungry to indulge in this food.

However, it’s not just fantastic sushi; you can wrap your tongue around here. The restaurant has all kinds of outstanding Asian delights, such as vermicelli noodles, hot and sour soup, pan-seared scallops, and peppered steak.

The sushi is something to write home about, though. It’s impressive, vibrant, colorful, and highly pleasing to the eyes. It will make a great upload to your Instagram account. But no pictures will do the flavors justice.

There are so many options you’ll be spoilt for, so to help you out, I recommend ordering some of the combos, like the Sushi Boat for two, and then getting a few small plates and a hand roll on the side.

The prices are great. The sushi rolls are around $10.00 and can easily be shared. There are tons of choices for vegetarians and vegans too.

6. Tin Roof BBQ

Tin Roof BBQ
Address18918 Town Center Boulevard, TX 77346
FoodBrisket sandwich, smoked meat, BBQ dinner, homemade sausage, chicken fried steak
My RecommendationBaby Back Ribs and Broccoli Rice Casserole

Your visit to Texas can’t be complete without sampling the classic flavors of a Texan BBQ; it would be like traveling to Italy and not sampling pasta.

There is nowhere better in Houston than the Tin Roof BBQ to get your hands on the perfect BBQ dinner.

What I love the most about this style of BBQ is your ability to create your entire meal exactly how you like it. Pick a meat, two or three, and pair it with your favorite sides. It’s a win-win situation for you, the servers, the chef, and a clever and contemporary way to dine.

If you’re hungry or want to sample a bit of everything and share, the best thing to order here is the ultimate BBQ dinner. It’s $50.00 and comes with homemade sausage, turkey, chopped brisket, chicken, pork ribs, and pulled pork, with the option of choosing two sides.

All the sides are homemade, too, and include a choice of mac and cheese, potato salad, slaw, greens, baked beans, mashed potato, and roasties. This broccoli rice casserole, my personal favorite, complements all the meat options perfectly.

Not only is the food excellent and the service top-notch, but the portion sizes are huge. So make sure to bring with you a very heft appetite.

7. The Union Kitchen Kingwood

The Union Kitchen Kingwood
Address23918 Highway 59 N, Houston, TX 77339
FoodSoup, pasta, pizza, short rib, lobster sandwich, chicken satay, hummus
My RecommendationZuppa Italiano

The Union Kitchen Kingwood has something for everyone. It brings the perfect balance of American cuisine, casual dining, and perfectly cooked food packed with flavor.

I knew this place would be amazing when I got the hummus starter. Just the way it was presented, with tomatoes, cucumber, dressing, and olives, all drizzled with a rich pesto dressing, told me this meal would be something to remember, and it sure was.

This restaurant is ideal for meeting friends and socializing over amazing food.

The menu here was inspired by the student union at Paul’s Alma Mater, Purdue University, and has grown to be a staple gathering spot for locals and travelers from far and wide.

They’re bound to have something you like, whether for brunch or lunch, or perhaps you want the perfect burger or a plated dish stuffed with delectable components.

Another thing that will please you, and draw you here, as it did with me, is the low prices. You can get a sharing platter for around $15.00, which is plentiful enough for two. The pizzas are also around $15.00, and the main courses are the same also.

The Zuppa Italiano was a rich chicken broth soup with Italian sausage meat, kale, and potatoes loaded with fresh herbs, highly recommended for anyone looking for something a little lighter. My recommendation was something I ordered when I had popped in for a light lunch and was pleasantly surprised.

Let’s Round Things Up

So now that you’ve got a great selection of places to eat next time you’re in Kingwood Houston, which one will choose to spend your hard-earned money on excellent food? Will it be an authentic Texan BBQ with a plate full of perfectly cooked meats or delicate Italian pasta? Or you are okay with what you eat as long as you are happily looking out over the Houston Lakes waterfront.

If you still need to sort your abode, look at the best luxury Airbnb in Houston, TX. Where you end up dining, it will give you a memorable experience. If you want to add to those memories with an exciting adventure, why not check out my epic list of things to do in Houston and complete your trip?

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