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Top 6 Restaurants in Afton Oaks Houston: Taste The Best

Many people don’t know much about Afton Oaks in Houston, mainly because of its size and popularity. Afton Oaks houses just 525 properties, many single ranch homes from the 1950s.

However, in recent years, construction has taken place to bring more people to the area. More houses are popping up here, there, and everywhere.

As a regular visitor to Houston, I find myself staying all over the city for various reasons, including work trips, visiting family, or general sightseeing. Although Afton Oaks only offers a little in terms of attractions, there are lots of nearby restaurants which are worth visiting if you’re in the area.

Best 6 Restaurants in Afton Oaks Houston

Because Afton Oaks is such a tiny neighborhood, consisting mainly of residential areas, some of the restaurants in this guide might be just outside of the immediate area, in districts such as River Oaks, The Galleria, and Greenway Plaza. All of these are the main vantage points when you want to enjoy the best aspects of the city.

Aside from the location, I’ve also looked at factors such as cuisine, as it’s essential to have plenty of choice and variety when eating out, especially if you’re a big food lover such as myself.

I’ve also looked at pricing to give you a brief idea of what you should expect to spend should you dine at any of these locations.

If you have any dietary preferences, such as gluten-free, vegetarian, or vegan, they’ll be something for you too. Don’t worry if it’s unclear; most places I’ve mentioned are happy to cater to any special requirements upon request. It’s always worth an inquiry before you dismiss the idea.

Now we’ve got that covered; let’s take a look, shall we?

1. Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar
Address2405 W Alabama Street, Houston, TX, 77098
FoodAmerican, steak, tomahawk, wagyu, carpaccio, seafood
My RecommendationNewport Filet Mignon

You can come across a lot of decent steak in Houston. After all, there are steakhouses on every corner of the city. However, you’d struggle to find any better than Flemmings.

Although a leading company owns this restaurant chain, I’ve always found each restaurant to have individual characteristics. Yet, the food is consistent across the board.

There are many delicious dishes on the menu, except it goes slightly against the grain to rock up at a steakhouse and not order the steak. I’ve had a few of the steak dishes they offer here, but I’ve personally found the Newport Filet Mignon to be the most adequate; not only is it plentiful enough for me in size (6oz), but it also means I can enjoy a filet steak without paying through the roof for it, which is always a bonus.

The prices here are reasonable. Even the 12oz filet mignon is just $48.00.

There are also plenty of choices regarding steak accompaniments; this is, of course, down to personal preference, but my favorite option is to get a side of lump crab meat and the peppercorn rub with a side of Chipotle Mac & Cheese.

As I said, there is a good range of alternatives if you are looking for something other than steak. The Seafood Tower for Two is a great choice, and if you want to spice things up, I’d recommend the Ahi Tuna Steak. It comes with a tomato dressing and crab meat.

Regarding vegetarian options, you’ve got dishes such as Flemming’s Salad and Housemade Burrata. Of course, this being a steakhouse means your options are limited, but there are choices.

They also have some excellent deals, such as Monday’s four-course set menu for $49.00, in which you can pick a starter, entree, two sides, and a dessert. A great deal, and they don’t skimp on the portion sizes for these, either.

2. Luling City Market

Luling City Market
Address4726 Richmond Avenue, Houston, TX 77027
FoodBBQ, sandwiches, meat plates, desserts
My Recommendation½ lb Meat Plate

Luling City Market is located less than a mile from Afton Oaks in the busy district of Galleria, the BBQ center of the city.

This family-run restaurant has been serving Houstoners since 1981 and still by the same values today as it did back then.

All of their meat is smoked in-house, seven days a week, and it’s all done using the traditional method of oak smoking in specially made fire pits, meaning the smoke you taste is 100% authentic.

The menu is minimalist here, which is rather refreshing. Many places have an extensive menu, and you wonder how much time is spent preparing each element. Plus, I have to spend less time scrolling through long menus.

The best way to sample just how good the smoked meat is here is to opt for one of the meat plate options; this way, you can pick a few of your favorite meats and pair them with any sides you like.

They also have some amazing homemade sides to select from, such as pinto beans and coleslaw.

If you have yet to try it, take home a bottle of their famous mustard-based BBQ sauce, which they now sell to customers worldwide.

Price-wise, these guys are more than reasonable; for instance, the meat plate I’ve recommended is just $21.25 for ½ lb of fresh, smoked meat and two sides, you can’t go wrong, and the quality is next level.

3. Ambassador Chinese Restaurant

Ambassador Chinese Restaurant
Address4326 Richmond Avenue, Houston, TX 77027
FoodChinese egg rolls, soup, lunch, vegetarian, dumplings, seafood
My RecommendationBlack Pepper Shrimp

If you’re looking for your favorite Chinese dishes done well, whether you’re dining in or out, this is your place. You’ll be able to get all your staple dishes, except cooked to an exceptionally high standard.

The restaurant has been open for around 40 years, which says a lot about its popularity within the community.

I often choose black pepper dishes, but only sometimes with shrimp. I felt spontaneous and mixed things up a little. It was a good decision. Not a rubbery shrimp in sight, and instead, what I got was fresh, succulent shrimp cooked to perfection in a beautifully rich and peppery sauce.

The prices are a little higher than you’d probably usually pay at your average Chinese restaurant (the shrimp dish was $18.50), but given the quality, this wasn’t an issue for me. Plus, the portion sizes were great, and I had enough leftovers to bring home for lunch the following day. (Always a bonus after a few glasses of wine the night before).

As with most Chinese restaurants, the menu was immense, so I could be here all day long trying to tell you about other dishes I’ve tried. However, one other that springs to mind from a few visits ago is the Black Mushroom Chicken, which won’t appease you unless you like mushrooms. But it was outstanding and full of umami flavor.

There are tons of choices for any of you veggies out there, too; a couple of which I can remember were the Vegetable Lo Mein, Vegetable balls in a spicy sauce, Manchurian, I believe it was called, and the Sauteed Shredded Cabbage, which I did try myself and it was delightful, spicy, and well seasoned.

4. RA Sushi Bar Restaurant

RA Sushi Bar Restaurant
Address3908 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77027
FoodSushi, shareable plates, soup, salad, Japanese, fried rice, noodles, katsu
My RecommendationMango Ceviche Tacos

Suppose you’re looking for sushi with a difference, then this is your spot. Not only is it some of the best sushi in the area, but I’d also go as far as to say it’s some of the best in Houston.

Before discussing everything this restaurant offers, I must tell you about my most recommended dish. If you love bursts of flavor, sweetness, spice, and fresh zest, you’ll adore the Mango Ceviche Tacos as much as I do. You will have to try it.

You might not think about going to a Japanese restaurant and ordering tacos. Well, after this, you will. This delicious dish consisted of octopus, lobster, shrimp, and white fish. It was all mixed with a spicy fruit concoction of jalapenos, chiles, mango, cilantro, shallots, and citrus. It’s like nothing I’ve ever tasted, and that’s saying something. It was remarkably good.

I am aware, though, that sushi is up everyone’s street, and that’s okay because there are tons more to choose from on this menu,

For a start, the ramen is delicious. You can have this with char siu pork, spicy chicken, or vegetables; each comes with chilies, green onions, and sesame seeds. The vegetarian options come with a miso broth instead of the standard pork. The broth is silky, rich, and utterly delicious.

There are also some lovely dishes on the entree menu, such as NY Strip Steak and Colossal Shrimp which is done hibachi style. I love this style of cooking. The interaction with the chefs and other diners makes the occasion even more special.

There are also your more commonly seen dishes, such as Chicken Katsu and Poke Bowls.

5. Bayou City Seafood and Pasta

Bayou City Seafood and Pasta
Image Source: yelp.com
Address4712 Richmond Avenue, Houston, TX 77027
FoodCajun, Creole, American, seafood, pasta
My RecommendationAlligator Po Boy

Bayou City Seafood and Pasta restaurant is near Afton Oaks, Houston. It serves up some outstanding Creole, Cajun, and American-style cuisine.

Don’t be deterred by my recommendation; you don’t have to choose dishes that contain alligators. I always like to pick something out-of-the-ordinary, and this dish was cooked perfectly. I’d recommend this if only you’re in the market for a bit of Gator.

The restaurant was established in 1990 and had since been wowing diners its ability to pack a punch in terms of flavor and provide outstanding service. The staff here are on the ball. They’re attentive, accommodating, and, most importantly, extremely friendly.

The place is open for brunch, lunch, and dinner, and although I’ve only ever been in the evening, I’ve recently had a peruse through the brunch menu, which looks incredible. And, if the standard of food at dinner is anything to go by, it’ll be fantastic.

They also serve a superb, authentic-style gumbo, which you can have with seafood, chicken and sausage, crawfish bisque, or crab. I’ve tried the chicken and sausage, just a small cup for $8.99, and it certainly hit the spot.

I must admit they have some great salad options. If you want something a little lighter, you can have a salad. I recommend the Summer Salad with crabmeat and raspberry vinaigrette.

6. Ouisie’s Table

Ouisie’s Table
Address3939 San Felipe Street, Houston, TX 77027
FoodSouthwest, breakfast, streak, salad, seafood, meatballs
My RecommendationChilean Sea Bass with Saffron Risotto

If you prefer the finer things in life, and want something a little more classy than a large plate of gumbo or a slab of steak, then perhaps Ouisie’s Table might appease you a little more.

It’s between formal and fine dining, yet the ambiance inside and the general atmosphere are laid back and casual. You don’t need to worry about feeling underdressed or out of place, as I have often felt walking into unknowingly fancy restaurants.

This place feels so eloquent because of the food and high-class service (and maybe the prices).

The menu is relatively compact, though there are enough choices on offer. However, it is a seafood-focused menu, so you might be restricted if you don’t like fish.

There are a few dishes here that I highly recommend, one of which is the paella; it’s practically perfect, beautifully presented and garnished, and extremely tasty. You can get a portion for two people of this for $48.00.

My favorite is the Chilean Sea Bass with Saffron Risotto. The sea bass was perfectly cooked and melted in the mouth with a perfectly seared outside. It’s $39.00 and worth every cent.

A Final Note

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my favorite restaurants in Afton Oaks. If you’ve never been here, you’ll love your trip, whether for a single day or an extended vacation. Because Afton Oaks is so close to some of the most popular parts of Houston and has great access to the rest of the city, you should look at my ultimate guide for things to do while you’re there. Also, if you still need to find accommodation, I’ve got some great options in my list of the best hotels with two-bedroom suites in Houston.

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