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8 Best Spots To Have Delicious Ramen in Houston, TX 

Do you love noodles and often wonder where in Houston serves the most delicious bowl of Ramen? 

Similar to the famous pho, Ramen is a favorite amongst Houstoners. Whether it’s the rich meaty broth, the perfect noodles, or the fresh herbs that you love. Our guide will take you to some of the best restaurants serving up this Japanese classic.

Who Makes The Best Ramen Noodles in Houston?

While reading through our guide, you will come across some of the most delicious ramen dishes on the Houston market. 

We will be discussing prices, service, ingredients, and overall experience. So, by the time you finish reading, you’ll know exactly where to head in Houston for some of the best Ramen you’ve ever tasted.

So on that note, let us go ahead and look at some of the most fantastic ramen dishes in the Houston area.

1. Kata Robata Houston 

Kata Robata Houston 
Address3600 Kirby Dr. Ste H, Houston, TX 77098
FoodSushi, seafood, Ramen, gyoza, foie gras
Our RecommendationSpicy Soy Ramen

Kata Robata has its own take on modern and traditional Japanese cuisine. Each week their fish is flown in fresh from Japan and is of exceptionally high quality.

The Ramen here was delicious. You could tell from the richness of the broth that it had been lovingly and professionally homemade. Our recommendation of the Spicy Soy Ramen contained slow-braised ground pork, chili oil, soy milk, a soft-boiled egg, Wakame (seaweed), green onions, and micro cilantro. The balance of flavors was exceptional, and the seasoning was perfect.

For the best experience, make a reservation for the chef’s tasting menu. This way, you’ll get to enjoy everything on the menu, including the tasty Ramen. 

There are no vegetarian options on the ramen section of the menu. Still, there are plenty of other options, such as Vegan Soba Salad, which consists of: brussels sprouts, micro-cilantro, taro, cabbage, kimchi powder, kimchi vinaigrette, and nori (seaweed.) 

The pricing here is high to average. For a bowl of Ramen, you should expect to spend between $16.00 and $27.00. The most expensive one, at $27.00, is the Lobster and Crab, which justifies the high price tag. But if you feel like splashing out, you won’t be disappointed with your meal. 

They have an extensive sushi selection and also a good selection of desserts. 

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2. Ramen Fun

Ramen Fun
Address3645 FM 1960 West Suite, 228 Houston, TX 77068
FoodOctopus, Ramen, mochi, sashimi
Our RecommendationBeef Ramen

Ramen Fun serves up some excellent ramen dishes. Set in beautiful surroundings in central Houston, they’re a great destination to head to for a bowl of noodles.

Serving traditional and specialized dishes, everyone has something on the menu, such as the Classic Black Garlic Ramen and the Spicy Miso Ramen. 

The restaurant itself has a lovely warm atmosphere and an authentic family feel. It’s a great choice to take the whole family for a midweek tea, as well as the perfect place to take your partner for a romantic meal on a Friday evening. With its low-lighting, wooden interior, dark walls, and Japanese artwork on the walls, it feels like a very authentic experience while dining here.

There are plenty of choices for vegetarians, such as the Spicy Miso Ramen mentioned above. 

The ramen broth itself is perfectly seasoned, creamy, and extremely rich. It pairs well with the meats and herbs that make the Ramen. The beef ramen is made with beef shank and fresh spinach.

Regarding the prices here, most ramen dishes cost an average of $10.00. Which we thought was great for the portion sizes and the quality of the plates. 

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3. JINYA Ramen Bar – Houston Midtown

JINYA Ramen Bar - Houston Midtown
Address3201 Louisiana St, Houston, TX 77002
FoodRamen, curry, rice bowls, gyoza, seafood, poke
Our RecommendationSpicy Umami Miso Ramen

JINYA Ramen Bar is a fantastic choice to get delicious Ramen in Houston. Instead of the usual ramen broths, they actually have six different ones. Each broth is gently simmered for 20 hours, perfectly balancing the flavors of the pork bones, chicken, and vegetables, with dashi, bonito, and other Japanese ingredients. The result? An unforgettable eating experience.

There is a wide choice of toppings to have with your Ramen, more than you would expect to see in your typical ramen restaurant. For instance, you can choose from items such as pork chashu, chicken wonton, ground pork soboro. With the number of choices and variants available here, you will indeed find yourself stuck for choice.

If you can’t decide, we recommend trying the Spicy Umami Miso Ramen, which is pork broth, served with ground beef, bean sprouts, green onions, bok choy, and chili oil. This is done with thick noodles. 

However, should you want a vegetarian option or something a bit easier on the spice, why not give the Tsunami White Pearl a try. This vegan dish is packed with flavor, with plant-based “meat” green onion, red onion, spinach, broccolini, bay leaf, garlic oil. 

The ramen dishes are priced between $13.80 and $23.94. So depending on your menu choice, it is possible to get a lower-priced meal. There is also a children’s menu, dessert, and gluten-free menu. 

4. Ninja Ramen

Ninja Ramen
Address4219 Washington Ave (Thompson) Houston, TX 77007
FoodRamen, noodles, spam
Our RecommendationClassic Ramen

Ninja Ramen is a trendy and fun restaurant with a great atmosphere. It is often referred to as a hidden gem, perhaps why it got its name “Ninja” because it is a black building, off the beaten track, meaning it can be easily missed. But once it’s found, people soon return. 

The menu here is tiny. In fact, it only consists of four dishes (five if you include the ice cream, which is insane, by the way, try the miso caramel.) Out of the other four dishes, two are Ramen: one is the classic, an Asahikawa-style broth, with pork belly, soft boiled egg, bamboo shoots, and green onion. You can tell all the ingredients are fresh, and the broth was extra tasty.

Despite the small menu, vegetarians will be pleased to hear that one of them is vegan. The Aburamen is spicy garlic “oil noodles,” egg, bamboo, nori, green onion, and garlic. (Only vegan if ordered without egg.) The Ramen here is $12.00

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5. Mikoto Ramen and Sushi Bar

Mikoto Ramen and Sushi Bar
Address12155 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX 77079
FoodRamen, sashimi, maki rolls, fried rice, bao buns, tempura shrimp
Our RecommendationBlack Garlic Ramen

Serving authentic Japanese Ramen, tapas sushi, and made-to-order Chinese food, Mikoto is a popular choice with locals and tourists alike. 

Due to its trendy interior and upbeat atmosphere, it is a popular choice with all ages and groups. 

The selection of Ramen on offer is excellent; there are many options to choose from, so whether you’re looking for something spicy, meaty, or vegetarian, there is something to please everyone at your party. 

The Black Garlic Ramen was spectacular. Using their signature pork broth, black garlic oil, pork char siu, green onion, nori, soft boiled egg, kikurage, bamboo, ginger, and noodles. The flavor combinations were outstanding. 

With so many choices, this is somewhere you will return to again and again to try other options.

Regarding the service, we did find it slightly slow.  So, we waited quite a long time for anyone to take our orders when we arrived; for us, it didn’t matter, but perhaps not recommended for anybody who might be short on time. 

The average price of the ramen dishes was around $10.00, and despite the wait, it was well worth every penny.

6. Ramen Bar Ichi

Ramen Bar Ichi
Address1801 S Dairy Ashford Rd Ste 108, Houston, TX 77077
FoodRamen, pork chashu, ajitama
Our RecommendationSpicy Loco Pollo Ramen

Opened in 2016, Ramen Bar Ichi has become a popular choice for Ramen in Houston. 

Their pork and chicken broth are made from scratch, developed using traditional Japanese methods and family recipes.

Their menu is built around solely Ramen, which means you know it’s going to be some of the best. 

Firstly you pick your Ramen. There are nine options to choose from, including some vegetarian options, such as the vegetable ramen, and the vegan Ramen, both made using a tasty vegetable stock base, sweet potato chips, and eryngii mushrooms. 

Our recommendation is the Spicy Loco Pollo, the rich broth makes the dish what it is, but the other ingredients combined with the shredded chilies and spicy chili paste give this Ramen that extra kick. There is the option for a Loco Pollo, which isn’t spicy if you aren’t a fan of the heat.

Once you’ve selected your Ramen, you can then choose any extra toppings that you wish to add, such as seasoned eggs, shredded greens, pickled leaf, pork chashu, fireball, and many others. These add-ons make the Ramen personalized to your taste. 

The prices of the ramen dishes are either $12.95 or $13.95, with any added extras only costing around $1.00 to $3.00

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7. Koji’s Ramen Bistro

Koji's Ramen Bistro
Address13207 Jones Rd Ste B, Houston, TX 77070
FoodRamen, pork chops, egg rolls, gyoza, salmon fried rice
Our RecommendationShrimp Ramen

Koji’s Ramen Bistro is a family-style Japanese restaurant known for its Japanese Ramen Noodles. 

In addition to Ramen, other rice dishes, delicious appetizers, and various beverages such as bubble tea are also available.

The Ramen itself was spectacular. Amongst the different ones that we tried, we all voted that the Shrimp Ramen was the best of a terrific bunch. There are twelve different ramens to choose from, so if shrimp doesn’t take your fancy, something else surely will. Perhaps the pork chop or chicken, to name just a few.

The broth was highly flavorsome and tasted creamy and authentic. 

There is also plenty of choice for vegans and vegetarians. 

The vibe in the restaurant is chilled, it is only small inside, and there is something very relaxing about the atmosphere. You’re made to feel very welcome from the minute you arrive by the friendly staff.

It is an excellent choice of restaurant for any occasion and very family-friendly, so a great place to take the children. Although there is no designated children’s menu, there are plenty of options for smaller plates that would suit the little ones. 

The prices here range from between $12.88 and $13.88 for the ramen dishes. The appetizers and side dishes are between $2.00 and $4.00

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8. Osaka Sushi Japanese Restaurant 

Osaka Sushi Japanese Restaurant 
Address515 Westheimer Rd, Houston, Houston, TX 77006
FoodSushi, Ramen, lobster tempura, rice bowls, rolls
Our RecommendationPork Ramen

Osaka Japanese Restaurant is an excellent choice for Ramen, offering up delicious dishes available for dine-in and takeout. 

They are well known within the Houston community and are recognized for the Ramen and their spectacular sushi menu. 

The staff are accommodating and friendly and will go above and beyond to make your dining experience a pleasurable one. 

Their modern interpretation of classic Japanese dishes, combined with high-quality ingredients, makes them a popular choice with Houston.

Their chef prides himself on making original dishes with a unique twist, meaning a lot of the dishes you try won’t be like anything you’ve tried elsewhere. 

The Ramen here is exquisite. Although there is only one option, the pork, it stands out on the menu and really shows that there doesn’t need to be a lot of options. When it comes to classical Ramen, this dish does precisely what it should. The broth is seasoned perfectly, rich and smooth. It is served with egg noodles which are springy and perfectly cooked. 

Although the Ramen may not be an option for vegans or vegetarians, there is plenty of choice on the rest of the menu. We highly recommend trying the sushi, too, alongside your Ramen.

The prices here are slightly higher than some of the other restaurants in our guide, so perhaps somewhere you may choose for a special occasion. The Ramen is $15.54.

They also have a good selection of soft drinks, including flavored teas. 

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To Round Things Up

Have we got your mouth watering with the thought of rich and creamy ramen? 

We hope that in reading this guide to the most delicious Ramen in Houston, you’ve managed to narrow down exactly where to get your next bowl of the good stuff. 

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