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8 Best Places To Get Dumplings in Houston, TX

Dumplings can be adapted to most cuisines, although most well known in the Asian food culture. 

They can be steamed, deep-fried, boiled, baked, and each cooking technique provides a different product. But which are the best places to get dumplings in Houston?

Where To Find The Best Dumplings in Houston?

So whether you’re looking for authentic flavors? Homemade cooking styles, or something totally modern and on-trend. By reading through our guide, you will discover all the best dumplings on offer.

We have taken a look at some classic dumpling restaurants, takeaways, and some more out-of-the-ordinary destinations to give you a great variety to choose from and to suit your requirements.

So, here is our list of the 8 best places we found to get your dumplings in Houston. 

1. True Food Kitchen

True Food Kitchen
Address1700 Post Oak Blvd, Houston, TX 77056
FoodMeal prep, salad bowls, dumplings, burgers, and sandwiches
Our Recommendation:Edamame Dumplings

True Food Kitchen is a restaurant that bases itself on health and wellness. From plant-based foods to dishes that are heavy on protein. You can find whatever suits your diet here. 

As we all know, when dumplings are cooked in specific ways, they can be a great healthy choice when eating out, such as when they are steamed or boiled. 

The dumplings here are amazing. They come as a choice for your starter course and are made with edamame beans, dressed with dashi, truffle oil, and fresh herbs. It was priced at $9.00.

All the dishes are very creative while being cooked using healthy methods. It is a family-friendly destination, and all of the staff were extremely helpful throughout our visit. 

2. Dumpling Haus

Dumpling Haus
Address2313 Edwards St Ste 180, Houston, TX 77007
FoodSoup, dumplings, wontons
Our RecommendationPork and Chicken Dumpling Soup

Dumpling Haus is a family-owned restaurant serving some of the best homemade dumplings in town. All their dumplings are made by hand, in-house, and are stuffed with all locally sourced ingredients. 

The atmosphere inside the restaurant is casual, cozy, relaxing, and ideal for any occasion, whether it be a family meal or a first date. 

The restaurant is situated in a lovely part of town, a fashionable location with locals and visitors alike.

The Pork and Chicken Dumpling Soup, which we recommended, was beautiful. It was served with Woodear mushrooms and bamboo shoots in a tasty, rich broth. The garlic rice that comes with the option to have vegan or pork dumplings is also an extra delicious dish. 

There are plenty of choices for vegans and vegetarians, and they also have a superb selection of teas. 

The prices are excellent value with the average meal for one costing around $10.00.

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3. Auntie Changs Dumpling House Houston

Auntie Changs Dumpling House Houston
Address2621 S Shepherd Dr Ste 290, Houston, TX 77098
FoodDumplings, sizzling plate, fu young, sweet and sour
Our RecommendationAssorted Dumplings

Auntie Changs is a homestyle restaurant with a welcoming and authentic atmosphere. The dark interior and comfy chairs give the place an authentic feel of Asian dining. 

Despite some of the reviews on their other dishes not being fantastic, some calling it “standard Chinese food,” we thought it deserved to make it into our guide based on the dumplings alone. Which, of course, is what we’re looking for here. 

We went for the assorted dumplings, which were a mixture of pork, shrimp, beef, and chicken—priced at only $8.10 for a portion of 8 dumplings. They were cooked perfectly, full of flavor, and each of the flavors had its own unique stuffing. They were highly moreish, and we all agreed we would return. The sauces that accompanied them all complimented the dumplings very well too.

There are vegetarian options for anyone not wanting to opt for the meat-filled ones, and these can be requested on the mixed dumplings, should you be sharing. 

We recommend trying the boneless duck in cracked pepper sauce for anyone dining with you who perhaps doesn’t want the dumplings. 

4. China Garden Houston

China Garden Houston
Address1602 Leeland St, Houston, TX 77003
FoodDumplings, catfish fingers, chow mein, fried rice, red snapper
Our RecommendationPork Dumpling and Red Snapper

First developed in 1968, China Garden is a long-standing favorite within the local community. 

With its cozy yet contemporary decor and lovely outdoor patio area, it is the perfect place to dine in the evening. 

The pork dumplings were probably the best out of our menu selection, although they were all excellent. There were vegetarian options, which were just as good as the meat-filled choices. 

The pork dumplings on the appetizers section of the menu cost $11.50, while the vegetable ones on the dinner plate menu came up at $12.50.

They have a small selection of soft drinks and hot beverages, as well as a full bar menu.

5. Doozo’s Dumplings & Noodles

Doozo's Dumplings & Noodles
Address1200 Mckinney St, Houston, TX 77010
FoodDumplings, wontons, and soups
Our RecommendationCombo dumplings with hot and sour

Doozo’s Dumplings and Noodles is a laid-back, casual, and fast-serve eatery. If you’re looking for something when you’re in a rush and don’t have time to wait or dine-in, this should be your first choice to make sure you get the same quality dumplings as you’d expect to get in a fancy restaurant.

The menu is non-descriptive and extremely simple. Dumplings or dumplings? But that is precisely what we were there for and the reason you’ve come to this guide, right?

So, don’t let the simplicity put you off. If anything, it means that even more passion and love goes into every one of the thousands of dumplings that fly out of here every single day. 

The prices are also something to shout about, at only $8.50 for a large portion of incredible dumplings and a side of either hot and sour or fried rice; you just can’t go wrong.

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6. The Flying Dumpling

The Flying Dumpling
Address4835 Calhoun Rd, Houston, TX 77004
FoodDumplings, wonton soup, baos, wings, stir fry
Our RecommendationWonton Soup and Chicken Dumplings

The Flying Dumpling is a takeaway rather than a restaurant, so there is no option to dine in, although there is seating available outside when the weather is nice. 

The dumpling selection is excellent because you can choose your portion size, where you have the choice of 6, 12, 24, or 36, next, you can select your flavor, pork, chicken, or vegetable, and lastly, you can choose how you would like your dumplings to be cooked, which is either fried or steamed. We opted for the steamed chicken, fried pork, and steamed vegetables and would highly recommend all three, although the chicken was voted the best out of our group. 

The prices were slightly higher than some of the other places we ordered from; for example, 12 dumplings here are priced at $17.99, but they are filling and great for sharing, which cuts down the cost. 

The service was fast yet friendly and very organized in getting every customer’s food out in quick time; while not lacking in quality, everything was hot and tasted exceptionally fresh. 

7. Rattan Pan Asian Bistro

 Rattan Pan Asian Bistro
Address1396 Eldridge Pkwy Ste A, Houston, TX 77077
FoodDumplings, scallops, spring rolls, snow crab, carpaccio
Our RecommendationSpicy Dumpling

Rattan Pan Asian Bistro is a trendy, up-market bistro restaurant serving classy dishes and authentic style Asian dishes with a twist. 

The dumplings were delicious; they are spicy dumplings stuffed with chicken and shrimp, served with cucumber, sesame, and green onion in a tangy dressing. They had a good heat, and the meat stuffing was smooth and perfectly seasoned. Paired with the spicy, zingy dressing, it made a fantastic all-around dish. 

There is plenty of choice for vegans and vegetarians as well. They also have a fantastic sushi menu. This goes perfectly when accompanied with the dumplings; we recommend getting a few small plates to share between your group so that you can get a taste of more items on this exciting menu. Even then, it will leave you wanting to return to try even more. 

Looking at the menu at first glance, you would expect it to be relatively high in price due to the sophisticated dishes, but you will actually be pleasantly surprised, although not one of the cheapest restaurants in our guide, you can easily pick up a decent-sized main course for under $15.00

8. Jinya Ramen Bar 

Jinya Ramen Bar
Address3201 Louisiana St, Houston, TX 77002
FoodTacos, salad, Gyoza, rice bowls, hamburger steak
Our RecommendationImpossible Gyoza

Jinya Ramen Bar is a lively and bustling restaurant that is extremely popular with people seeking authentic Asian cuisine in midtown Houston. 

It is a modern-style restaurant serving unique dishes that you may not expect to find in your typical Japanese or Chinese restaurant. They are most famous for their spectacular Ramen dishes, but as well as that, dishes such as the jalapeno butter corn, and the spicy tuna and salmon rolls, make them stand out in the crowd.

Of course, the things that we were putting to the test were the dumplings, or in this instance, the Gyoza, which before we had even entered the restaurant, we were told we “just had to try.” We soon found out why. After trying both the dumpling options on offer, we decided the “Impossible Gyoza” was the one. They were genuinely outstanding; apart from being beautifully presented and pleasing on the palate, the flavors were out of this world. They were the deep-fried variety and the perfect choice for vegetarians, and the “meat” inside, is actually plant-based. 

There is also pork gyoza on the menu for anyone not wanting to sacrifice their love of meat.

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In Summary

After reading our guide, we hope that you will now find it easier to narrow down the right choice for your dumplings, whatever your party is looking for. 

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