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The Original Timmy Chan Restaurant, Houston, TX

The Original Timmy Chan Restaurant in Houston offers the perfect food if you have a craving for Chinese takeout. With a range of popular Chinese dishes and some American classics, good, simple, tasty food is found here.

So the bottom line up front is this: we think that The Original Timmy Chan is worth visiting if you want fuss-free, tasty food for a reasonable price. However, the customer service could be better.

Keep reading to find out the essential details, the kind of food you can get, the amenities, and the pricing!

Key Details

Before we get into the food, here’s the key information you need to know about The Original Timmy Chan.

There are several locations across Houston, including:

  • Bissonnet & Freeway, 9550 Bissonnet, Houston, TX
  • Synott & Bissonnet, 13211 Bissonet, Houston, TX
  • Gears & Veteran Memorial, 3006 Gears Rd, Houston, TX

The food is very similar in each location. Here are a few more details you may want to know.

  • Website: timmychanshouston.com
  • Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11 AM – 10 PM
  • Takeout: Yes
  • Delivery: No
  • Bar: No
  • Parking: Private lot parking
  • Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible


Let’s talk about food! The Original Timmy Chan has a great fusion of Chinese food and American classics. You can grab a delicious chow mein here along with some chicken tenders, for example. It’s a great place to go for fast, delicious food, for lunch as well as dinner.
Let’s take a look at what’s on the menu at The Original Timmy Chan’s:



In terms of appetizers, you can go for a soup (like the wonton soup, egg drop soup, or vegetable soup) or grab small bites like egg rolls, cream puffs, BBQ ribs, and stuffed jalapenos.

Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings

You can get a variety of chicken wings here, from 4 pieces through to 100 pieces. If you want, you could try their specialty wings (like buffalo wings, garlic wings, BBQ wings, or teriyaki wings).

Chinese Food

Chinese Food

The main event, the Chinese food available here, is excellent. Their Chinese food comes with fried rice and a biscuit, or you can add fries or combo rice if you want. They have some classic dishes here, including chow mein, chop suey, pepper steak or pepper chicken, almond chicken, sweet and sour chicken, and beef and broccoli.

They have a good range of lo mein dishes to choose from, too, including veggies, beef, shrimp, and pork. Or, you can grab a portion of fried rice with a range of flavors and fillings available.


Cajun Shrimp Pasta

The manager’s specials are well worth a try. The Cajun Shrimp Pasta is creamy and delicious, or if you want a real treat, you could try the bacon-wrapped shrimp. If you want to avoid fried food, you can grab some grilled chicken or fish, giving you a healthier option.

American Classics

American Classics

Suppose you don’t want Chinese food or a combo. In that case, you can get some classic American dishes here, including chicken skewers, chicken tenders, and chicken nuggets. These make a great side dish to go with some of the main dishes.

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Standout Dishes

Standout Dishes

Okay, let’s talk about standout food. What are the best dishes available at The Original Timmy Chan’s?

We’d recommend the Moo Goo Gai Pan (a Chinese-American dish featuring chicken with mushrooms in oyster sauce) or the delicious Curry Sauce Chicken. The Kung Po Chicken is well worth a try if you want something spicy, too.

It’s ideal if you want some well-cooked, perfectly-seasoned takeout food—reviewer Kendrick. D says, ‘the wing dinners are delicious when fresh, are always juicy and seasoned to perfection, the general Tso’s chicken is out of this world and deserves an award.

The portion sizes are very generous, too, so you can grab a few dishes to share.

Vegetarian Options

Vegetarian Options

There are limited vegetarian options available, but there are definitely a few dishes you can choose from, including the vegetable lo mein, vegetable chow mein, and vegetable soup. It’s worth checking beforehand about gluten-free and vegan options, as well as potential allergens.

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The Original Timmy Chan is a pretty small restaurant. It’s cash-only, and it’s pretty casual. It’s not exactly a romantic restaurant to take a date to! However, it’s chilled and laid-back, a great place to grab food with a group of friends. It can get busy, so it’s worth bearing that in mind at peak times (like Friday or Saturday nights).

It doesn’t have outdoor seating or a bar. Instead, it’s a no-frills, basic Chinese takeout restaurant.

They have a drive-thru, which is excellent if you don’t feel like cooking, although they don’t offer delivery. It’s pretty easy to get to, located in a convenient spot on Scott Street with a decent-sized car park.

It’s family-friendly and welcomes kids as well as adults.

It’s wheelchair accessible, too.


The pricing is excellent, with some reasonable prices given the portion sizes are very generous. Large main dishes go for around $10. The American dishes come in at under $10, most around the $5-6 mark. The most expensive item on the menu is the 100 wing plate, which goes for $130.99.

Customer Service

The customer service isn’t the best, especially compared to some other restaurants in Houston, but you might feel that the flavors and quick wait times are worth it.


Sometimes, you just want some delicious, comforting Chinese takeout. The Original Timmy Chan offers just that. The restaurant itself isn’t fancy, offering a no-frills kind of experience. We think The Original Timmy Chan is definitely worth a visit.

But for delicious, well-seasoned food, it’s well worth trying, with the Chinese dishes and chicken wings being particularly delicious.

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