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8 Best Indian Restaurants in Houston, Texas

If you’re in Houston and want to eat Indian food tonight, you might be wondering how to find the best Indian restaurants in Houston.

We’ve compiled a guide of the most delicious restaurants to visit, whether you want to get dressed up and go out or order some takeout for a weekend treat!

Top 8 Indian Restaurants in Houston

We’ve tried to choose a range of price points on this list. You could go for a bargain takeout if you want something easy to eat after work or visit somewhere a little more upscale for a special occasion.

In our list, you’ll find an overview of the food in each restaurant, our recommendations, and our thoughts on what the atmosphere is like and who it’s suited for.

1. Palette Indian Kitchen

Palette Indian Kitchen
Food: Chicken, beef, lamb, goat, vegetarian, or vegan curries, naans, sides
Our Recommendation: Malabar fish curry

Palette Indian Kitchen is a busy, bustling, family-friendly restaurant, ideal for larger groups. It’s a casual, trendy spot, and it offers takeout and delivery too. It’s a woman-owned business and provides access for wheelchairs and pushchairs. It has a bar with a TV, too.

They offer some incredible curries, from mild creamy kormas to super-hot vindaloos. We’d recommend the Malabar fish curry, with Tilapia cooked in coconut milk and exotic spices. They also offer chicken, beef, lamb, goat, and vegetable curries, with some vegan options too.

If you want smaller bites to eat, you could grab some small plates of chicken, samosas, dosas, naan pizzas, or wraps. There are a few kid-friendly options, including chicken nuggets and fries, a kids cone dosa, or butter chicken with veggies and rice.

The prices are pretty good, with curries starting at around $13 and going up to $16.99 for seafood curries.

There is a busy bar here offering wine, beer, fruit teas, and lassi, a yogurt-based drink.

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2. Tandoori Grill

Tandoori Grill
Address: 2002 N Fry Rd Ste 103 Houston, TX 77084
Food: Chicken, lamb, egg, prawn, vegetarian, or vegan curries, daals, appetizers
Our Recommendation: Daal tadka

Tandoori Grill is a family-friendly restaurant. The staff is friendly and helpful, and it’s wheelchair and pushchair accessible. It offers takeout and delivery too.

They offer a variety of curries, including vegetable, chicken, lamb, egg, and prawn curries, with varying levels of heat. We’d recommend the delicious daal tadka (yellow lentils cooked with ginger, garlic, cumin seeds, mustard seeds, and herbs served with basmati rice). There are some vegan-friendly options on the menu, which is excellent.

There are plenty of sides available here, including samosas, pakoras, pakora, paneer, and spring rolls.

The pricing is pretty standard, with curries for around $15.

You can grab some drinks here, including soft drinks and iced tea, but also masala chai, Kathmandu coffee, masala chaas, and mango lassi.

3. The Monk’s

The Monk's
Address: 126 Heights Blvd Ste 110 Houston, TX 77007
Food: Soups, curries, momo, noodles, fried rice
Our Recommendation: Monk's Special Momo

The Monk’s is a great place to go to eat some delicious Indian food. It’s usually pretty busy, with a lot of customers choosing takeout or delivery.

It offers some exciting dishes, including Murg Angaar Bedgi (chicken tikka spiced with special bedgi chillis) and Hara Masaley Ka Bhuna Paneer (cottage cheese in a blend of chili and spices, cooked in a clay oven).

We’d recommend Monk’s Special Momo (steam dumplings flavored with an aromatic special spice blend). The kids’ menu has a few options, including sweet ginger and garlic chicken, butter masala, chicken or veg manchuria, and french fries.

There are some vegetarian and vegan options too.

The pricing is pretty good, with most dishes coming in at around $13.

There are a few drinks available, including mango lassi, Chiku shake, araku coffee, or soda.

4. Govinda’s Vegetarian Cuisine

Govinda's Vegetarian Cuisine
Address: 1320 W 34th St Houston, TX 77018
Food: Vegetable curries, sides
Our Recommendation: Navaratan Korma

Govinda’s is currently offering limited dine-in and takeout, and it’s a delicious treat for a get-together at home. With a large range of curries available in their buffet, it’s worth a visit in person too. It’s a friendly place, and it’s nice to visit for families, and it’s refreshing to have a completely vegetarian-friendly restaurant to visit.

It has some great curries in the buffet, with a variety of different vegetables. We’d recommend the Navaratan Korma (assorted vegetables in a rich, creamy sauce) or the paneer tikka masala (paneer cheese, butter, tomatoes, and bell peppers).

They have some sides available, including different types of rice, papadams, and flatbreads.

The pricing is around $13 for the buffet, with varying prices for takeout.

There aren’t any kid-specific options, but if you’re eating in, you can pick and choose from a range of curries and sides, including salads and rice dishes.

There are some drinks available, including fruit juices, water, lassi, iced tea, and soda.

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5. Musaafer

Address: 5115 Westheimer Rd Ste C-3500 Houston, TX 77056
Website: https://www.musaaferhouston.com/
Food: Meat and vegetable curries, appetizers
Our Recommendation: Meen Mango Curry

Musaafer is a classy place to go. With a calm, sophisticated atmosphere, it’s ideal for a catch-up with a friend. It’s a pretty romantic restaurant, so perfect for date nights too. They offer takeout and delivery.

There is some beautiful food available here, like the squash blossoms (pickled tofu, green pea tikki, and onion tomato sauce) and the meen mango curry (chilean sea bass, spiced lentil crust, pineapple, mango, curry leaf, and shallots with rice).

If you want to go for something fancy, we’d recommend the seafood khichdi (spiced ghee-garlic lobster, pan-seared scallop, scallop milk foam, shrimp achaar, shrimp murmure, and spiced mussels), or you could go for the mushroom khichdi, which has similar flavors.

The pricing is more expensive than most of the others on this list, but that is to be expected given the quality and intricacy of each dish. Curries range from $20 to $60.

It’s not a particularly kid-friendly place, so families may be better off looking elsewhere for kids food.

There is a full bar here offering different types of wine, beer, and soft drinks.

6. Kiran’s

Address: 2925 Richmond Ave Ste 160 Houston, TX 77098
Website: https://kiranshouston.com/
Food: Vegetarian and meat curries, appetizers, naans
Our Recommendation: Sarson Ka Saag

Kiran’s is an upscale, trendy place to go. It’s classy, so it’s a nice place to get dressed up with your friends. They offer takeout and delivery, and there’s a full bar, so it’s a good place to go for drinks too.

There are some amazing dishes here, including the Sarson ka saag (mustard greens, kale, and chard greens), and the daal Panchami, with five types of yellow lentils. If you want some meat, you can go for the lamb shank with saffron rice or prawn bhuna with gulf shrimp, garlic, sweet peppers, and onions.

They offer an incredible range of Indian street food. Try the palak chaat (spinach, kale, basil, mint and tamarind chutney, and yogurt) or the delicious pakoras.

It’s higher on the price scale compared to others on this list, which is to be expected given the ingredients used. Dishes range from just under $30 to just under $50.

It’s not a child-friendly place, so you’re better off looking elsewhere if you’re looking for somewhere to eat as a family.

They have a good variety of drinks here, including a full bar offering wine and spirits.

7. Noon & Mirch

Noon & Mirch
Address: 505 East Nasa Pkwy Webster, TX 77598
Website: https://noonmirch.com/
Food: Shrimp, chicken, soy, lamb, and goat curries, soups, salads, and small bites
Our Recommendation: Lamb mungfali

Noon & Mirch offers Indian and Himalayan/Nepalese food. It’s a busy, trendy place to go, but it’s also family-friendly. It’s a good all-rounder, ideal for visiting with friends, family, or on a date. They offer takeout and delivery too.

There are many incredible dishes to choose from here. They offer a range of curries with your choice of protein. We’d recommend the lamb mungfali (a medium-hot curry in a tangy peanut sauce) or the chicken karahi (medium hot black sauce with dried mangos).

They have some great vegetarian specialties, including chili paneer, jackfruit masala, saag paneer, and tofu manchurian (crispy tofu with cayenne-infused tomato sauce).

It’s just slightly higher than average in terms of pricing, with curries coming in at around $18.

They don’t have kid-specific food, but they do offer mild curries and plenty of side dishes too.

There are a lot of drinks to choose from, including some craft cocktails, like the mirchi martini (absolut vodka pepper and vermouth).

8. Tarka Indian Kitchen

Tarka Indian Kitchen
Address: 3701 S Shepherd Ste A Houston, TX 77098
Website: https://tarkaindiankitchen.com/
Food: Curries, soups, kabobs, sides
Our Recommendation: Kabob bowl

Tarka Indian Kitchen is a busy, bustling place to be. You can head there with your family, or with groups of friends. It’s pretty loud and casual, and it offers takeout and delivery too.

There’s some good food to be had here, including the kabob bowl (chicken or lamb kabob served over basmati rice and masala fries with mint-tamarind chutney) and the channa masala (garbanzo bean curry with sauteed onions, tomatoes, garlic, ginger, and cilantro).

You can grab some sides here, like fresh bread, samosas, and pakoras.

In terms of pricing, you can grab a bargain here, with a curry for around $10.

They have some kid-friendly choices, too, including the kids’ curry bowl, kabob bowl, biryani rice bowl, or chicken pakoras.
There are some good drinks to choose from, including sodas, juices, and teas.


We hope this has helped you to find the best restaurants in Houston. So whether you want to eat out with your kids or go on a date night, there is a nice variety of places to choose from.

Keep checking back on Houstoning for more guides on amazing places to eat, including the best places serving charcuterie boards in Houston, or the best Italian restaurants in Houston.

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