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7 Amazing Restaurants in Midtown, Houston, TX

Houston has many unique attractions; if you’re a first-timer, you’ll want to be in the thick of it. Midtown, Houston, is your best bet if that’s the case.

If you’ve already decided on a place to stay in Midtown, the next thing you’re probably thinking about is where you’ll eat out.

Well, you’re in luck because, with my guide to the most amazing restaurants in Midtown, Houston has everything in one place, so you can taste the city’s flavor and make the most of your trip.

After all, one of the best things about traveling is the food, right?

Most Amazing Restaurants in Midtown, Houston-My Top Picks

With my help, by the end of this guide, you’ll be left with an incredible selection of restaurants covering all kinds of cuisines. No matter your preference, you’ll be guaranteed some fabulous meals.

I’ve arranged my favorite restaurants that are good value for money, excellent quality, and better suited for those of you celebrating a special occasion.

I’ve included several restaurants in Midtown that cater to various dietary requirements, such as vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free, and some that cater to the little ones.

Lastly, I’ve looked into what each place offers in terms of service, atmosphere, and special offers, such as Happy Hours and deals on drinks.

Are you ready for all that? Great, let’s go.

1. The Breakfast Klub

The Breakfast Klub
Image Credit: visithoustontexas.com
Address3711 Travis Street, Houston, TX 77002
FoodBreakfast, brunch, waffles, pancakes, wings, croissants, omelets
My RecommendationThe Swissmush Omelet

This restaurant has been voted one of the best places to get breakfast in Houston, and it’s clear why. The food is excellent, the staff is also friendly, and the atmosphere is fun, casual, and welcoming.

If you’re in Houston on a family vacation, this is the ideal spot to take the kids for a hearty breakfast. They have all the American breakfast classics you’d expect, such as omelets, waffles, and biscuits with gravy. They also have a hearty, healthy menu.

The healthy menu has some great choices for those watching their calorie intake or who want to avoid carb load at the start of the day.

My recommendation at The Breakfast Klub is The Swissmush, an omelet with swiss cheese, mushrooms, and spinach. However, the croissants are also lush, with bacon, sausage, egg, cheese, and tomato.

2. Brennan’s of Houston

Brennan’s of Houston
Address3300 Smith Street, Houston, TX 77006
FoodGumbo, breakfast, seafood, fresh oysters, enchiladas, remoulade
My RecommendationCrab Louie Cocktail and Turtle Soup

It’s a slightly more upper-class restaurant in Midtown Houston, where you can indulge in some of your favorite dishes with a fancy twist.

Brennan’s is a much-loved eatery in Midtown, and it’s been serving locals and tourists for over forty years. It has become a staple of the community. No matter when you visit here, you’re welcomed by smiling, happy staff and a friendly gathering of locals.

They host their fair share of special events worth checking in for, such as an Easter brunch, wine pairing dinners, and a crawfish boil night, which I highly recommend. However, it’s best to contact the restaurant or check out their website for these events to keep up with upcoming offers.

Talking of offers, they have some fantastic deals on the regular menu too. The last time I visited, they had a three-course meal for just $45.00. It included bruschetta, salad, crab cake salad, and a dessert; however, this menu changes regularly.

Out of all the dishes I’ve sampled here, there is one dish that stands out the most, and believe it or not, it’s a classic play on the famous prawn cocktail, only this is made with crab, mardi gras slaw, hot sauce, and sweet potato chips. It’s just beautiful, and the flavors are exquisite.

The general prices are acceptable though slightly on the high side; for example, the crab cocktail I’ve just described cost $19.00, but the portion size was great. It was clear the seafood was fresh.

Oh, and before I forget, I advise you to try their Snapping Turtle Soup. It’s their signature dish and what all the locals and restaurant critics rave about. Even if this sounds a little out of your comfort zone, I recommend you try this unique dish; you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

3. Tacos A Go Go

Tacos A Go Go
Image Credit: sweptawaytoday.com
Address3704 Main Street, Houston, TX 77002
FoodTacos, cocktails, chips & dips, salad, nachos, quesadilla
My RecommendationBrisket Taco

I hope you love tacos as much as I do, cause I’m about to sing their praises to high heaven—especially the ones from Tacos A Go Go in Midtown, Houston.

Firstly, if you’re looking for tacos with a difference, then this is where you need to be; not only do they have the classical Mexican tacos you’d expect to find on this kind of menu, but they have some extra special options too.

For example, the tacos on the breakfast menus are delicious. There are a few options, including a vegetarian option, which I’ve ordered multiple times despite being a meat lover. However, the breakfast burrito bowl on this menu is the star of the show.

My recommendation, if we’re looking at the entire menu, has to be the Brisket Tacos; for a start, they’re only $5.99. When I ordered these, I expected a mediocre portion comparable with the low price; however, what I received was epic. It’s served on soft tacos, with generous chunks of slow-cooked beef brisket, homemade chipotle slaw, and pickled jalapenos, all drizzled with a smokey Texas BBQ sauce. It’s mouthwateringly good.

4. Weights And Measures

Weights And Measures
Image Credit: houston.eater.com
Address2808 Caroline Street, Houston, TX 77004
FoodGulf coast oysters, soup, pasta, grilled meat, meatballs
My RecommendationPesto Gnocchi

What I love the most about Weights and Measures is how it delivers utter sophistication while remaining casual and laid back, meaning everyone feels welcome.

The restaurant atmosphere is relaxing and serene, with floor-to-ceiling windows allowing the natural sunlight to drench the open-plan dining area.

Weights and Measures is a beautiful place to dine, loved by travelers and locals alike, and a popular bakery where you can sample some of the best, freshly baked bread in town. You’ll be spoilt for choice here, but my favorites are the hamburger buns, cherry turnovers, and giant pecan cookies. However, get there early as they only serve until they sell out, which takes little time.

As for the regular menu, and when I say regular, I don’t mean dull, it’s far from that, but the restaurant is open for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner.

The breakfast and brunch menus included fruit and cheese plates, pastries, avocado toast, steak, and eggs, among many other fabulous dishes. They also had some of the most delectable coffees I’ve ever tasted. If you like your coffee on the sweet side, take advantage of the Iced Toffee Nut Latte with Butternut Schnapps if you’re feeling feisty.

The dinner menu is just as intriguing as the breakfasts, and they have some pasta dishes to die for. The last time I visited, I picked something I hadn’t had here before, The Pesto Gnocchi, made with pistachios and broccolini. Simple yet super satisfying.

Prices are average; you can expect to spend around $10:00 to $20.00 on your main course, but if you’re looking for a good deal, head down during Happy Hour, which is between 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm Tuesdays to Saturdays to pick up some great offers and bites and beverages.

5. Oporto Fooding House and Wine

Oporto Fooding House And Wine
Image Credit: houstonpress.com
Address125 W Gray Street, Houston, TX 77019
FoodSharing platters, pasta, Portuguese specialties, curry, wine
My RecommendationChicken Curry Empanadas

It’s a new concept of dining, which I am so on board with. It could be the favorite that I’ve reviewed for this guide, mainly due to its distinct style.

Portuguese food is something I always find challenging to get hold of in Houston. When I say that, I mean good, authentic Portuguese food, different from what some people think Americans want. You’ll struggle to find much better than Oporto.

The vibrancy, flavor combinations, and use of spices in the dishes here make my mouth water. Just think about it, and I could talk about the food here till the cows come home.

However, one dish I have returned to multiple times is the Chicken Curry Empanadas, filled with slow-cooked chicken in a yellow curry sauce with green herb aioli.

If you’re looking for a dazzling dish that will cause a display, opt for the Linguica Assada, grilled sausages with almond romanesco and crusty bread. However, this makes this an extravaganza because it comes flaming on your plate.

The best part about this place is its incredibly reasonable price. They also have a fabulous choice for picky eaters or people with dietary preferences. It’s also great for booking private events if you’ve got a special occasion coming up.

6. Gatsby’s Prime Seafood

Gatsby’s Prime Seafood
Image Credit: papercitymag.com
Address1212 Waugh Drive, Houston, TX 77019
FoodSeafood, steak, cocktails, desserts
My RecommendationFilet Steak with Truffle Butter

For those of you looking to splash the cash, I’ve got you the perfect Midtown destination, especially if you love a bit of surf and turf, and let’s face it, who doesn’t?

Now, when I say surf and turf, I’m not talking about a rough cut of steak and a few shrimp as you might find at your local diner; this is a far cry from anything you’ve ever experienced.

Okay, so that price is a little off the chart, and unless you’ve had a recent flush of look, you might not be splashing out on the crab legs at $150.00 a pop; then again, maybe you might, who knows?

However, regarding steak, and standard fish dishes, you should expect to spend around $40.00 to $60.00 for the average main course; however, you will need to buy sides to go with this.

Despite shelling out almost $70.00 with the addition of truffle butter, I was blown away by the quality, flavor, and work that had gone into preparing this meal. All the cuts of steak are incredibly high-quality. Still, I’m a filet lover, so that I couldn’t resist this prime piece of meat from this sophisticated restaurant.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect balance of elegance and flawless food and are okay with splashing out for the goods, get your glad rags on and head to Gatsby’s.

7. The Gypsy Poet

The Gypsy Poet
Image Credit: bizjournals.com
Address2404 Austin Street, Houston, TX 77004
FoodPizza, salad, dessert
My RecommendationPepperoni Madness

I couldn’t come to the end of this guide without recommending at least one pizza spot; after all, it’s my favorite thing ever!

The question is, there are many awesome pizza spots in Houston; it can be hard to pick a favorite, at least, that was until I came across The Gypsy Pot.

I was first attracted to this place because of its visible, inviting, unique decor, artistic vibes, and bright colors. Then, when I ordered my pizza, it was like being transported to a new world of cheesy goodness and juicy toppings.

Pizza is the primary focus here, but they also have some excellent salad choices, such as Caprese and portabella, but never mind the salad, back to the main emphasis of this restaurant, the fantastic pizza.

I’ve now tried every single one on the menu, and no, I am not ashamed to admit this; plus, it means I can make the ideal recommendations, all for the sake of research, you see?

Although I would say get a few and share between a group if you’re going to pick one particular pizza, please start with the pepperoni madness; not only does it have everything you expect out of the best pepperoni pizza, but it’s also drizzled with spicy honey. Can you imagine that flavor combo? You don’t have to imagine; get your table booked now!

The Close Down

So, now that you’ve sorted your place to stay and meals, what else will you do during your vacation? If not, it’s time to start, and I can help with this because I recently put together this epic guide to 160 things to do in Houston.

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