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7 Best Running Clubs And Groups in Houston, TX, to Join Now

Houston is home to a fantastic range of running clubs, suitable for all ages and fitness levels. 

The beauty of running in Houston is you get to experience the incredibly vibrant city in a completely new light, seeing sites you ordinarily might not encounter, such as fabulous street art and magnificent parks.

What’s so brilliant about this guide to the best running clubs in Houston is that it might help you find a new group of friends that share the same interests as yourself. There are details of clubs for new moms, kids, and hardcore runners alike.

The Best Running Clubs And Groups in Houston

I have highlighted some of the best running clubs and groups within Houston to help you find the most suitable club for your needs. 

In addition, I have noted what makes these groups so awesome and have included the timings and meeting places where you can join them. 

You are guaranteed to find new buddies once you’ve joined a running club; many of them already have a social spot they hang out in after a run. I have included some recommendations for cool places to enjoy post-run.

Now, let’s look at the best running clubs and groups in Houston!

1. Bayou City Road Runners

Bayou City Road Runners
Image Credit: pnj.com
Meeting PointInfront of the Memorial Park Tennis Center at 1500 E Memorial Loop Dr, Houston, TX 77007
Running StyleSuitable for all fitness levels

Bayou City Road Runners started as a relatively small running club back in 1984, a club that has grown to have almost one thousand members. 

But, of course, not all members run simultaneously; therefore, the group has different meets throughout the week to try and accommodate its members’ schedules.

Mellow Monday is a casual, comfortably paced three-mile run around Memorial park. This is the perfect starting place for new runners or anyone with low fitness levels. The group meets at 7 pm in front of the park’s tennis center. 

The friendly group will encourage all runners to do the entire course, but no one is shamed if they can’t complete it or need to take breaks along the way. 

On Wednesdays, the group meets in the First Christian Church parking lot close to Rice University at 6.30 pm. This group has two options: an intense six-and-a-half-mile run suitable for experienced runners and a shorter distance for anyone just starting out. 

After the run, many participants head to Rice’s Valhalla pub to socialize. 

The Friday session is a fast-paced, high-intensity run that needs to be booked in advance as it is only suitable for runners with a high fitness level. 

Road Runners Sunday run is the most popular of the week. The meeting is again outside the Memorial Park Tennis Center at a slightly earlier time of 6.30 pm. 

Many runners aim to go between ten and twelve miles; similarly to the Monday sessions, shorter routes are set out too. Two water stations are set up along the trail; runners are also advised to bring their own water. 

If you want to get involved with Bayou City Running Club but find the thought of just turning up to a run intimidating, keep an eye on their website and Facebook page for any social events the members are organizing. 

For example, they often meet at West Alabama Ice House on a Friday for pub happy hour. 

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2. Generation Park Run Club

Generation Park Run Club
Image Credit: facebook.com
Meeting PointRedemption Square 250 Assay Street Houston, TX 77044
Running StyleAll ages and fitness levels

Generation Park Run Club is one of Houston’s friendliest and most welcoming running clubs. They welcome runners of all ages and encourage younger members to have fun!

During the summer, the group meets at 6.30 pm every Wednesday, which is changed to Saturdays at 10.30 am in the Winter months. 

They meet in Redemption square at Generation park; free parking is available for up to three hours. The club aims to run 5k during each run, with slightly shorter routes available if required.

One of the nicest things about becoming a Generation Park Run member is the new-member perks! New members will receive a club t-shirt for a reduced price of $20.00 and a voucher for a free beer or non-alcoholic beverage at Bibo’s Bistro or Bocca Italian Kitchen. 

Bibo’s and Bocca also offer discounts on food and drink for club members, including $2.00 beer. 

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3. Run Club Moms Meetup Pearland 

Run Club Moms Meetup Pearland
Image Credit: meetup.com
Meeting PointSix Locations
Running StyleFemale only, tailored styles depending on individual fitness

Run Club Moms Meetup Pearland is a group dedicated to new moms getting back into fitness and socializing after having their babies. They also welcome moms with older children who may have recently gone to preschool or elementary school. 

The group is associated with the FIT4MOM franchise, with the running clubs being led by one of their trained instructors. 

FIT4MOM offers fitness and wellness programs that suit all moms. 

Stroller stride is a wonderful program for moms who aren’t yet ready to be separated from their new bundles or maybe do not have childcare available. The one-hour walk offers a total body workout, including cardio and core training.

The Run Club is an eight-week program that aims to get moms fit enough to run anything from a 5K to a half marathon. They teach methods on the best ways to run in your new mom-bod with techniques and detailed training plans tailored to suit you. 

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4. Freaks Come Out at Night Run Club

Freaks Come Out at Night Run Club
Image Credit: freaks.run
Meeting PointDifferent location every week
Running StyleFun and sociable 

Freaks Come Out at Night Run Club is one of the best running clubs if your aim is to find a new social group and discover some cool bars you might not have been to before. 

The group meets at 7 pm every Friday at a different location – meet-up points are posted in advance on the group’s Facebook page or their page on Strava.

This all-inclusive group is suitable for beginners to more advanced runners; kids are also welcome to run with the club. The main aim is to have fun!

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5. Wills Hills Running Club

Wills Hills Running Club
Image Credit: facebook.com
Meeting PointSpotts Park Parking Lot at 401 S. Heights Blvd. 77007
Running StyleAdvanced adults only 

Wills Hills is a not-for-profit, high-intensity run club for hardcore runners with the energy and determination to go the distance. The group meets at 5.30 am every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in Spotts Park parking lot.

The forty-minute run will see you tackling grass, taking on hills, and challenging yourself to beat speed records. This full-body workout emphasizes speed and endurance, with encouragement from like-minded teammates. 

There is a suggested donation of $50.00 for your first session, with $40.00 recommended for further training sessions. This money supports local charities that promote the benefits of running for fitness and well-being. 

The donations are not mandatory; anyone wanting to join the club who is in financial difficulty will still be welcomed. 

If you are looking for somewhere to enjoy a post-workout breakfast close to Spotts Park, Hungry Like The Wolf is a fun retro diner less than a mile away. 

The restaurant has an extensive breakfast menu, with healthy options such as omelets or naughtier dishes like pancake stacks with whipped butter.

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6. RacePace Running Club

RacePace Running Club
Image Credit: yelp.com
Meeting Point1502 Sawyer St Suite 107, 77007
Website http://www.racepacerunners.com
Running StyleDistance running for all fitness levels

RacePace Running Club has been set up by dedicated runners and owners of the former treadmill running studio RacePace in Sawyers Yards (Houston’s art district). The group meets at 5.30 am on Tuesdays, 6.30 pm on Thursdays, and 6 am on Saturdays. There is a $5.00 fee for members per run. 

The Tuesday and Saturday training sessions are hardcore, strenuous runs which are held around The Heights High School track field. Thursday’s session is considered more of a fun run, with the finish line being at Holler Brewery.

Holler Brewery is a fantastic little independent brewery located close to where the treadmill studio was situated. They have a vast selection of beers that are on a tap rotation. Holler Brewery also has its own run club, which meets at the bar every Wednesday from 7 pm

7. Run For Wellness 

Run For Wellness
Image Credit: facebook.com
Meeting Point16756 Westheimer Pkwy. Houston, TX 77082
Running StyleDistance Running practice for all abilities

Run For Wellness is a not-for-profit running club that meets twice a month for a fun 5k race. The races take place on the first Sunday of every month at White Oak Bayou and the last Sunday of the month at George Bush Park. 

The runners meet at around 7 am, typically with between fifty to one hundred attendees per meeting. 

If you sign up for the race in advance, you will be given a number, and your run will be timed. You are also welcome just to turn up and race with the group for fun; however, you will not be timed. There is a voluntary water station located halfway around the track.

The running club is organized by The Houston Wellness Project, whose aim is to educate the residents of Houston on the importance of making positive, healthy choices and improving lifestyles. 

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To Sum Up…

So, where will you head for your next social run?

I hope that this guide will have helped you to create a shortlist of the best running clubs and groups to consider joining in Houston.

If you would like to see what other outdoor fitness options Houston has to offer, you might want to check out our guides to 

The Best Houston Trails for Biking and Running and The Top Places to go Rock Climbing Near Houston for inspiration.

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