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7 Women Only Gyms in Houston Near Me – Top Picks (2022)

There are a huge amount of gyms in Houston, and finding the best one for you can be a challenge. If you’d rather work out in a women-only gym, our guide to the top 7 women-only gyms in Houston can help you.

The Best Female-Only Gyms in Houston

Some women feel a lot more comfortable working out in a female-only environment. Luckily, there are plenty of options in Houston for you to try out. From gyms with general training equipment to gyms with pools and jacuzzis to dance-based workouts and personal training, there should be something on this list that will help you to reach your fitness goals.

We’ve included their key details and an overview of the facilities and classes available in each one.

Here are our top seven, in no particular order.

1. Memorial Athletic Club for Women

Memorial Athletic Club for Women
Image Credit: https://www.beechmontfitness.com
Address14633 Memorial Dr. Houston, TX 77079
FacilitiesStrength training equipment, cardio training equipment, pilates classes, personal training, showers
Opening HoursMonday-Thursday 6.30 AM - 8.30 PM, Friday 6.30 AM - 1 PM, Saturday 8 AM - 1 PM

Memorial Athletic Club is a calm, quiet gym for women. With a range of classes included in a membership, there are excellent facilities here if you want to feel safe and secure during a workout.

The fitness center includes strength equipment, and cardio equipment (including treadmills, ellipticals, and step mills), with clean and well-maintained bathrooms with showers so you can freshen up after a workout. There are pilates classes, including mat-based classes, personal training, and pilates reformer classes.

The instructors here are friendly and helpful. There are different memberships available, including the MAC for Women Membership (which allows access to the MAC for Women Fitness Club and the mixed-sex Aquatic Center, with 2 swimming pools) and the MAC Screen & Stretch, which includes an individualized flexibility plan. You can also book a personal trainer here.

2. Inner Me Studios

Inner Me Studios
Image Credit: https://www.innermestudios.com
Address2206 Emancipation Ave Houston, TX 77003
FacilitiesInfrared sauna, bathrooms with showers, various classes
Opening HoursMonday-Thursday 5 PM - 9.30 PM, Friday 12 PM - 11 PM, Saturday 9 AM - 11 PM, Sunday 11 AM - 9.30 PM

Inner Me Studios is a fun, welcoming, vibrant gym with plenty of options for classes. For women only, it’s a clean, bright gym, ideal if you find regular exercise boring and want to switch up your workout routine.

They have many classes to choose from, including Zumba, hip-hop yoga, pole dancing, hip hop, stiletto fit, belly dancing, and more. The classes are all fun, energetic, and designed to make exercise something you look forward to. They also offer online classes if you’d rather work out at home, and they have Dance Labs and special one-off events with specific themes (like the ‘Beyonce Dance Lab’).

The staff members are kind and welcoming here, and you can sign up for a membership that allows you access to different classes. If you decide to join this gym, you’ll be joining a friendly, vibrant community, and you may even make some new friends at the same time.

3. The Studio FORM

The Studio FORM
Image Credit: https://www.thestudioform.com
Address1707 West Gray St Ste B Houston, TX 77019
Facilities Infrared sauna, bathrooms with showers, various classes
Opening HoursMonday 5.30 AM - 1 PM, 5 PM - 7.30 PM, Tuesday - Thursday 5.30 AM - 2 PM, 5 PM - 7.30 PM, Friday 5.30 AM - 1 PM, 3 PM - 5.30 PM, Sat 8 AM - 12 PM, Sun 9 AM - 12.30 PM

The Studio FORM is a Licensed Lagree Fitness studio (a program that focuses on core and muscular strength). They have a Giving Back Program, allowing you to give back to local charities while reaching your fitness goals.

The studio has a range of clean, well-maintained equipment, and they offer Lagree Fitness classes, and 45-minute intense workouts, using the Megaformer 101, which is a large piece of equipment with a rolling carriage. This allows your body to create resistance while protecting your back and your joints. Plus, they have excellent bathrooms with showers and complimentary toiletries to freshen up afterward.

The staff here are bubbly, kind, and happy to welcome newcomers. You don’t have to have any experience in Lagree fitness classes to get started. You can pay for one session at a time or book a block of sessions to save money.

4. The Train Station

The Train Station
Image Credit: https://www.smdp.com
Address1608 Bissonnet St Houston, TX 77006
FacilitiesGeneral gym equipment, pilates and boot camp classes, personal training, health coaching
Opening HoursMonday - Thursday 6 AM - 8.30 PM, Friday 6 AM - 6.30 PM, Saturday 8 AM - 1 PM

The Train Station is a popular gym for women in Houston. You can hop into group classes with friendly instructors, join a class with a friend, or take on a personal trainer to reach your fitness goals.

They have excellent facilities, plenty of cardio and strength training options, and aqua fitness in their pool. You can join a pilates class, join an outdoor training boot camp, or hire a personal trainer for $35 per session. They also offer health coaching, nutritional guidance, stretch therapy, and some testing services (including Resting Metabolic Rate tests and V02 testing).

They are welcoming to newcomers, and the studio itself is clean, well-lit, and safe.

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5. Women’s Elite Boxing Club

Women's Elite Boxing Club
Image Credit: https://www.groupon.com
Address6423 Richmond Ave Ste E Houston, TX 77057
FacilitiesBoxing classes for women and girls, strength training equipment
Opening Hours:Monday 5.30 AM - 7 PM, Tuesday 9.30 AM - 7 PM, Wednesday 5.30 AM - 7 PM, Thursday 9.30 AM - 7 PM, Friday 5.30 AM - 7 AM, Sat 8 AM - 12.30 PM (closed at some intervals - check website for full details)

If you want to get stronger, a boxing-based workout is a great choice. Women’s Elite Boxing Club was founded by Nigel Stokes, who had her own life turned around by practicing MMA, Muay Tai, and boxing.

Focusing on strength training, these classes are energetic, hard, but fun. It’s a mixture of strength training, cardio, and mitt training, and it can burn up to 800 calories a session. Girls aged 6 and up can join a class, and girls aged 8 and up can join their mothers if they want to get stronger together.

The staff at this boxing gym are friendly and welcoming, but they won’t let you cut corners – they’ll motivate you to push yourself, so if you want a challenge, this is the best place to go. While the equipment and facilities are not as new and shiny as other gyms in Houston, the support offered by the trainers more than makes up for it.

6. Pure Fitness for Women

Pure Fitness for Women
Image Credit: https://www.groupon.com
Address6370 Louetta Rd Spring, TX 77379
FacilitiesGroup classes, swimming, cycling, steam room, jacuzzi
Opening HoursMonday - Thursday 6 AM - 10 PM,

Pure Fitness for Women has friendly staff and excellent facilities, as well as classes for all ages. With good opening hours and plenty of equipment, you can easily squeeze in a workout before or after work, or maybe on your lunch break.

They have body pump, cycling, pilates, boot camp, Zumba, and water aerobics classes. They also offer ‘silver sneaker’ classes to help those with limited mobility. Plus, you can work out using their equipment, go for a swim, and relax in the steam room or jacuzzi afterward. They have changing rooms, showers, and lockers here, too.

They are helpful, and you can book them for personal training sessions if you want something more personalized. If you have kids, you can drop them off at the Kids Club, where they will be cared for while you take a class.

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7. Ellen Fitness

Ellen Fitness
Image Credit: https://www.marthastewart.com
Address550 Westcott St Ste 340 Houston, TX 77007
FacilitiesStrength training, personal training, prenatal and postnatal classes, bridal fitness challenges
Opening HoursMonday - Friday 6.30 AM - 7.30 PM, Saturday 8 AM - 3 PM

Ellen Fitness does not just cater to women. However, she is a personal trainer offering one-to-one classes, including several classes focused just on women. She has years of experience and several qualifications in personal training, and her classes are safe, personalized, and fun.

Ellen offers pre-natal and post-natal classes, ideal for expectant or new mothers wanting to maintain their fitness goals in a way that is gentle on their bodies. Plus, she offers bridal packages for those wanting to tone up and lose weight in the run-up to their wedding day.

She has strength training equipment, including weights, exercise balls, and more. She also offers virtual classes if you’d rather work out at home.

You can book sessions with Ellen for $50 for a 30-minute session, and you can email her to explain your needs so she can create a routine that works for you.

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To Sum Up…

Hopefully, this has helped you to find the perfect gym for you. With welcoming staff, clean surroundings, and a safe environment, there are some great gyms in Houston just for women.

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