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6 Best CrossFit Gyms in Houston, TX

The city has a wonderfully diverse range of gyms to suit all athletic abilities and fitness equipment requirements. There are some great CrossFit gyms to choose from within Houston, each offering classes, personal training, and a place to socialize with other enthusiasts.

CrossFit was an exercise style developed in 2000. This high-intensity way of working out has been proven to give effective results when paired with a nutritional, well-balanced diet. Though CrossFit gyms are buzzing with athletic bodies and devoted gym bunnies, this style of workout can also be easily adapted to be inclusive to beginners.

The Best CrossFit Gyms in Houston

We have highlighted some of our favorite gyms within Houston that are specifically dedicated to the CrossFit way of working out. We hope that this will help encourage you to find the best gym to suit your needs.

A note has been made of what makes these places unique, including any regular classes they may have. We have also included facilities offered at the gyms for your convenience, such as parking.

Now, let’s take a look at our top picks for where to CrossFit in Houston!

1. Skyline CrossFit

Skyline CrossFit
Image Credit: youtube.com (Skyline CrossFit)
Address551 N Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77007
Membership FeeFrom $56.00 per week (Multiple packages available to suit different budgets and requirements)

Skyline CrossFit has been one of the most professional, fun, and exhilarating gyms to offer CrossFit workouts since 2011. The gym has plenty of price packages available, allowing them to be inclusive to beginners who want to try something new before committing to a full membership.

There are a total of twelve trainers at the gym, ten of them being Texas born and raised! They can each offer personal training sessions, information on classes and equipment, and also offering nutritional advice on how to fuel your body for an effective CrossFit workout.

Each trainer specializes in a different way of working out, from pregnancy and post-partum workouts to Olympic weightlifting. There are also a handful of professionals who are trained to coach children and teenagers in the art of CrossFit.

Skyline CrossFit only offers CrossFit-style classes; they do not offer other workout sessions such as Yoga, Spin, or Zumba. There are a variety of CrossFit classes to suit all abilities, and the gym is open for freestyle sessions during certain times of the day. They also offer welcome discussion classes free of charge for anyone not sure about what CrossFit is or if it’ll suit them.

There is plenty of parking available at Skyline, with additional parking allowed on the grassy area next to the gym during busy times. You are welcome to bring water bottles to the gym; however other drinks, shakes, and foods are not permitted.

2. CrossFit Central Houston

CrossFit Central Houston
Image Credit: crossfitcentralhouston.com
Address1308 N 1st St, Bellaire, TX 77401
Membership Fee$190.00 per month for the unlimited package 

CrossFit Central Houston is a truly welcoming fitness community that genuinely cares about where you want to be, not where you are. They offer a humbling experience that is a lot less intimidating than the usual gym atmosphere. You are encouraged to make friends, get to know everyone, and enjoy your time within the facility.

You can participate in a taster session at CrossFit Central Houston for free. You can then purchase a weekly pass for $45.00 which will cover you for three sessions if you are still unsure if CrossFit is for you after the initial free class.

The gym offers a mix of CrossFit and endurance classes, with a few freestyle gym sessions available throughout the week. The gym does not support any other classes aside from these.

There is a small car park at CrossFit Central Houston, with additional parking spaces available at the nearby Walmart and other close-by shops.

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3. Grind House Fitness

Grind House Fitness 
Image Credit: grindhouse.fitness
Address20220 Hempstead Rd #12, Houston, TX 77065
Membership FeeTailored to each person

Covering an astonishing thirteen-thousand square feet, Grind House Fitness is one of the largest gyms in the Houston area, offering CrossFit alongside a wide range of other classes and workout equipment. The gym has eight highly certified trainers who are all champions within their own field of expertise, from Olympic weightlifting specialists to dedicated CrossFit enthusiasts.

Grind House Fitness is the premier gym for traditional gymnastic CrossFit. Other classes available here include; Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, Strongman, Kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Personal Training, Youth Training, and Yoga.

This gym incorporates yoga as a recovery source for your body following strenuous CrossFit sessions. The complex where Grind House Fitness is located is teeming with some other awesome activities.

You can enjoy slingshot driving at Houston Slingshot Rentals, take control in the batting cage at the Hunter Pence Baseball Academy, or have the time of your life at Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park – The trampoline park is amazing! There is no shortage of parking in this area.

4. Vintage CrossFit

Vintage CrossFit
Image Credit: youtube.com
Address4205 Center St, Houston, TX 77007
Membership Fee$189.00 per month for the unlimited package

If you are a total beginner, you might want to take a look at Vintage CrossFit as an excellent place to introduce yourself to the world of CrossFit. Vintage CrossFit offers small, intimate classes that run for just thirty minutes to help ease newbies into this intense way of working out. They also have more advanced courses on offer for those more comfortable with high-intensity workouts.

There are a total of twelve professional trainers at Vintage Crossfit. The team is made up of a fantastic group of individuals who all have interesting and diverse backgrounds. The trainers range from professional swimmers, ex-soccer players, retired law enforcement officers, yoga instructors, and physical therapists.

Some of the classes you can expect to be challenged in during your time at Vintage CrossFit include traditional CrossFit, CrossFit Fundamentals, CrossFit Kids, Swimming for CrossFit, QuickFit, Gymnastics, Olympic Weightlifting, Yoga, Mobility flexibility, and Nutrition classes, alongside open use of the gym area. Vintage CrossFit also has its own app, with a membership fee of $9.99 per month, where you can log your journey and become more educated on health and fitness.

Vintage CrossFit is located close to Houstons Memorial park and Buffalo Bayou Park. Both of these parks offer stunning trails to hike, bike, or walk, which makes for a fantastic cooling-off opportunity following an intense workout. There is a small car park at the gym, with additional street parking available during busy times.

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5. CrossFit West Houston

CrossFit West Houston
Image Credit: https://crossfitwesthouston.com
Address8716 Long Point Rd #213, Houston, TX 77055
Membership Fee $190.00 per month for the unlimited package 

CrossFit West Houston is located in the trendy area of Spring Branch Central, a suburb bursting with fitness studios, tattoo shops, swanky bars, and vibrant restaurants. The gym is set along Long Point Road, the main road which runs through the neighborhood, allowing it to be easily accessible, also helped by the on-site car park.

There are eight coaches at CrossFit West Houston, four of which are females. CrossFit is the only gym in the area which offers really unique pregnancy and post-partum adaptation of CrossFit for new mothers called BirthFit. This is run by fitness fanatic Cat Monzon. Cat is a CrossFit coach, Strongman coach, massage therapist, and most importantly, a mother.

CrossFit West Houston offers wellness training for corporate team building. These corporate experiences can be done within the gym area or off-site at a location of your choosing.

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6. Bayou City CrossFit

Bayou City CrossFit
Image Credit: https://bayoucitycrossfit.com
Address3622 Golf Dr, Houston, TX 77018
Membership Fee$130.00 per month for a maximum of eight workouts

Bayou City CrossFit offers a mixture of CrossFit workouts, Bootcamps, and freestyle gym sessions that are compatible with most fitness levels. They have different membership prices depending on how often you want to work out, with discounts available for booking scheduled classes as opposed to flexible training.

There are seven CrossFit coaches at Bayou City CrossFit, and each brings their own quirky style to the classes to keep the atmosphere fun and upbeat. Each member of the team has over ten years of experience, alongside individual athletic backgrounds.

Bayou City CrossFit has its own on-site car park, with additional parking available at the adjacent American Legion Park. The park is a great place to relax and unwind before or after a workout, and it also features a well-manicured baseball field with games often played during the weekends.

To Sum Up …

So, where will you head to for your next CrossFit session?

When talking about CrossFit gym Houston, we hope that we have helped you to create a shortlist of some of the best gyms to consider when looking for a dedicated CrossFit Workout zone.

If you would like to see what other sporty activities there are to do in Houston, you might want to check out our guides to Top 10 Places to go Rock Climbing In Houston and 7 Best Boxing Gyms for You to Join in Houston for inspiration.

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