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5 Best All-You-Can-Eat Buffets in Houston, TX

If you can never decide what to eat when dining out, then an all-you-can-eat buffet is just what you need.

Our guide to some of the best all-you-can-eat buffets in Houston is the perfect solution for you to pick just the right venue for any occasion.

Top Picks For All-You-Can-Eat Buffet Restaurants in Houston, TX

It’s safe to say, everyone loves eating out, and when it comes to eating out in Houston, there are so many places to choose from that sometimes you are just stuck as to where to head to.

So when you’ve finally selected your destination, you have to choose a specific dish; what if you don’t want just one thing on the menu? Who can afford to be ordering multiple dishes, right? Perhaps you just want to try a bit of everything; well, that’s where the all-you-can-eat Buffet becomes the top choice for you.

Throughout this guide, we will be exploring all kinds of cuisines at many different locations. So, whether you like a selection of different cuisines or looking for a Chinese buffet or traditional American spread, we have picked out some of the best all-you-can-eat restaurants in Houston.

And on that note, let us see which made our top # list for the best all-you-can-eat buffet restaurants in Houston, TX.

1. Dimassi’s Mediterranean Buffet

Dimassi's Mediterranean Buffet
Image Credit: https://fwtx.com/
Address:5160 Richmond Ave, Houston 77056
Food: Greek salad, tabouleh, gyro, sumac chicken, lamb shank, kabob, shredded beef
Our Recommendation:Spring mix and mushroom salad, spicy hummus, and baked fish

First opened back in 1992, Dismassi’s primary goal has always been to provide delicious and authentic, healthy Mediterranean food. They pride themselves on only using the freshest ingredients and introducing Texas to some of the best Mediterranean food on the market.

This Buffet is a family-owned establishment serving its loyal and new customers with traditional Mediterranean dishes for many years. You can always count on receiving a top-notch meal and exceptional and friendly service.

The restaurant is suited to gatherings of any size, so it is perfect for small meetings or couples and the ideal location for larger parties of family and friends.

In 2019 it was actually named the top Mediterranean Buffet by Texas American Heart Association due to the high standard of food and the vast spread they provide.

Besides being healthy, they also provide a great range of foods that cater to many dietary requirements. They are entirely halal and have a good selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes, such as tabouleh, falafel, fattoush, hummus, and plenty of rice and vegetable dishes.

You also won’t be disappointed in the choice; you can choose from dishes such as slow-cooked briskets, lamb shanks, gyro, and baked fish.


Lunch (Monday – Friday | 11 am – 4 pm): $15.69 + tax

Dinner (Monday – Thursday | 4 pm – Close):  $16.62 + tax

Weekend buffet (Friday After 4 pm – Sunday): $19.39 + tax

Kids: $8.99 + tax

Holiday buffet: $19.39 + tax

To-Go: $8.99/lb

2. Hibachi Grill and Buffet

Hibachi Grill and Buffet
Image Credit: https://www.tripadvisor.in/
Address:12183 Katy Freeway, H, Houston, TX 77079
Food:Sushi, noodles, vegetables, fried rice
Our Recommendation:Sushi

Named one of the top 100 restaurants in the USA, Hibachi Grill originally sprouted from a brilliant idea to bring something completely new and unique to the table for their diners to enjoy.

Hibachi Grill & Buffet offers some of the highest quality ingredients and professionally prepared Asian cuisine. They combine traditional recipes with modern tastes and offer items prepared healthily.

All of the dishes here provide the perfect blend of vivid flavors and vibrant colors and textures, satisfying all of the senses.

The staff here are very efficient, prompt, and courteous, making your visit extremely pleasurable.

This is far from your typical Chinese noodle and rice restaurant. Hibachi Grill & Buffet focuses entirely on providing customers with excellent quality food and service while enjoying an upscale and contemporary experience.

The Buffet stands at 20,000 square feet, with the most elegant designs and gorgeous interior that has to be witnessed with your own eyes to understand the brilliance.

You have the option to pick all your own ingredients, from noodles, rice, meat, vegetables, and seafood. You can witness the chef preparing all of your food in their special hibachi sauce.

The sushi menu is impressive, made fresh daily using the freshest fish. You can watch the chefs turn the ingredients into edible art right before your eyes.

There are 11 buffet bars here, with an even more incredible 250 plus different selections. There is a full range of traditional Chinese entrees, Japanese sushi, and classic American favorites, even down to pizza.

One thing that everyone talks about when visiting Hibachi is the chocolate fountain, and what better way to end a fantastic meal than with a deliciously creamy melted chocolate pudding.

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Adult Buffet

Lunch – $12.99

Dinner – $16.99

All Day Sat.-Sun – $17.99


Lunch – $11.99

Dinner – $14.99

All Day Sat.-Sun – $15.99

Children’s Buffet

3 to 8 years old – $7.99

9 to 12 years old – $10.99

Buffet To Go

Regular Buffet To-Go/lb – $5.69

Reg. w/ Seafood Mixed To-Go/lb – $6.99

Seafood Buffet To-Go/lb – $7.99

Dim Sum Buffet To-Go/lb – $10.69

There is also a Happy Hour that runs Monday – Thursday from 2 pm till 5 pm, when Senior Citizens can take advantage of the Buffet for only $10.99.

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3. China Star

China Star
Image Credit: https://www.zomato.com/
Address:6888 Gulf Fwy #500, Houston, TX 77087
Website: https://chinastarbuffet.com/
Food:Sushi, noodles, seafood, pizza, fries, tortilla, ribs, stir fry
Our Recommendation:Peppered Steak

China Star Buffet is an exceptional buffet-style restaurant suited to accommodate all kinds of flavor pallets. They offer a wide selection of different food that appeals to adults, children, and even the fussiest of eaters.

Here you can satisfy your cravings with a selection of Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and American cuisines, all in one place.

There is an excellent selection of desserts for those who like to end their meal on a sweet note.

They also have a private room available to rent out for private parties such as children’s birthdays, school trips, and business events. So you can make your visit a more personalized one without being in the hustle and bustle of the main restaurant.

There is a very homely feel here, with the warm welcome you receive from the staff, combined with the stunning decor, setting a cozy scene for an all-around enjoyable experience.


Monday – Friday

Adults (Age 13+)

Lunch – $13.99

Dinner – $14.99

Seniors (Age 60+)

Lunch – $11.49

Dinner – $13.50

Kids (Age under 3)

All Day – $1.99

Kids (Age 4 – 8)

Lunch – $6.50

Dinner – $8.50

Kids (Age 9 – 12)

Lunch – $8.99

Dinner – $9.99

To Go

Lunch – $5.99/lb

Dinner – $6.99/lb

Sat Sun & Holiday – All Day

Adults (Age 13+) – $15.99

Seniors (Age 60+) – $14.50

Kids (Age 4 – 8)- $7.99

Kids (Age 9 – 12) – $9.99

To Go – $6.99/lb

Fresh Crawfish (Seasonal) – $7.99/lb

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4. Golden Corral Buffet

Golden Corral Buffet
Image Credit: https://www.goldencorralfranchise.com/
Address:12500 Gulf Fwy, Houston, TX 77034
Food:Braised meats, vegetarian, meatloaf,
Our Recommendation:Pot Roast

Golden Corral is a great venue to celebrate any occasion with friends and family in a welcoming environment.

Here you can enjoy all of your favorite dishes in one place, whether it be a pot roast, deep-fried chicken, meatloaf, or carved beef dinner. You’re bound to find something that tempts your tastebuds.

Using all of the freshest ingredients and prepared daily, the dishes are all cooked to a high standard for a great price. You’re guaranteed to please everyone at your table, from home-style favorites to signature and seasonal specials.

Along with the delicious selection of main courses, why not indulge in some of their gorgeous dessert items, such as the bottomless ice cream and moist carrot cake.

They have plenty of choices for all dietary requirements, so if you’re dining with anyone with any special needs, they won’t be disappointed.

They also have a free private party room available if you’re celebrating a special occasion with a larger group.

They also serve a breakfast buffet, which is highly recommended for a great start to the day.


Breakfast Buffet with Drinking included (Served until 11 am on Saturday and Sunday) – $8.69

Lunch Buffet with Drinking not included (Served Monday through Saturday) – $8.69

Dinner Buffet with Drinking not included (Served Monday through Sunday until 4 pm)- $11.99

Drinks – $2.19

Children’s Packages

Children aged 4 – 8 years – $5.99

Children aged 2 – 9 years – $6.99

Children under 3 years of age may eat for FREE.*

Bear in mind that this offer only goes for the first two children per family. Additional meals for any more than two children are charged at regular kid’s pricing.

Senior Packages

Breakfast Buffet with Drinking included (Served Saturday and Sunday till 11 am) – $8.19

Lunch Buffet with Drinking not included (Served Monday – Saturday) – $8.19

Dinner Buffet with Drinking not included (Served Monday – Saturday from 4 pm on) – $11.49

There are dozens of other packages available, so be sure to check out their website for all the latest pricing information.

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5. Bombay Sweets

Bombay Sweets
Image Credit: https://lunchinhouston.com/
Address:5827 Hillcroft St, Houston, TX 77036-3301
Food:Indian street food, curry, roti, milk-based drinks, sugar cane juice, desserts
Our Recommendation:Methi Metter Malai

Having first opened in 1997, Bombay sweets has been serving Indian classics and street food to the people of Houston. It was introduced as the first purely vegetarian restaurant.

It serves North and South Indian regional cuisines that provide genuinely authentic flavors.

Besides the vast choice of Indian dishes on the menu and on the Buffet, there is an impressive and extensive dessert selection, which is one of the things they are most well known for.

This is one place that you will definitely want to come back to because although you can eat all you can, it will still leave you wanting more of their unique flavors and intriguing sweets.

End your meal with one of their unique drink options, such as sugar cane juice, rose shake, or salted mint Lassi.


The prices of the Buffet are great, and depending on what time you go, it works out at around $8.00.

If anyone you’re dining with doesn’t want to opt for the buffet option, there are plenty of other choices on the main menu, including many choices for vegetarians and vegans. Most of the main menu items will cost you under $7.00, which is very reasonable.

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We hope that reading this informative guide to the best all-you-can-eat buffets in Houston has got your mouth watering and helped you select the perfect restaurant for your next feast.

If you thought that this article was helpful, why not check out some of the other unique places to eat out in Houston, such as our guide to the Top 6 Cute & Delightful Spots for Brunch in Houston, TX or 8 Best Places to Get Dumplings in Houston

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