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Best Preschools in Houston | 2022

If you’re looking for the best start for your little one, you’ll be looking for top-quality early years education. Our guide to the best preschools in Houston can point you in the right direction.

Our Top 7 Preschools in Houston, Texas

There are some incredibly welcoming, safe, and stimulating preschools for young kids across Houston. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best. We’ll give you a rundown of the services offered, opening hours, and fees.

We’ll also let you know the general vibe of each preschool, including their educational approach, what the staff are like, the facilities your child will have access to, and the kind of food they prepare.

In no particular order, here are some of the best preschools in Houston:

1. Mariner Montessori

Mariner Montessori
Address: 6018 Fairdale Ln Houston, TX 77057
Website: https://www.marinermontessori.com/
Services Offered: Afterschool daycare, bilingual daycare, infant and toddler daycare, newborn daycare, virtual consultations, dance, and soccer clubs
Age Groups: 6 weeks - 18 months (infant), 18 months - 3 years (toddler), 4-6 years (preschool)
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri, 7 am - 6 pm

Mariner Montessori is a STEAM (science, tech, engineering, art, and math) focused preschool, named after NASA’s spaceship “Mariner.” Combining a STEAM focus with Montessori-style learning teaches children life skills, allowing them to choose the activities they wish to engage in.

They offer care from 6 weeks to 6 years, with some afterschool care available. The campus is light, airy, and spacious, comprised of 3 buildings with a low student-to-teacher ratio. Outdoor space is plentiful, too, with 10,000 square feet of age-appropriate space for kids to learn and play.

The carers are warm, friendly, and Montessori certified. They care deeply for the children while allowing children to grow in their own confidence and independence. They rotate activities and play equipment each day, teaching baby sign language, facilitating sensory play, and more.

They provide food with an incredibly healthy menu, including vegetarian options. Snacks and fresh fruit are included, too.

The fees are as follows:

  • Registration – $75 (non-refundable)
  • Infant Program – $1350/month
  • Toddler Program – $1275/month
  • Primary Program – $1100/month
  • Quarterly Supply Fee – $125

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2. Cora’s Cottage Care

Cora's Cottage Care
Address: 10851 Scarsdale Blvd Ste 700 Houston, TX 77089
Website: https://www.corascottage.com/
Services Offered: Afterschool daycare, infant daycare, toddler daycare, bilingual daycare, potty training, weekend daycare
Age Groups: Infant (0-18 months), toddler (18-36 months), preschool (3 years), pre-k (4-6 years)
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun, 6 am - 8 pm

Cora’s Cottage care is a woman-owned nursery looking after children from birth to age 6. There is a focus on the importance of early education, with that education beginning from birth.

The campus is sweet, cozy, bright, and colorful. They have a wide selection of toys and resources for kids to play with. They have some computers for children to use as they get older and an indoor gym with mats for the children to tumble on. They have a cozy baby room, too.

The carers are welcoming and friendly, well-trained, and great with different age groups. Staff is trained within a detailed curriculum to deliver outstanding educational outcomes for children.

They offer hot, healthy homecooked food and snacks.

You will need to book an appointment for a consultation or contact the owners about the fees.

3. Oak Forrest Academy

Oak Forest Academy
Address: 1901 W 34th St Houston, TX 77018
Website: https://www.oakforestacademy.com/
Services Offered: Infant daycare, toddler program, preschool program, pre-k program, kindergarten readiness program, soccer, gymnastic, and dance clubs.
Age Groups: Infant (0-18 months), toddler (18 months-2 years), 2-year program, pre-k (3-4 years), kindergarten readiness (4-6 years)
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri, 7 am - 6 pm

Oak Forrest Academy is a friendly, welcoming preschool focusing on education and community, teaching children key skills to help them relate to each other. With plenty of STEAM opportunities and the chance to learn Spanish from 2 years old, it’s a great place for your preschool child to grow and thrive.

The campus is a large, modern building with plenty of rooms for children of different age groups to learn and explore. They have plenty of outdoor space, with safe, age-appropriate play equipment for children to use. They also offer opportunities for parents to get involved in the preschool community.

The staff here are friendly, professional, and qualified in early years education.

There is a focus on healthy food, with children able to grow their own food in the gardens. They offer home-cooked food and healthy snacks.

You’ll have to call or email for a consultation for more information on fees. They do offer some scholarships for families on a lower income.

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4. Smaller Scholars Montessori

Smaller Scholars Montessori
Address: 1685 South Dairy Ashford Road Houston, TX 77077
Website: https://smallerscholarshouston.com/
Services Offered: : Toddler daycare, primary school, elementary school, summer programs, extracurricular activities.
Age Groups: Toddler (18 months - 3 years), primary (3 - 6 years), elementary school (6 - 9 years)
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri, 7 am - 6 pm

Smaller Scholars Montessori is a private school providing quality care and education from the age of 18 months to 9 years. The Montessori system allows children to thrive, following their own interests and learning to be independent. Children can learn at their own pace, with no rushing or moving on to the next activity.

The campus is bright, airy, and spacious, and children have a peaceful, calm environment to learn. The outdoor space is safe and secure, with age-appropriate equipment for children to explore in the gardens.

The staff here are trained in Montessori education, with years of experience in early years education.

They offer fresh, healthy food and snacks.

There is a $150 enrollment fee, and you can contact them for further information on fees depending on your child’s age.

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5. The Goddard School

The Goddard School
Address: 21024 W Bellfort St Richmond, TX 77406
Website: goddardschool.com
Services Offered: Infant daycare, toddler daycare, afterschool daycare, potty training.
Age Groups: Infant (0 - 18 months), toddler (18 months - 3 years), preschool (3 - 4 years)
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri, 7 am - 6 pm

The Goddard School is a warm, welcoming place for your children to attend. With plenty of educational opportunities, there is a focus on the importance of early education and children taking their first steps to independence.

The campus is bright and colorful, with gyms and multi-purpose rooms with soft mats and play equipment for children to develop their gross motor skills. There are also specially designed, age-appropriate outdoor playgrounds. There is plenty of STEAM equipment too, including computers for children to use.

The staff here are trained in the Goddard curriculum. They are warm, welcoming, and friendly.

They offer fresh homecooked food and healthy snacks.

Fees vary depending on age group, and you can call or email for more information.

6. Heights Preschool

Heights Preschool
Address: 2064 Oxford St Houston, TX 77008
Website: https://www.heightspreschool.com/
Services Offered: Infant, toddler, and preschool care, parent night out, birthday parties, drop-in care.
Age Groups: Infants (3 months - 14 months), older infants (12 months - 18 months), toddlers (16 months - 2 years), older toddlers (2 years - 2.5 years, 2.5 - 3 years), preschool (3 years), pre-k (4 years)
Opening Hours: 7 am - 5.30 pm Mon-Fri

Heights Preschool is a warm, friendly environment for children to learn. They have a focus on creating a safe environment, with flexible hours for parents, including early-bird care, afterschool care, and even evening care one or two nights a month for parents to enjoy a night out while the kids play with their friends.

The building is welcoming and safe, with plenty of fun toys and resources for children to explore, including climbing equipment and tunnels.

The staff here are welcoming, caring, and qualified in early years education. In addition, they offer play packs for home education in the event of a lockdown, with a step-by-step guide for parents.

They offer and snacks. You can email them for more information on the kind of food they provide.

The fees are as follows:

Fox through Eagle Classes (Toddler and Preschool) – 8am – 2pm

  • 2 days a week – $400
  • 3 days a week – $535
  • 4 days a week – $700
  • 5 days a week – $865

Fox Through Eagle Classes (Toddler and Preschool) – 7am – 5.30pm

  • 2 days a week – $645
  • 3 days a week – $970
  • 4 days a week – $1195
  • 5 days a week – $1390

There are different fees for younger age groups, which you can find out more about on their fee page. You can add on hours for a set fee, too.

7. The Mays School

The Mays School
Address: 6720 Chimney Rock Rd Houston, TX 77081
Website: https://www.mays.school/
Services Offered: Infant, toddler, and preschool care, kindergarten, extracurricular activities.
Age Groups: Infants (3 months - 18 months), early preschool (18 months - 3 years), preschool (3 years - 5 years), kindergarten (5 years +)
Opening Hours: 6.30 am - 6.30 pm Mon-Fri

The Mays School is a private preschool based on the Reggio Emilia Approach to learning. They have a focus on allowing children to learn through following their ideas. Instead of seeing a child as having needs that must be fulfilled; they see children as intelligent, strong, capable individuals with the right to opportunities to learn and thrive.

The building is bright and airy, with many real-world materials to play with, like sticks, leaves, wool, fabric, wooden toys, and play silks. Children can play with “loose part” items like stones and water bottle tops, encouraging them to use their imagination. Unfortunately, they do not have electronic toys.

They have over 5,000 square feet of outdoor space, with children spending hours outside each day. They have sensory play areas and play equipment and an outdoor art studio with plenty of materials like crayons, paint, chalk, pastels, markers, graphite, and watercolors.

The staff here are friendly and welcoming, trained in early years education, focusing on the Reggio Emilia approach.

Children will have access to nutritious, organic homecooked meals with plenty of fruit and vegetables.

Fees are as follows:

Infant (3-18 months)

  • 6.30 am – 3.30 pm – $1,400/month
  • 6.30 am – 6.30 pm – $1,600/month

Early Preschool (19 – 36 months)

  • 6.30 am – 3.30 pm – $1,300/month
  • 6.30 am – 6.30 pm – $1,500/month

Preschool (37 – 48 months)

  • 6.30 am – 3.30 pm – $1,200/month
  • 6.30 am – 6.30 pm – $1,400/month

Pre-K (49 – 71 months)

  • 6.30 am – 3.30 pm – $1,100/month
  • 6.30 am – 6.30 pm – $1,300/month

Kindergarten (5 years +)

  • 6.30 am – 3.30pm – $900/month
  • 6.30 am – 6.30 pm – $1,100/month

There is a registration fee of $300 and a waiting list fee of $20. There is also a kindergarten booking fee of $200.

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We hope this has helped you to find the best preschool for your child in Houston!

If you want to find out more, keep reading our guides, like the 8 Best Hair Salons in Houston, TX, or the 7 Best Christmas Lights in Houston.

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