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7 Best Meat Markets and Butcher Shops in Houston, TX

If you’re used to picking up your meat wrapped in cellophane from the local grocery store and have decided you want to start buying fresh, locally sourced meat instead, then what you need is a meat market or butcher’s shop. But are you wondering what kind of meat market Houston has or where you will get one? Here is the help for you.

In this guide, I will tell you where to find the best meat markets and butcher shops that Houston has to offer.

Where are The Meat Markets and Butcher Shops in Houston?

While there may be a good selection of butcher shops in Houston, it’s sad to say that the meat markets are few and far between as many of them have now closed down.

However, the ones that are left are well worth hunting down. This is why I have found out exactly where they are located, so you don’t have to.

I have also looked at what they have to offer regarding meat selection and other produce when they are open, and also a bit about their history.

So, let’s find out where we can get our hands on some proper butcher’s meat in Houston.

1. Bud’s House of Meat

Bud's House of Meat
Image source: reviewjournal
Address6730 Cullen Blvd, Houston, TX 77021
ProductsBoudin, beef, meat packs, stuffed meats, seafood
Opening TimesMonday to Saturday 8:00 am till 6:30 pm

Bud’s House of Meat has been the go-to meat market in Houston since 1977, which means they have provided Texas with some of the best meat in the area for over 40 years.

They offer some of the most reasonably priced produce and an excellent all-round service, which is why their customers remain loyal and are constantly busy.

The staff and owners here at Bud’s House of Meat do everything they can to accommodate their customers, and if they haven’t got what, they will try and source it for you.

They have weekly sales, where you can get your hands on some great deals, and they also have a hot BBQ inside the market where you can get hot, cooked meats, ready to take away and eat on the go, such as baby back ribs, whole chickens and pork riblets.

The fresh meat has practically everything you can possibly want to stock up your fridges for the week, such as stuffed pork chops, marinated chicken legs, turkey necks, oxtails, and turkey wings.

They also stock every kind of sausage you could think of in every flavor. They have Glen’s hickory smoked beef and pork sausage, jalapeno sausage, andouille sausages, garlic sausage, cajun beef sausage, and around 25 other flavors.

Their meat bundles are a great deal, and there are 17 to choose from in total. So, depending on whether you’re throwing a BBQ party, want to load your freezer for the month, or simply want to feed the family for the week, you’ll find something for every occasion.

The meat packs include the Lunch Meat Pack for $29.95, the Favorite Family Pack for $89.95, and the Block Party BBQ Pack for $139.95.

To give you an idea of what the packs include, the Block Party BBQ Pack includes 40lbs of case leg quarters, 10 lbs of pork riblets, 3 slabs of pork ribs, and 8 kg of smoked creole sausages.

If you head to the BBQ take-out section, I highly recommend trying the three-meat combo. For under $20.00, you get a selection of three types of meat, with a choice of sides such as candied yams, coleslaw, mac & cheese, broccoli rice, smoked rice, and more.

2. B & W Meat Company Houston

B & W Meat Company Houston
Image Source: businessyab
Address4801 N Shepherd, Houston, TX 77018
ProductsPork tenderloin, smoked Boudin, Chitterlings, Louisiana hot links, veal shanks, boneless stewing meat
Opening TimesMonday to Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm, Sunday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

B&W Meat Company has been serving locals their delicious homemade sausages and delectable meats since 1959. It was founded by G.W.Jerry Wallace and remains at the forefront of every Houstoners mind when they think about local, fresh produce.

Over the years, they have remained traditional in how they run things here, which is one of the things I just love about it. The staff are all extremely knowledgeable and provide excellent service; nothing is ever too much trouble for them.

Here, they offer a deer processing service, so if you have a hunter in the family, you don’t have to worry about them bringing home dinner and having to start preparing it in your garage or kitchen.

These guys will do all the hard work for you, including steaks, chili meat, and ground and roast cuts. You can also request to have beef added to your meat to enhance the flavor.

When it comes to the products they have on offer, the list is endless, so I will keep it brief. If you want to check out the complete list of available products, then I recommend checking out their website or simply heading down there and seeing for yourself.

Some products you can get here are stuffed pork chops, pigs feet, tasso, smoked Boudin, chicken livers, pork skin, smoked ham, T-Bones, Porter House, Deer Summer sausage, and so so much more.

You can also get loads of specialty items, like ground buffalo, rabbit sausage, turtle meat, jambalaya, pecan rice, alligator meat, and pigs’ heads.

They also have a selection of seafood, such as crawfish, frog legs, catfish, red snapper, and crabs claw, as well as some of the biggest shrimp in Houston.

Prices here vary all the time, so if there is something in particular that you want, give them a call before you visit, and they will be able to provide you with an accurate price, but personally, I say just head down there, and explore everything that they have.

3. Burt’s Meat Market and Cajun Food

Burt's Meat Market and Cajun Food
Image Source: pinterest
Address5910 Lyons Ave, Houston, TX 77020
ProductsMeat packs, homemade sausage, catfish sandwiches, hot dinners, Boudin
Opening TimesMonday to Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm, Sunday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Burt’s Meat Market and Cajun Food has been a family-run establishment since its opening in 1946. In 1991, the business was passed down to the Burt family’s daughter, Linda, who continues to run it today with her son, Ryan. 

Before I get to the meat they have on sale here; I just have to tell you the best bit about Burt’s, the hot deli line. 

Here you can get your taste buds tingling with delicious snacks and dinner dishes, such as gumbo, fried catfish sandwich, goulash, chicken and dumplings, peach cobbler, and cajun beans. As well as plenty of other options, so when you visit this meat market, be sure not to eat before you arrive. 

As well as the hot food line, there is also the meat line. Here you will find meats such as homemade pan sausage, cajun sausage, beef Boudin, seasoned spare ribs, crown roast, tasso ham, and salami.

You can also purchase meat packs, and there are 9 different ones to choose from, so to give you an idea, I will tell you about two of the packages available at the moment. The lunchtime pack includes 2lbs of turkey, 2lbs of pressed ham, 1lb ground meat, 1lb chopped ham, 1lb salami, 1lb sausage, and 1lb American cheese. 

Then there is also the Nickel Pack, which has 5lbs round steak, 5lbs ground chuck, 5lbs chuck steak, 2lbs bacon, 5lbs pork chops, and 4lbs fryers. 

4. Farmer’s Fresh Market

Farmer's Fresh Market
Image Source: salon
Address8630 Cullen Road, Houston, TX 77051
ProductsBacon casing, the tray of oxtails, leg quarters, smoked pork neck bones, green onion sausage, mac & cheese
Opening TimesMonday to Saturday 7:00 am - 8:00 pm, Sunday 7:00 am - 4:00 pm

Farmer’s Fresh Market is one of the few full-service meat markets left in Texas. They offer a fresh selection of chicken, beef, goat, and lamb products, as well as much, much more. They really do have everything to offer when it comes to meat and fresh produce.

They offer several different services, including preparing all your meat to your liking, processing, delivery, catering, and wholesale supplies. They will process any beasts from deer to wild hogs and make them into anything you desire, such as seasoned links, pan sausages, or simple cuts.

Now down to the meat, once again, the variety available is mind-blowing, so it’s impossible to list them all. A few of the items you can buy here are whole turkeys, farmer’s cajun sausages, brisket burgers, chuck steak, filet mignon, and even whole goat.

The list goes on and on, and as with other meat markets in my guide, words don’t do them justice, so get yourself down and see it with your own eyes.

Prices vary here, but they’re very reasonable when talking about fresh, local meat cuts. For example, the New York Strip Steak with the bone in is just $9.99, 30lbs of turkey legs is $54.99, and a leg of lamb is $7.99.

They offer an outside catering service, so if you’re throwing an event and want to impress your guests with some of the best quality meat in town, they cater for groups of hundreds of people, so these are the guys to call.

5. Sister’s Meats

Sister's Meats
Image Source: njmonthly
Address9107 Irvington Blvd, Houston, TX 77022
ProductsChicken, pork, beef, rubs, lamb, turkey
Opening TimesMonday to Friday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Closed at weekends

Bringing this back down to the regular kind of butcher shops you might be more used to seeing, Sister’s Meats is known to be one of the best butchers in Houston.

They pride themselves on their top-quality meat, professional butchers, and local suppliers representing sustainable farming.

Everyone who has tried the meat from here comments on the fact that they can taste the flavor difference straight away from that which you find at the grocery store.

They are a minimalist butcher shop, but they still stock all the prime cuts you could want selecting your ideal meat, and if they don’t have it, just ask, and they will bend over backward to try and get your order sorted for you.

The butchers here also love to give advice on what to do with your meat once you get it home, s if you’re holding a dinner party and want to get the best out of your meat to impress your guests; these guys will be able to tell you exactly how to prepare your meat for the perfect dish.

6. Hebert’s Speciality Meats

Hebert's Speciality Meats
Image Source: usarestaurants
Address1023 Dairy Ashford Rd, Houston, TX 77079
ProductsCrawfish pie, homemade sausage, Turducken, kabobs, stuffed chicken, sauces, cookbooks, rubs, gumbo
Opening TimesMonday to Friday 9:00 am - 7:00 pm, Saturday: 9:00 am 5:00 pm, Sunday: Closed

Herbert’s, pronounced like “A Bears,” is the home of stuffed poultry. It is run by Cajuns, meaning they understand precisely how to stuff, season and sauce all their produce to bring the best out of it. 

Other than just supplying fresh meat, they all sell some authentic specialty products, such as the Turducken. A deboned turkey stuffed with chicken, duck, pork, and breadcrumb stuffing. It is vacuum sealed, which keeps all the freshness and flavor inside.

This is prepared and ready to throw straight in the oven and is perfect for special occasions and Christmas. This price begins at $99.00, then increases depending on the variation you choose.

Other meats available are the stuffed chicken, which comes with varied stuffings such as pork, rice, and a twice-baked potato. They also have chicken and beef kabobs and a great selection of sausage.

If you want to try out some cajun specialties, I would recommend trying out the crawfish, and shrimp pies, which are only around $6.00.

7. Pete’s Fine Meats and Deli

Pete's Fine Meats and Deli
Image Source: foursquare
Address5509 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77056
ProductsBuffalo, shrimp, red deer, rattlesnake, cabrito, quail, jerky, burgers, python, emu, pheasant
Opening TimesMonday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm, Tuesday to Saturday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm, Sunday: Closed

Pete’s Fine Meats first opened in 1932, so it’s one of the oldest meat markets in Texas. Their sole passion is hard work, attention to detail, and providing their customers with excellent service and the best products in the country. 

The staff here are all highly experienced in what they do and have extensive knowledge about their work. They are so convinced that their products are the best in the area that you will be given a full refund if you aren’t 100% happy with your product. That’s what I call confidence. 

As far as products, these guys offer way more than your average chicken, turkey, lamb, and beef. Here, you will find unusual meats such as alligators, python, moose, elk, turtle, cabrito, emu, and rattlesnake. 

Of course, all your regular cuts of meat are also available, so if you’re not feeling brave enough to try a bit of kangaroo, you can always settle for a nice piece of brisket beef

They also do homemade Tamales, which is meat cooked in Maize husks. You can get these with venison, pork, beef, or grits. 

Besides the produce, they offer several services, which include cooking any meat of your picking for you, saving you a job when you get home. 

They also have wild game processing, where they will portion your deer, quail, ducks, doves, or turkeys for you and form them into sausages, burgers, chorizo, or anything else you fancy. 

Prices for processing vary, but to give you an example, the price for a whole deer is $70.00, plus the charge for whatever you want your meat processing into, such as $2.49 per lb for smoked polish sausage. 

They also have a great menu full of dishes that you can eat in, such as grilled chicken sandwiches, sausages on a stick, steak tacos, cheeseburgers, and macaroni salad.

Final Thought on Houston’s Best Meat Markets

So, there we have it, my top picks for some of the best meat markets and butchers in Houston. I think there is a fair selection there, so no matter what you look for in a good meat supplier, you’re covered.

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