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8 Best Vintage Thrift Stores in Houston, TX

We all know the importance of thrifting and recycling to look after our environment today. But this doesn’t just refer to plastic bags and biodegradable packages. Recycling is also on the rise in our clothing, so when it comes to finding second-hand and vintage thrift stores in Houston, which ones should you be heading to?

Whether or not you are clearing out your Closet or looking to stock it up with the best clothes out there, this guide is the best place to start to find the perfect second-hand store in Houston, Texas.

Where To Find The Best Vintage Thrift Stores in Houston for Clothing and More?

After reading this helpful article, you will be able to select which places near you are best suited for you to ramp up your wardrobe for a bargain price.

So let us see what we deemed to be the 8 best vintage and thrift stores in Houston, TX.

1. Full Court Houston

Full Court Houston
Image Credit: https://nicelocal.com/
Address:610 Alabama St Ste B, Houston, TX 77006
Phone Number:+1 (727) 754-3413

Complete Court Classics is Tampa Bay and Houston’s prime location for buying, selling, and trading vintage clothing.

Here, they specialize in the early 90’s up to the 2000s. They feature brands such as ACG, Tommy Hilfiger, Carhartt, Columbia, Champion, North Face, Nike, Levi’s, Stussy, and many more. They also have plenty of vintage bands and sports t-shirts and sneakers.

You can sell your pre-loved goods here for cash or trade them in, depending on the value. So if there is something you’ve got your eye on, you can grab it without splashing the cash.

Some of their most iconic pieces were, in fact, featured in Billboard Magazine’s article about the resurgence of Tommy in hip-hop.

You can order specific items in bulk from here, check out their website or contact them to find out more about wholesale boxes, which range from $250 up to $5000.

They’re open from noon until 9:00 pm, Monday to Friday.

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2. Leopard Lounge

Leopard Lounge
Image Credit: https://www.pinterest.ca/
Address:1639 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006
Phone Number:(713) 526-5100

This Leopard Print front thrift store makes it one of Westheimer’s most recognizable and popular stores. Here, you can take a nostalgic trip back in time, dating right back from the 1940s and all the way up to the 1990s. The shelves are filled with items such as leather fringed jackets and authentic concert t-shirts and memorabilia.

The Leopard Lounge Thrift Store has been known to have some of the best selections of second-hand clothing in Texas. It has been a community staple for over 20 years, with multiple locations across Houston.

The staff here is extremely friendly and helpful. They are incredibly knowledgeable about the goods they have on sale and have excellent knowledge about all eras, from the 1920s to the present. Their passion for all things vintage is clearly visible in their service. They will even go as far as to help you pick out the best outfit for any special occasion or fancy dress, or just something new for your wardrobe.

Here, you can take your old treasures, and turn them into cash, as they are always on the lookout for new goods, and they will offer you a pretty price for them too, or you can trade them in.

If you’re unsure what you can take in, check out their website and Facebook page to get some inspiration for some of the stuff they accept.

Their opening times are 9:00 am till 10:00 pm daily, but if you wish to make purchases, you must call ahead to make an appointment.

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3. Cheeky Vintage

Cheeky Vintage
Image Credit: https://cupofcharisma.com/
Address:2134 Richmond Avenue, Houston, 77098
Phone Number:713-533-1121

Situated in a beautiful and darling cottage on Richmond Avenue, Cheeky Vintage is a quaint little second-hand boutique store offering vintage gala wear, blouses, couture, jewellery, handbags, etc. The eras from which most of their items come are the 1940s to the 1990s.

They have a “Cheeky Designer” section, where you can purchase more high-end items for higher prices.

In general, this is a higher-end store. So it is perhaps somewhere best suited to people looking for a specific item, a collector’s piece, or just something extraordinary to add to their wardrobe. If you want something genuinely one-off, unique, or handmade, this is definitely the place to visit.

They are open from 10:30 am until 5:30 pm, 7 days a week.

4. Flamingo Vintage Thrift Store

Flamingo Vintage Thrift Store
Image Credit: https://houston-texas-us.blogspot.com/
Address:2814 S Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77098
Phone Number:+1 (713) 533-9470

Flamingos Vintage Thrift Store is the first company specializing in selling clothing by weight online. It was revolutionary in changing the way people buy their clothes. This means that people could start to enjoy wearing unique clothes that have been handed down while saving the planet one t-shirt at a time.

They have become an established benchmark mark in vintage goods for more than ten years, with stores located all over the United States and Europe. In each of these locations, you can be guaranteed to find a wide selection of high-quality vintage products.

You can expect to find items from North American Origin, vintage specialties for occasions such as fancy dress parties, and new trends and styles from each decade across the ’50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and 00s.

You can also save time by shopping online. You can see more quantities of clothes spread out into classified categories, making it easier to find the perfect item you’re looking for. You can get them delivered straight to your door.

You will find a great mixture of genres and spectacular denim styles, Hawaiian, biker, grunge, hippie, and much more, at all of their stores.

They are also gender fluid and have a strong belief that dressing should be a way of presenting our personality in a free and fun manner. They do not organize their clothes into males or females, leaving behind gender labels. This makes them a trendy choice with the younger, “genderless” generations and means they can concentrate on was truly matters, the fashion.

Join the growing world of fashion by the kilo, and make a difference to the planet creatively and generously.

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5. Color Explosion

Color Explosion
Image Credit: https://www.houstonpress.com/
Address:2607 Blodgett St, Houston, TX 77004
Phone Number:+1 (713) 526-0310

Located just 5 minutes away from the Texas Medical Center in Midtown Houston, Color Explosion Thrift Store has been a big part of the Houston community for over 12 years. It is currently owned and operated by Loretta Dixon, a fashion enthusiast with more than 30 years in the fashion and design industry.

These fabulous shops offer fantastic vintage items from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s and have some truly unique items and one-off garments.

Unlike other vintage stores, these guys also have another service available. They will resize and repair all of your fabulous vintage items.

It is an excellent destination for a spot of light or not-so-light shopping and is popular with locals and tourists as it has something for everyone.

Color Explosion is open Monday to Sunday, 11:00 am till 9:00 pm.

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6. The Guild Shop

The Guild Shop
Image Credit: https://www.houstoniamag.com/
Address:2009 Dunlavy St, Houston, TX 77006
Phone Number:+1 (713) 528-5095

The Guild Shop of St. John the Divine was initially founded in 1962. It was formed by a group of dedicated Episcopal women who chose to put their talents to good use and serve the community.

Their enthusiastic nature and spirit are welcoming and catching. They are all passionate about their store and 100% committed to the church and their cause.

Currently located on Dunlavy Street, the shop is a warm and homely place, and after 58 years, it remains a pinnacle of Houston thrift stores.

There are over 170 volunteers who keep this mission going for the whole community, enriching it as a Christian ministry and resale shop that donates a lot of its profits to elderly care. So, not only are you helping the environment by buying second-hand, you’re contributing to a fabulous cause when you shop here.

As well as vintage clothing, they also stock a plentiful supply of jewelry, pottery, furniture, glassware, and much more.

You can donate here by turning up at their door between 9:30 am and 3:30 pm Monday – Saturday and simply ringing the doorbell. Someone will be there to greet you and take your goods off your hands.

You will find some great buys here, whether a designer dress or a £1.00 photo frame. It has something for everyone and is a real treasure chest of a store.

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7. End Meets Resale Shop

End Meets Resale Shop
Image Credit: https://ends-meet-resale-shop.business.site/
Address:1011 Lathrop St, Houston, TX 77020
Phone Number:+1 (281) 902-9177

This thrift store is more down the lines of exactly what springs to mind when you imagine a second-hand stop.

It is an Aladdin’s cave of hidden gems packed from corner to corner and floor to ceiling.

Here you won’t find your authentic vintage dresses in pristine condition, costing hundreds of pounds, but instead, in excellent condition, everyday clothes and trinkets for a brilliant bargain price.

They quite often have awesome deals too. So it’s worth checking their website to see what is upcoming if you really want to bag a bargain. They do a Wild Wednesday, where you get 25% off all items in the store and other great deals.

They also have some great brands of make-up on sale, which are all priced between $1.00 and $5.00.

The opening times here are Monday – Friday, 10:30 am till 6:00 pm, and they are closed on weekends.

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8. Platos Closet Houston

Platos Closet Houston
Image Credit: https://www.bizjournals.com/
Address:3277 Southwest Freeway, Suite C, Houston, TX 77027
Phone Number:+1 (713) 592-0002

Plato’s Closet buys and sells second-hand clothes, handbags, shoes, and accessories that have been lightly used and are still in excellent condition.

They are a popular spot to shop for discounted kids, teens, and younger adults, due to their constant supply of well-known brands, such as American Eagle, Urban Outfitters, Adidas, Nike, Free People, and more. You can get your hand on all these top brands for 70% off the usual retail price.

If you’re interested in making some fast cash while clearing out your own Closet, why not take your clothes here for some money on the spot. The only requirement is that your goods are in excellent condition. It doesn’t matter the season or occasion; Plato’s Closet will take it all off your hands without appointments.

There is always plenty of variety, and you’re always guaranteed to find something new each time you visit because they update their inventory every day.

Check their website or follow them on social media for all their latest special offers and keep up to date.

They are open from 10:00 am – 9:00 pm Monday – Saturday, and Sundays from 11:00 am till 7:00 pm.

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To Round-Up

We hope that you have enjoyed reading our guide, and even more so, we hope that it has broadened your horizons when it comes to finding the best vintage thrift stores in Houston, Texas.

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