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9 Places to Get the Best Cookies in Houston, TX – The Most Delicious Cookies in the City

There are some fantastic bakeries in Houston, but how can you find the best one? Our guide to the 9 places to get the best cookies in Houston, TX, will help you to narrow down your search.

From elaborately decorated sugar cookies through to warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies, there’s something for everyone in Houston, with some fantastic local businesses to visit.

Our Top Cookie Recommendations in Houston

If you’re not sure where to go, there are several places to get cookies in the city. We’ll give you all the essential details, including the address, website, the food available, and our recommendations.

We’ll also give you the lowdown on what to expect from each bakery. These include the kind of cookies they sell, whether they offer delivery or pickup, and anything else you can get while you’re there.

Here are our top 9 spots for cookies in Houston in no particular order!

1. Milk Mustache

Milk Mustache
Address13718 Office Park Dr. Houston, TX 77070
FoodGourmet cookies
Our RecommendationChocolate Turtle Pecan

Milk Mustache offers hand-baked cookies for local curbside or in-store pickup. They also offer free local delivery and nationwide shipping within the US. The owner is passionate about creating delicious cookies, and the staff here are super friendly and welcoming to everyone.

The cookies here are giant. While they may seem pricey at $5 a pop, their size may tempt you into trying one. They have crunchy exteriors with gooey, soft centers, and they’re packaged in clear cellophane bags and ribbon. They make the perfect pick-me-up when you need a treat or gift.

There are many flavors to choose from, including Red Velvet Cream Cheese, Snickerdoodle, and Campfire Bliss. We’d recommend the Chocolate Turtle Pecan, with chocolate chips, caramel chunks, and pecan halves. It’s the perfect mix of gooey and crisp.

You can purchase packs of mini cookies here if you’re in the mood for smaller treats. The gifts are great too. You can pick up an e-gift card for a loved one or pick some cookies for them and have them gift-wrapped. We’d recommend their 6-pack ‘ Cookie of the Week’ selection as a gift.

2. Michael’s Cookie Jar

Michael's Cookie Jar
Address5330 Weslayan St Houston, TX 77005
FoodGourmet cookies, cookie cakes, custom-made cookies, treat trays
Our RecommendationAfternoon Break Tray

Michael’s Cookie Jar is the ideal place to shop for a gift or if you need sweet treats for a special occasion. You can drop by the store to pick up some cookies in person, or you can have them delivered to your home instead.

They create delicious, hand-baked cookies in a range of flavors. They have a range of cookie trays and platters available, and you can choose the flavors you want to try out. We’d recommend the Afternoon Break Tray, with the choice of 28, 42, or 56 cookies per tray.

They have a range of flavors here, from Vanilla Sugar, Double Chocolate, Toffee Pecan, and Lemon Sugar. In addition, you can order custom iced cookies here, which look particularly beautiful, and they give you the choice of size, shape, base color, and inscriptions. These take around 10-14 days to create from the day of your order, with a minimum order of 12 custom cookies.

You can also pick up a cookie cake here, custom-iced with your message, which makes an excellent treat for a loved one! Finally, if you want to send a note to someone, try their Cookiegrams. They’ll send a cookie in a special envelope with a message from you, with your choice of flavor.

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3. Kimmy YumYum Kookies

Kimmy YumYum Kookies
Address1600 Springwoods Plz Dr. Spring, TX 77389
FoodGourmet cookies, mini cookies, cookie cakes, cookie dough
Our RecommendationDouble fudge brownie cookie

Kimmy YumYum Kookies has a wide range of flavors to choose from. Unfortunately, they don’t offer pickup, but they do ship nationwide, so you can enjoy their treats wherever you are in the US.

They create incredibly delicious cookies with over 20 flavors to choose from. You can go for Banana Nut, Oreo-Stuffed Funfetti, Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal & Milk, and Peach Cobbler. We’d recommend the Double Fudge Brownie cookie for a chocolate boost.

You can buy Variety Boxes here, making excellent gifts for friends or family members. The Best Sellers box is ideal if you want to treat someone to the very best cookies Kimmy YumYum has to offer.

If you want something extra special, go for a Kookie Kake. These are delicious, large, multi-layered cakes with unique flavors. You can also get some edible cookie dough here, which is a decadent treat!

4. Crumbl Cookies

Crumbl Cookies
Address5103 Bellaire Bld Ste 140 Bellaire, TX 77401
FoodGourmet cookies, ice cream, gift vouchers
Our RecommendationRocky Road Cookie

Crumbl Cookies is a chain with over 260 locations in 36 different states. They have a rotating menu of cookies, with 5 flavors to choose from each week, and they serve delicious ice cream too. You can have cookies delivered or go for curbside pickup if you’re local.

The flavors change, so it’s worth keeping an eye on the menu to check if your favorite is back in stock! They range from gourmet cookies like Caramel Popcorn to classics like Funfetti Cookies. We’d recommend the Rocky Road (dark chocolate, gooey marshmallow, chocolate chips, and almonds) as a particularly decadent treat.

The ice cream is worth checking out, too. Try the Cookie Dough Crunch or the Peanut Butter Brittle for a cold treat on a hot day.

They offer gift cards if you want to send a treat to a loved one. You can choose from the digital gift card, the 4-pack or 6-pack voucher, or the party box voucher for a big treat of 12 cookies.

5. Tiny’s Milk and Cookies

Tiny's Milk and Cookies
Address3636 Rice Blvd Houston, TX 77005
FoodCookies, croissants, rolls, bread, cookie kits
Our RecommendationChocolate Crinkle Cookie

Tiny’s Milk and Cookies is a lovely bakery on Rice Boulevard. It’s a small bakery offering some delicious treats, with takeout, curbside pickup, and delivery available—ideal for visiting for a special breakfast or brunch.

In terms of cookies, there are only a few options here, but they’re perfectly baked. Try the Chocolate Crinkle Cookie (delicious and gluten-free), or go for the decorated sugar cookie.

You can also pick up some other delicious items here, including croissants, brioche buns, Danish pastries, muffins, donuts, and scones. And if you want something savory, try their bread. The sourdough is particularly delicious!

Tiny’s Milk and Cookies make bake-at-home kits, which are excellent if you want an activity for a quiet afternoon at home. For example, the Sugar Cookie Kit includes 12 cookies, 4 royal icing piping bags, and sprinkles, and the Cookie Dough kit comes with 12 frozen cookie dough balls ready to bake.

6. The Bearded Baker

The Bearded Baker
Address518 W 11th St Ste 400 Houston, TX 77008
FoodGourmet cookies, iced cookies, custom cookies, cakes
Our RecommendationBrowned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Bearded Baker is a charming local business owned by Allan Hursig, who won second place in the Food Network Christmas Cookie Challenge in 2019. With many beautiful cookies to choose from, it’s the ideal place to go to pick up a gift. They offer takeout and curbside pickup.

The gourmet cookies here are incredible. Try the Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie, which has a nutty flavor with bittersweet chocolate chips. Or, go for the Yum Yum Cookies, an oatmeal raisin cookie with brown sugar, pecans, and raisins. If you want an extra-large treat, check out the Donkey Cookies, which are huge, gooey, chocolatey, nutty cookies!

The main star of the show here is the iced sugar cookies. With many designs to choose from, their bakers and decorators will work with you to create the perfect Cookie for any special occasion. Plus, you can pick up some gorgeous cookies, or have them custom-made, with a minimum order of 2 dozen.

You can also pick up a Cakelette here, a 3-tiered, 4-inch cake with delicious buttercream.

7. Fluff Bake Bar

Fluff Bake Bar
Address1701 West 15th St Houston, TX 77008
FoodCookies, cakes, brownies, ice cream, pies, drinks
Our RecommendationBacon Fat Gingersnaps

Fluff Bake Bar is a warm, welcoming bakery offering pickup and delivery. You can grab a range of baked goods here, not just cookies, and they have some seating if you’d rather eat in. It’s an excellent place to go with kids, too.

In terms of cookies, we’d recommend their excellent sandwich cookies. Also, try the Bacon Fat Gingersnap (gingersnaps made with bacon fat with vanilla marshmallow inside). It sounds weird, but they’re delicious. 

We’d also recommend the Unicorn Bait (sugar cookie with sprinkles and cake crumb sprinkles) and the Fluffernutters (peanut butter oatmeal sandwiched with peanut buttercream and marshmallow fluff).

You can pick up other baked goods here, including cakes, brownies, and bars. Try the Call Me Maybe (gooey blondies topped with Unicorn Bait cookie dough) or the beautiful pies and tarts.

Fluff Bake Bar has party trays for sale, ideal for special occasions. You can send these to loved ones with your personalized message. It is ideal for a surprise birthday gift!

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8. Half Baked

Half Baked
Address16326 Mueschke Rd Ste E-10 Cypress, TX 77433
FoodCookies, cookie cakes, drinks
Our RecommendationCreme Brulee Cookies

Half Baked is a cute little cookie bar offering some delicious treats. The staff here are warm and welcoming, and it’s a great spot to go for a special treat. There’s a limited amount of seating here, but you can go for curbside pickup or delivery.

They have some superb cookies to choose from. Try the Creme Brulee Cookies (a decadent treat that can be made gluten-free if requested) or the Banana Pudding (bananas, white chocolate, and wafers). You can also go for a classic like the Sugar Cookie or the Chocolate Chip Cookie.

You can get keto-friendly, gluten-free cookies here, which is excellent if you’re on a restricted diet, but you still want to enjoy a sweet treat. If you need a gluten-free option, you can choose from Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodle, and the Peanut Butter Supreme.

There are other options available here, too, including Cookie Cakes, which can serve up to 10-12 people. You can also pick up milk or chocolate milk here, perfect for dunking those cookies!

You can order for events here by enquiring online or in-store.

9. Tiff’s Treats

Tiff's Treats
Address3800 SW Fwy Ste 128 Houston, TX 77027
FoodWarm cookies, brownies, truffles, ice cream, party packs, ice cream sandwiches, frozen desserts
Our RecommendationWarm Double Chocolate Chip

Tiff’s Treats is a great place to go for a sugary pick-me-up! With in-store pickup or delivery available, you can order treats from the counter or wait while they bake them for you.

Their warm cookies are well-known for being delicious. We’d recommend the Double Chocolate Chip, which is excellent, packed with gooey chocolate chips. Or you could go for the Chocolate Chip Pecan, the White Chip Almond, or go for a selection with Tiff’s Mix, a pack of 5 of the most popular flavors.

Try the handmade truffles or the amazing ice-cream sandwiches. Of course, the TiffBlitz Frozen Dessert is a must-try, too. With cold vanilla ice cream, chocolate chips, and brownie bites, this frozen treat is topped with crumbled sugar cookies, and it hits the sweet spot.

Tiff’s Treats has gift cards for sale so that you can treat a friend to a special treat. You can also order Party Packs, which are large selection boxes of cookies, perfect for parties and events.

Our Final Thoughts…

We hope this has helped you find the best places for cookies in Houston! If you want to keep exploring the incredible places this city has to offer, try reading our guides. Check out our guide to the top 8 spots for a picnic outing in Houston, the 7 best bike trails in Houston, and the 10 best vintage clothing stores in Houston, Texas.

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