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Top 6 Restaurants Serving Best Greek Cuisine in Houston, TX

Houston is renowned for its diversity, especially when it comes to food culture, cuisine, and eating out, which means there is certainly no shortage of restaurants serving excellent Greek food.

However, how do you know where to head to find the absolute best Greek food in Houston?

Greek food is so much more than gyros and hummus; for Greek people, food is a massive part of their lives.

Mediterranean food, in general, is known for being nutritious, vibrant, and flavorful and is usually made using local, high-quality ingredients combined to create a beautiful, wholesome dish.

If you want to truly enjoy your Greek meal traditionally, then take a few hours out, find a fellow foodie, and spend an afternoon perusing the menu, trying the different dishes, and enjoying some great coffee and wine while you appreciate the food.

What I love the most about Greek cuisine is its freshness, light flavors and simple ingredients. So when staying in Houston, I often make it my mission to hunt down the best places serving Greek food.

Who Serves The Best Greek Food in Houston?

While testing out restaurants in Houston serving excellent Greek food, I looked at a few different factors for each venue before it made it to my final favorites list.

I first looked at what draws people to these restaurants, such as special offers, theme nights, and unique dishes, because when visiting restaurants, I always like to select things that stand out, so I try to avoid the typical dishes you see everywhere.

I also looked at prices. I understand that depending on the situation, you might want to see restaurants that suit various budgets.

So, I have looked at the higher end of the price line for those special occasions and the grab-and-go, low-cost gyros joints you might want to grab after a night out.

Here are my top picks for the restaurants which serve the best Greek cuisine in Houston.

1. Zeus Mediterranean Kitchen

Zeus Mediterranean Kitchen
Image Credit: zeuscafe.com
Address5409 Crenshaw Rd, Pasadena, TX 77505
FoodShawarma, baba ganoush, spinach pie, gyro, fattoush salad, pasta
My RecommendationCombination Plate

Every time I visit Houston, I make a point of visiting Zeus Mediterranean Kitchen, even though it’s a 20-minute drive out of the city.

This quaint little cafe has everything you could want when looking for authentic, classical Green cuisine.

Firstly, the service is always on point, and the staff will go out of their way to offer you a hospitable experience, always making you feel welcome and can’t do enough for you, as well as being polite and professional.

You can tell that the owners of this cafe care deeply about their heritage and Mediterranean cuisine. They have combined their love for Greek food with some of Louisiana’s classic flavors to create a fusion that works well.

They have a great salad menu, which includes their unique mix of spring leaves, bell peppers, feta cheese, olives, pita chips, tomatoes, and artichokes.

However, I recommend the chicken combination plate consisting of gyros and shawarma chicken. The portion size was great, and it’s a good one to share with some sides.

The prices are very reasonable; for example, the sharing plate was only $13.90, and the side started at just $0.75.

They only have a small dessert menu, with baklava and tiramisu; we tried both and decided they didn’t need an extensive menu as they were both delightful.

There were also plenty of choices regarding dietary requirements, such as vegetarian and vegan, such as the falafel sandwich and cheese Arabie.

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2. Niko Niko Greek & American Cafe

Niko Niko Greek & American Cafe
Image Credit: tripadvisor.com
Address2520 Montrose Blvd, Houston, TX
FoodTirpita, Cypriot breakfast, spinach pie, soups, feta fries
My RecommendationDolmathes

Situated in the diverse area of Montrose and surrounded by Houston’s historic mansions and beautiful cottages, Niko Nikos is an excellent addition to the town.

Offering authentic Greek cuisine combined with some of the flavors of America’s favorite dishes, there is something for everyone on their extensive menu. All the recipes here have come from the restaurant owner’s family, and some even came straight from her father’s kitchen in Athens.

The food here, although cafe style, is far from fast-food. Every sauce and kebab is made with care and passion and perfected to the highest quality. Everything is made from scratch and has the authentic taste of home-cooked Greek food.

The restaurant has grown a lot over the years and has locations in Market Square and Memorial Park, plus this one. I can say that I have visited them all, and they’re all just as good as each other.

The restaurant is open seven days a week, morning till night. So, they’ve got you covered whether you want a Mediterranean-style breakfast or a juicy Greek burger.

My favorite (or at least one of them) is the Domathes, which, although I have tried it in many restaurants before, is especially good here. The grape leaves are stuffed with ground beef and rice and then topped with a beautiful homemade lemon dressing.

The pricing is reasonable, and you can get a decent-sized lunch for around $12.00.

There are also plenty of vegetarian options, such as Moussaka and vegetable lasagne. I am yet to try one of their vegetarian dishes, but judging the standard of the rest of the food, it’s bound to be just as good.

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3. Gyroville

Image Credit: gyroville.com
Address1324 N Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77008
FoodChicken pita, gyro platter, build-your-own
My RecommendationMixed grill platter

This is a relatively new restaurant to Houston, serving some excellent quality Mediterranean food.

The gyros were one of the best I’d had regarding food quality. I liked that it came tightly wrapped in foil, making it mess-free and easy to eat. The flavors were delicious. I also selected one of the platters and the mixed grill version, but there was also a vegetarian one that looked good.

The platter was huge and could easily be shared by two, possibly even three people depending on how hungry they were. It consisted of basmati rice, fries, chicken and gyro, pita bread, a large Greek salad, and some hummus.

They have the option to build your meal, too, whether that’s in a pitta or as a platter. You can select your protein and whatever vegetables you prefer.

Another thing on the menu that is worth a try is the pizza melts. You can choose your toppings, then they’re melted between two pieces of pita bread and served with a choice of sauce.

There are various vegetarian options, and because you can build your meals, you’re not limited to what you can and can’t have.

Prices are average, a typical gyro is around $12.00, and the platters are $15.99. I did find the fries to be a little expensive at $5.00 for a standard portion.

I also found the service was a little abrupt, I wouldn’t say the staff was rude exactly, but there seemed to be quite a wait before anyone acknowledged us, and not much interaction during the whole experience.

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4. Anonymous Cafe

Anonymous Cafe
Image Credit: chron.com
Address3701 Kirby Drive, Ste 160, Houston, TX 77098
FoodCroissants, hoagies, waffles, quiche,
My RecommendationSouvlaki Plate

This Greek-owned cafe and coffee bar is dedicated to providing a comforting experience while delivering good, home-cooked Greek food for the soul.

First, I must state that the coffee here is fabulous, some of the best I’ve tasted, and I drink a lot of coffee.

A lovely Greek couple owns the restaurant, and their main chef is a lady called Patricia, who you might have seen on the TV show, Go Greek with Patricia.

Getting to the food, they have super tasty Greek dishes available. Although the menu isn’t quite as extensive as others, it doesn’t matter because everything is mouth-wateringly delicious, and let’s face it, sometimes less is more.

They have many sweet treats available, such as their pound cakes. The flavors change weekly, but when I visited on this occasion, they had white chocolate and strawberry, which was to die for.

I narrowed down my recommendation for my main meal to the Souvlaki plate, which consisted of two souvlakis, which come as chicken, pork or beef, salad, fries, and homemade tzatziki. I could tell they only used fresh ingredients, and even the fries tasted super fresh.

The rest of the menu includes burgers, Greek salads, and chicken and waffles. I was with my daughter on this occasion; she had the chicken and waffles and said they were terrific. I did have some slight food envy when her giant plate of food arrived, consisting of fries, cheese, bacon, and a lashing of maple syrup.

Service here was excellent; the staff and owners were welcoming and friendly and made us feel like regulars from the minute we walked in.

We enjoyed everything about this lovely little cafe, from the light, airy, welcoming vibes to the reasonable prices and great food. Oh, and let’s not forget that incredible coffee.

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5. Arpi’s Phoenicia Deli

Arpi's Phoenicia Deli
Image Credit: arpisdeli.com
Address12151 Westheimer Rd, Ste P, Houston, TX 77077
FoodShawarma, pilaf, meze, baklava
My RecommendationLamb Shawarma Pilaf Plate

My love of shawarma first brought me to this fantastic restaurant, and from the minute I walked in the door, I knew I had come to the right place before I even tried the food.

Inside the restaurant, you’re greeted with a wall of food, which is laid out like a buffet style, with hot plates and Bain Marie containing curries, grilled meats, and every kind of Mediterranean salad and vegetable you can think of. There is also a large table with 8-10 rotating spits constantly cooking the delicious shawarma. That’s it; that’s what I’m here for.

I was spoilt for choice as to whether to order chicken, lamb, or beef, and then again, when it came to how I wanted my shawarma served, did I want it stuffed into a wrap or as a plate, so I opted for the healthier version and went for the pilaf plate with lamb. Wow, the flavors of these meats are insane.

As well as the outstanding shawarma, they have a great selection of meze dishes. Now, I only tried a couple of them as I was too busy filling my face with the delicious meat; however, the ones that I did try and would highly recommend are the cauliflower, beet salad, and ceviche.

My only slight complaint with this place is that there weren’t any sauces served with the meat. The food flavors were good enough that I didn’t need to ask for any, but I know many people who’d like to see sauce with the shawarma.

One thing is for sure; this won’t be my last visit to Arpi’s.

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6. Harry’s Restaurant

Harry's Restaurant
Image Credit: ilikepinga.com
Address318 Tuam St, Houston, TX 7706
FoodCroissants, chicken and waffles, spicy fried chicken omelet, salad, wraps
My RecommendationBaklava French Toast

While this may not seem like a typical Greek menu when you first look at it, the owners and chef are from a Greek family who came to America in the early 1960s.

They first acquired the restaurant in the 90s and proceeded to bring it to life, with flavors of Greece combined with foods to cater to the local palate, and it worked wonders.

I had gone here intending to have one of their famous platters, but when I opened my menu, my eyes were drawn to the Baklava French toast, and there was no going back. It was the right decision because the toast was amazing!

I was surprised to see that it came with not two but four pieces of sticky baklava toast, which had been battered and then grilled. It also had two large scoops of homemade yogurt ice cream, which was heavenly.

Although I didn’t get to have one of the platters myself, my partner did, so of course, I had to sample some of his food. He got the Churrasco platter with jalapeno cheese sausage.

It came with some gorgeous potato and cheese patties, two eggs, some avocado, and a fresh tomato and onion salad. The whole thing was only $16.00, so I thought there was a lot of food.

If you were looking for vegetarian options, there are loads to choose from, such as the Migas, which is eggs, tortilla, jalapenos, onions, tomatoes, and cheese with a side of refried beans and pico de gallo. This cost only $12.95.

Overall I thought the pricing was great, especially considering the high standard of food and excellent service.

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There we have it; I hope that with these guides, I have broadened your horizons regarding eating Greek cuisine in Houston. I also hope I have opened your eyes to the variety of dishes available within Greek culture.

So, the next time you’re dining Greek style, you might steer away from your standard gyros and fries and try something entirely different.

If you’ve enjoyed reading this guide, you might want to look at other great cuisines Houston offers, such as the Best Persian Restaurants in Houston and the Best Places To Have Thai Food in Houston.

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