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8 Best Mediterranean Restaurants Houston, TX

Mediterranean food is perfect if you want both flavor and healthy ingredients. If you’re looking for somewhere new to eat in the city, our guide to the 8 best Mediterranean restaurants in Houston, TX, can help you to find your new favorite place to eat. From sit-in restaurants to takeout, there are tons of options out there to choose from.

Top 8 Mediterranean Restaurants

We’ve picked 8 of the best places to eat in Houston, with vibrant, fresh, healthy ingredients and amazing flavors. We’ll give you all the key information, as well as the kind of atmosphere, facilities, and food you can expect. Plus, we’ll give you a recommendation if you’re struggling to decide what to choose for dinner.

Without further ado (and in no particular order), here are our top 8 picks!

1. Aladdin Mediterranean Cuisine

Aladdin Mediterranean Cuisine is a welcoming, busy place to eat, and it’s perfect for groups and families. They have an outdoor seating area with many vegan options, and they offer takeout and delivery if you want to eat at home.

The food here is healthy and delicious. The combo platters are great. Try the falafel plate with two side dishes, pickles, tomatoes, onions, tahini, tzatziki, and hot sauce. Or go for meat with the classic lamb kabob platter, which comes with 3 sides. Every platter comes with 2 pita bread.

They have some excellent sides here, like fried okra, saffron rice, roasted cauliflower, and pomegranate eggplant. They have water and soft drinks available.

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2. Craft Pita

Craft Pita is a casual place to go for groups and families. It gets pretty busy, but the staff members are friendly, and they have an outdoor seating area if you prefer to eat outside. They also offer takeout and delivery.

The food is amazing. Try a hot shared plate, like the fries with zataar, mediterranean sea salt, and garlic aioli, or the Lebanese tacos, with rotisserie chicken, garlic aioli, pickles, fries (inside the tacos), rice pilaf, and hot sauce.

The pita sandwiches are filling and great for lunch (they have chicken, falafel, beef, and veggie sandwiches to choose from). Or you can go for a bowl, served with pita bread. Try the veggie bowl (lentils, hummus, tabbouleh, pickled turnips, red cabbage, and parsley).

If you want meat, try the beef bowl, with ground beef, kafta patties, cucumber yogurt, tabbouleh, pickled turnips, red cabbage, parsley, and red onion).

You can grab a dessert here, like Baklava ice cream or tahini blondies, and they have coffee, soft drinks, Lebanese wine, and beer.

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3. Zoa Moroccan Kitchen

zoa moroccan kitchen

Zoa Moroccan Kitchen

$$$$ 4.5

Zoa Moroccan Kitchen is a casual, welcoming place to go for lunch or dinner, and it’s a good choice for families. They have covered outdoor seating, and they offer takeout and delivery.

The bowls and sandwiches are great. For example, the Marrakesh Bowl has beef tagine, confit onions, greens, sweet potato, pickled red onion cabbage, cinnamon raisin onion, and zoa green harissa. It’s a delicious combination of flavors.

You can also create your own bowl, with a base (pita, couscous, rice, beans, greens), proteins (shrimp, potato cake, chicken, lamb), dips and toppings (Zaalouk, hummus, veggies), and sauces (aioli, oils, yogurt, harissa). This allows you to create your perfect combination of flavors.

They also offer brunch in the form of sandwiches, breakfast bowls, crepes, and pastries). Plus, there’s the Zoa After Dark menu, available 7 PM – 9 PM only, which includes dishes like the Medfouna Yalla, Yalla (Moroccan pizza with meatballs, feta goat cheese, and mozzarella cheese), or the Zoa After Dark combos. You can choose from a selection of soft drinks and tea.

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4. Fadi’s Meyerland Mediterranean Grill

Fadi’s Meyerland Mediterranean Grill is a casual, busy place to eat, good for groups of friends or families. They don’t have outdoor seating, so you’ll be eating indoors if you choose to dine in. They also offer takeout and delivery.

The combo platters are great, and you can create your own. You can go for 1 meat and 1 side to 1 meat and 3 sides, adding extras like rice or veggies. Their sandwiches are excellent. We’d recommend the chicken kabob sandwich, which is particularly delicious, or if you want something veggie, the falafel sandwich is great.

You can choose from a few desserts here, including baklava and tiramisu, and you can get coffee or iced tea, juice, soft drink, or Turkish coffee.

The takeout menu is great for lunch. They have a huge amount of salads to choose from, with ingredients including mushrooms, kale, grilled veggies, and sweet pistachio quinoa & couscous.

5. Mezza Grille

Mezza Grille is a busy spot, ideal for lunch, or families or groups. They have outdoor seating, and they offer takeout and delivery if you’d rather eat at home.

The salads here are great. You can go for the Fatoosh Salad (romaine, cucumber, tomatoes, green onions, fresh mint, olive oil & vinegar dressing, feta cheese, and crispy pita chips) or the Pecan Crusted Salmon Salad (mixed greens, carrots, avocados, red onions, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted pecan and parmesan cheese with a sun-dried tomato ginger vinaigrette).

They have some great meat and fish dishes here. We’d recommend the Mango Stuffed Chicken, with Panko-crusted stuffed chicken breast, with a mango butter sauce with creamy scalloped potatoes and grilled vegetables.

You can grab a delicious dessert here, including the Coconut Tres Leche, Oreo Chocolate Mousse, and White Chocolate Bread Pudding. In terms of drinks, they have some great cocktails (try the Pear Martini, with Grey Goose pear vodka, fresh lemon juice, St.Germaine, and Simple syrup), beers, and wine to choose from.

6. Mary’s Mediterranean Cuisine

Mary’s Mediterranean Cuisine is a casual, busy place to eat to try authentic Lebanese food. With an outdoor seating area, it’s a nice place to go during your lunch break, or you can go out for dinner with friends and family. They offer takeout and delivery if you’d rather grab a bite to eat and take it home instead.

They have some great pita sandwiches here, including the Lebanese Pita Pockets, with beef, chicken, or falafel. You can try one of their delicious flatbreads. The Cheese and Sausage Flatbread is great, or you can go for the Flatbread Trio, a sampler of 3 flatbreads including 1 Zataar, 1 cheese, and 1 beef.

The desserts here are great. You can try the Homemade Lebanese Ice Cream (Ashta flavor), the Namoura (Lebanese pastry made from Semolina flour and soaked in rosewater), or the Layali Loubnan (Lebanese custard topped with banana, whipped cream, and pistachio).

You can get some drinks here, including Lebanese wine, soft drinks, tea, coffee, and fresh juice.

7. Fadi’s Eatery

Fadi’s Eatery Binz

Fadi’s Eatery

$$$$ 4.0

Fadi’s Eatery offers healthy Mediterranean food in a friendly, welcoming, casual environment. It’s pretty busy and makes an ideal spot for groups of friends or families. There’s an outdoor eating area, or you can grab some takeout or go for home delivery instead.

The food here is delicious. We’d recommend the Trio Kabob Plate, with 3 skewers of Kuftah kabob, rice, garlic sauce, tahini sauce, and grilled tomatoes & onions. They have some great wraps which are ideal for lunch, including meat and veggie options, and they have some great sides and appetizers, like falafel, French fries, homemade grape leaves, and spinach pie.

You can go for some incredible salads too. The Beetroot Salad, Pesto Pasta Salad, Greek Salad, and Quinoa Salad are all packed with healthy ingredients. The Deluxe Entrees are worth checking out, too, like the delicious chicken curry. They also have a Junior Menu with some kid-friendly favorites like pizza, chicken tenders, and chicken with rice.

You can grab some drinks here, including soft drinks and juices, and you can also get some great desserts, like Baklava and cake.




$$$$ 4.7

CAVA offers some nourishing food to eat at home if you want to grab takeout instead of going out to eat. They do offer delivery too, but it’s worth knowing that it gets busy.

You can build your own meal at CAVA, with 6 bases to choose from, including salad leaves, greens & grains, mini pita, grain bowl, pita, or Rightrice (which is a high-protein, high-fiber grain). Then you can choose your dips and spreads (up to 3), with roasted eggplant, Tzatziki, feta, hummus, harissa, and red pepper hummus.

Proteins include falafel, spicy lamb meatballs, harissa honey chicken, roasted vegetables, grilled chicken, grilled meatballs, and braised lamb. There’s a good variety of toppings too, from crumbled feta to salt-brined pickles to fire-roasted corn.

The dressings are also delicious. We’d recommend the hot harissa vinaigrette or the lemon herb tahini.

Our Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this has helped you to pick your favorite new place to grab Mediterranean food in Houston. One of the great things about being in the city is having access to so many incredible restaurants, so why not try them all?

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