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6 Best Restaurants in Greenway Plaza Houston

Greenway Plaza is a busy, vibrant district of Houston home to many businesses, homes, workspaces, hotels, and, most importantly, restaurants, including a bustling food court offering tons of cuisines to suit all tastes.

I’ve many favorite places in Houston, but the Greenway Plaza food court is one of my top spots.

Greenway Plaza is an excellent place to swing by whether you’re in Houston for a conference, doing a spot of shopping, or want to indulge in a beautiful meal and catch up with friends and family.

Throughout this guide, you’ll find out about my favorite places to eat and drink in and around Greenway, including the linked neighborhood of Upper Kirby, another popular spot associated with Greenway for its boutique shops, diverse cuisine, and unique hotels.

Best Restaurants in Greenway Plaza – My Top Picks

I have had the pleasure of eating at some fantastic restaurants, diners, and cafes in Greenway, and it’s about time I shared those with the world.

So, the next time you visit Greenway Plaza or the Upper Kirby area of Houston, head to this directory and find all the best spots to eat in one handy place.

I haven’t only picked out the places with the best food. Although that was at the top of my agenda, I’ve gone into much more depth than that.

I’ve looked at places with a history and a backstory, places that offer special services, and restaurants that provide excellent value for money regarding quality and quantity.

However, I have also included a couple of places closer to the top end of the budget, should you want to find somewhere to celebrate a special occasion or a romantic date.

I have also looked at cuisine, so whether you prefer a bit of sushi or something with a kick, I’ve got you covered. There’s something for everyone.

Lastly, I’ve included as many places as possible that made the cut which cater to vegetarians, vegans, and any other dietary requirements. However, if you still need clarification, message the restaurant and ask if they can cater to your preferences.

Let’s get on with it then, shall we?

1. Money Cat

Money Cat, Houston, TX

Money Cat

$$$$ 4.5

I had to kick off my guide with the Money Cat because it’s one of the most memorable Japanese meals I’ve possibly ever eaten, and that’s saying something, let me tell you.

I remember waiting for this opening after it was first announced in 2022 and eagerly anticipating the grand opening. I was one of the first in line to sample this new and exciting take on Japanese cuisine.

The concept is a mixture of tempura, sushi, and hot and cold entrees, well-presented in a fine-dining style while remaining invigorating and vibrant.

The restaurant is large, minimalist, and neutrally designed, offering a classy yet casual feel with a wooden interior, emerald tiling, and black marble floors.

If you’re a big food lover like myself, book a seat at the chef’s table. It’s the best seat in the house; you can observe the chefs preparing the meals while you dine.

Regarding the food, it was hard to pick a favorite, as I’ve been here many times, and it’s all just outstanding. So, I went with the freshest in mind, the Sake Ringo. It was made with fresh salmon, apple and fennel compote, and white ponzu. It was fresh, zesty, sweet, and delicious.

To give you an idea of what to expect here, other dishes that stand out are the Chilean seabass cured in miso and banana leaf for 24 hours, finished with green curry, or the katsu sando with chicken, Japanese tartare sauce, tamari caramel, and house milk bread.

Do you get the gist? This place is just unreal when it comes to creativity and unique gastronomy.

I know what you’re thinking, gourmet delicacies like this have got to come at a high price. Let me be the bearer of good news because this place is incredibly reasonable.

For example, the dish I recommended with the salmon was only $17.00. Wagyu skewers for $18.00 and spicy tuna for just $12.00.

Some dishes come at a higher price, such as the lobster at $52.00. But even that’s reasonable when you experience the quality.

2. Davanti Ristorante

Davanti Ristorante, Houston, TX Restaurant

Davanti Ristorante

$$$$ 4.7

If there’s one thing I love more than sushi, it’s Italian food. Pizza, pasta, homemade bread, and fresh basil and garlic are all some of my favorite flavors, so when you combine those, you can’t go wrong.

Let’s not forget the black pepper and parmesan cheese to round everything off.

Davanti Ristorante is a traditional counter-service Italian restaurant developed by Chef Roberto Crescini, an artist of his rights.

It’s another restaurant new to the scene in Greenway, having only opened in 2022. However, the chef is familiar with his trade, having been cooking for over 45 years. The American Chef Association even recognizes him.

Now, I’m what you’d call a minimalist regarding Italian dishes. I often choose something simplistic, like a good carbonara or a traditional arribiata. (Both of which are great here, by the way). However, I went a little off-piste during a recent visit. I opted for the Octopus Spaghetti with fresh basil and olive oil.

It was a stunning dish, and I’d highly recommend it to anyone as long as you aren’t averse to trying some octopus.

On the subject of dishes, if you’re looking for something to suit a vegetarian diet, why not try the Eggplant Parmigiana or Homemade Ricotta and Spinach Ravioli?

The price is average when considering the food quality and the hard work that’s gone into the preparation. My recommended dish was $23.00, but some were as little as $10.00.

There’s also a Happy Hour menu where you can get some great little dishes such as Shrimp in Pink Spice Sauce, pizza, and Imported Salmon, and these start at just $6.00 if you’re looking to bag a bargain.

3. Trendy Dumpling

Suppose you love Asian cuisine but want to enhance your palate with something different from your usual Friday night takeaway. In that case, the Trendy Dumpling can do exactly that.

I always feel disappointed when I order dumplings from somewhere, only to realize they’ve gone from wholesale to freezer to fryer. It’s heartbreaking, especially when your heart is set on a homemade, authentic dumpling.

Well, one thing’s for sure, you will experience satisfaction in that department if you visit these guys.

The first thing you will notice when you arrive here is the warm welcome, the aromatic scent, and the friendly vibe.

The service here is impeccable. There’s nothing to complain about. The staff can’t do enough for you, which makes for an extra special experience.

Not only that, but the rate the food came out despite being pretty busy was impressive.

Of course, I ordered a side of homemade dumplings, I had to, and yes, they were exquisite. You’ll have to try them to understand how good they are. However, I also decided to try something I often order from the takeout down the street from my home, Singapore Noodles.

All I can say is wow! It was honestly incredible. I never knew this dish could be made with such precision and could pack so much flavor. And it was only $13.00, can you believe it? Great, considering I had enough to last me the next day.

If it’s a veggie meal you’re after, try the potato silk in vinegar. It’s unusual and fresh and has spicy vegetables in peppercorn sauce.

4. Valencia’s Tex-Mex Garage

Valencia’s Tex-Mex Garage is owned by a brother and sister duo, Ricardo and Vienna, who have been serving up amazing food to residents of Houston and beyond for over forty years.

The pair bring recipes going back generations to the modern day. They are constantly adding new and current innovations to their menu, keeping up to date with today’s tastes.

I love outdoor dining, so the stunning patio area attracted me initially to this place. But I ended up being utterly blown away by the whole experience.

Whether you enjoy your dinner al fresco and opt for the ample indoor seating, you’ll be guaranteed a memorable encounter.

Food is also available for takeout, so you can skip the above options to take advantage of the amazing food here.

There are tons of appealing items on the menu. However, the Beef Brisket Tacos were a stand-out dish for me. We ordered six dishes on my last visit, as we were celebrating a birthday. The tacos outshone everything else, despite it all being wonderful.

They’re open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner too. So, you can get it all here if you fancy an early-morning breakfast taco at sunrise or a late-night Tex-Mex banquet.

5. Sixty Vines

Sixty Vines Restaurant

Sixty Vines

$$$$ 4.5

If you’re looking for a relaxing Italian atmosphere, a place to unwind, and somewhere you can dine on exquisite, chef-driven food in an ambient atmosphere, you’ve hit the jackpot because Sixy Vines offers all the above and more.

This restaurant is the perfect gathering spot for friends catching up over a glass of wine or a family dining out for a special occasion. It does have it all.

Before I get to the main course, I will jump straight in and tell you to try the Olive Oil Cake. Even if you’re just there for the wine, get the cake! I’ll say no more.

Coming to the actual food, like the main courses, however, there are some delicious options on the menu, many of the classical Italian dishes you expect to see, and some more unique ones that jump out as something you might not have seen or tried before.

For example, I noticed something on the menu which, although it seemed like a simple burger, was described as something much more extravagant-The Double Cabernet Burger.

It was beef patties marinated in cabernet, on a potato bun, with white cheese, onions, Worcestershire sauce, mayonnaise, crispy potatoes, and fresh tomato. It was priced at $17.00 and sounded elegant and extremely refined compared to any other burger on the menu.

The prices here are great. While there are some pricey items on the menu should you be feeling flush, like the $62.00 Angus Strip, most dishes are more than affordable at under $20.00.

There is also plenty of choice for drinks, such as coffee, beer, and cocktails.

Check out the sharing boards menu if you’re sharing with a group. They have all kinds of selections and mixtures of cheeses, meats, hummus, and the best bit, bacon-wrapped dates.

6. Little Hen Houston

Little Hen Restaurant

Little Hen

$$$$ 4.0

When I first came across this place by name alone, I had the image of a fried chicken shop in mind.

How wrong was I? It couldn’t be further from a chicken shop if it tried.

Little Hen Houston is a quaint, charming, and whimsical little cafe open for breakfast, brunch, and lunch from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.

The menu is delightful, and there are all sorts to choose from. Whether you want tasty waffles or an English-style high tea, this is the perfect spot. It would also make a stunning setting for a special occasion, baby shower, or pre-bachelorette party breakfast.

Some classy dishes are on the menu, such as light lunches like tuna tartare, shrimp tacos, and avocado toast. If you feel fancy, you can treat yourself to some caviar for £32.00.

The Bourban Batter French Toast hits the spot like nothing else out of the many dishes I’ve now sampled here. It’s served with crispy bacon strips, caramelized pears, and vanilla sauce. It was a little more than I’d usually spend on breakfast at $20.00, but for flavors like that, it was worth it.

Let’s Bring All That Together

I know that’s a lot to take in. But when you look at the number of restaurants in Greenway, Houston, I bet you would be thankful that I’ve managed to trim the best ones down to this list, so you don’t have to browse the internet, check reviews, or stumble into the wrong place.

If you’ve enjoyed reading this, why don’t you look at more things to do in Houston, such as the best yoga studios in Houston, or enroll in some thrilling skydiving sessions in Houston?

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