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Top 5 Places For Thrilling Skydiving Near Me in Houston, TX

There are a lot of outdoor activities to do when visiting Houston, and you can sometimes be left indecisive about what to do.

However, suppose you’re a daredevil who knows precisely what they want and loves the rush of something thrilling and extraordinary. In that case, the extreme sport of skydiving might be just what you’re looking for.

Although there might not be a massive range of choice destinations for skydiving in Houston, this collection of places that offer the adventurous sport has some brilliant facilities, mainly because of Houston’s fantastic scenery and wide open spaces.

I have been researching all the spots that offer skydiving in Houston and finding out what they’re all about in terms of pricing, classes, facilities, and anything else that you need to know before selecting where you will go for your next or first skydiving experiences.

I have also included some indoor experiences if you are still getting ready for the real thing and want to prepare.

Where is The Best Place to Experience Skydiving in Houston?

Finding the right spot for skydiving is essential. Of course, you want to be sure that you have a professional and trustworthy trainer who gives you the experience of a lifetime.

So hopefully, after reading this guide, you’ll be geared up with all the information you need to plan your skydiving adventure.

Some of the starting locations in this guide are a bit outside of Houston but close enough that you will have a little time to travel.

This list is in no particular order. They all have something fantastic to give to your experience. Let’s take a look.

1. Skydive Houston

Skydive Houston
Image Credit: edition.cnn.com
Location15599 Plain View, Waller, TX

Skydive Houston is the closest drop-off zone to Houston city that you can get out of all the skydiving spots in Texas. This makes it the absolute go-to destination for Houston’s adrenaline junkies to head for skydiving in the area.

The staff and trainers here pride themselves on safety and giving their customers the best possible experience from start to finish.

If you check out their google reviews, you’ll see that they are the highest-rated center for skydiving in the whole of the United States, which should immediately give you the peace of mind you’re looking for.

When you arrive for your experience, you will be greeted by professional and well-trained skydivers who will put your mind at ease from the moment you get there.

They will talk you through everything you need to know about the equipment and the jump and allow you to watch other skydivers coming into land.

There are a varied number of packages available regarding prices. The most popular is the prepaid option, which is $189 per person.

You will receive your initial training session, all your supplied equipment, a twenty-minute plane incline, a fifty-second free fall, a six to eight-minute parachute ride, and your final certificate.

Other packages are available, such as discounts for groups and a great couples package which includes two photo packages and two videos for a total of $638.

If you want to add a photo package to an everyday experience, it will cost you $120, so the couples package is the best deal.

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2. Skydive Spaceland – Houston

Spaceland Houston was established in 2000 and is a three-generation, family-run business. They specialize in refined education and innovative skydiving experiences.

The Spaceland drop zone is just a half-hour drive from Houston, so not too far if you want to return home after your escapade. However, you want to make it even more of an experience.

In that case, there are plenty of hotels nearby, and they even have their onsite camping area if you’re feeling outdoorsy. The camping is free, and they have some handy bunkhouses for only $15.00 per night.

The site is set within 130 acres of private airfields and hosts over 100,000 skydives yearly, making it a trendy spot with adrenaline junkies and skydiving enthusiasts.

Regarding packages and prices, a standard skydive is $249.00 during the week and $279.00 for a weekend dive. If you’re feeling super venturesome, you can book an additional skydive for an additional $99.00.

If you want to add the video/photo package on top, this will be an extra $179.00 plus tax. There are also discounts for solo skydives and license holders.

An added bonus for this skydiving center is that they have a great little cafe at the landing point so that you can regain your composure over a night’s hot drink, taco, or burger.

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3. IFly Houston – Memorial

If you think you’re a bit of a daring mad-cap but unsure whether you’re ready to dive a real airplane, then an indoor skydiving experience at IFly Houston is something you should consider.

Although you might not be 15,000 feet up in the sky, this memorable experience is perfect for groups, parties, or a spontaneous day out. It also makes an excellent ice-breaking activity for corporate events.

The other good thing about the indoor skydive experience is there is no age limit as with the real thing. So anyone from three to a hundred years old could participate, and there are also no restrictions on weight, shape, or abilities.

This is a reasonably priced escapade too. There are many packages available, but to give you an idea, there is a super saver option, where you will get training, gear rental, experience, and a certificate for just $69.99 per person.

Or, there is a group option of $389.99 for up to five people. This package includes all of the above, two flights each, and a video recording.

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4. Blue Skies Skydiving Center

Blue Skies Skydiving Center
Image Credit: giftapanda.com
Location2211 Hwy 87, Crystal Beach, TX 77550

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a fearless family member, then a skydiving experience with Blue Skies Skydiving Center is a fantastic choice.

The center prides itself on its professional training team and pilots who go out of their way to provide a truly unforgettable experience. So if you’re ready for the thrill of a lifetime, you can be at ease knowing that you’re in the safest hands possible.

The flight takes place over the ocean, with views over Texas as you take your descent, and the instructors are on hand from start to finish to ensure that you feel calm and relaxed before you free fall.

The planes at this center are only small, so flights take place in pairs, meaning if you have a larger group, you will have to take your flights separately, but once you’re in the air, this doesn’t matter.

Regarding the pricing, the tandem jumps start from $220, with video add-ons available from $85.00. However, they offer various packages to accommodate different groups, so it’s worth contacting you to discuss your requirements before booking.

This location is about an hour and a half drive away from Houston.

5. Skydive Freedom

Skydive Freedom
Image Credit: skydivefreedom.com
Location4249 Windstock Lane, Brookshire, TX 77423

Less than an hour from Houston is this fantastic skydiving center that provides exceptional service whether you’re a first-timer or an established skydiver. So if you’re ready for the adventure of your life, skydiving freedom near Houston is one place you want to enquire about.

The height of these planes reaches 10,500, so not relatively as high as some others I’ve spoken about already. However, for some people, that could be a good thing. On your descent, you will find yourself gliding over beautiful Texas scenery. It’s a view you won’t get anywhere else.

This family-run business prides itself on offering a warm, welcoming, and calm experience and making you feel safe and at ease before your airtime adventure.

After your initial trying and signing of the waiver, you will have an instructor by your side continuously who will guide you to your plane and sit close by throughout your twenty-minute flight and incline.

Your instructor will then take the reins and bring you into a nice, smooth landing. You will then fall for 45 seconds, reaching speeds of up to 120 mph before your parachute opens, and you will glide to the ground for the next five minutes.

The prices for the tandem skydives start from $199.00. There is also the option to add on a video package for an additional $99.00.

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The Final Touchdown

So if you’re looking to satisfy your adrenaline desires, and you’re brave enough, skydiving is highly recommended as one of the most unique and memorable experiences you could ever have.

Hopefully, with this guide, I have given you a great selection of the spots in and around Houston to get the most out of your experience.

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