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13 Best Yoga Studios in Houston For You

Houston is steadily becoming one of the hot spots in Texas for fitness and health, and classes such as yoga, pilates, and Vinyin are growing to be prevalent activities.

Yoga has been proven to be beneficial regarding livability, mobility, and flexibility. It is also known to be constructive toward good mental health. Basically, the possibilities are endless when it comes to starting your yoga journey, and there are tons of good reasons why you should do so.

Whether you’re looking for hot yoga or yoga therapy, or you just want to go to a class to improve your social life while learning something new, in these reviews of the 13 best yoga studios in Houston, you will be sure to find a class that suits your lifestyle.

Best Yoga Studios in Houston – Everything You Need to Know

Throughout my reviews, I will tell you everything you need to know about the top-rated yoga studios in Houston.

I’ve looked at what else the studios offer regarding classes aside from yoga. And I have looked at what other people have said about their experiences.

I have also noted pricing so that you will know if they suit your budget before you enquire.

Your yoga journey begins here.

1. Union Studio Yoga

Union Studio Yoga
Image Credit: trustanalytica.com
Address600 North Shepherd Drive, Houston, TX 77007
Starting Price$25.00 (drop-in sessions)

Enjoy a wide selection of yoga classes at Union Studio. Yoga includes Vinyasa, Gentle, Katonah, Restorative, and Hatha. 

They also offer sound healing workshops and meditation classes. 

If you’re already confident in your yoga skills and want to take it to the next level, why not enquire about their yoga teacher-training programs and become a certified yoga teacher yourself? 

On the flip side, suppose you’re not quite ready to enter a studio but want to learn the basics of yoga; you can join their online library and take part in their classes from the comfort of your own home. 

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2. Soul Tribe

Soul Tribe
Image Credit: mindbodyonline.com
Address8151 Long Point Road, Houston, TX 77055
Starting Price$25.00 a week (unlimited classes)

Soul Tribe yoga center prides itself on its dedication to body, mind, breath, and wholeness.

They do not offer hot yoga, and their rooms are set to an ample temperature of 73-74 degrees.

This is an excellent spot for beginners because they concentrate mainly on gentle yoga that improves balance, muscle, and joint alignment.

If your main goal to get out of your yoga experience is a calm mind, this center offers the perfect environment to de-stress and improve your mental well-being.

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3. Yoga Athletex

Yoga Athletex
Image Credit: jvavolleyball.org
Address10510 Westview Drive, Houston, TX 77043
Starting Price$65.00 (30 minutes)

Yoga Athletex offers studio classes, as well as on-demand and virtual online classes. The professional staff is highly qualified in high-intensity and sports performance yoga and recovery yoga for injuries and athletes.

They offer functional movement, breathing screening, and specialized classes for therapeutic purposes.

If you wish to join their online classes from home, there are over 200 to choose from, including breathwork, self-myofascial release, and meditation.

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4. The Atrium Yoga Studio

The Atrium Yoga Studio
Image Credit: theatriumyogastudio.com
Address3733 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77027
Starting Price$7.00 (single class)

The Atrium Yoga Studio dedicates its classes to giving intuitive and creative yoga that aims to help clients find themselves with a meaningful movement experience like no other.

Using music and heartfelt messages, they are committed to creating a unique experience for everyone who turns up and takes part.

As well as the yoga classes, they also offer self-study classes, teacher training, mentorship programs, and special classes such as pre-natal and therapeutic.

Their mission is to bring a rich textured yoga experience and extend their passion beyond the studio and the rest of the community.

They are also available for private sessions and parties upon request. It also holds classes for people of all ages and abilities and is very open to diversity.

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5. Urban Fit Yoga

Urban Fit Yoga
Image Credit: urbanfityoga.com
Address5702 Feagan Street, Houston, TX 77007
Starting Price$28.00 (single class)

No matter your reason for wanting to take up yoga, Urban Fit Yoga will guide you through your journey of healing and growth.

Hot yoga is available at this studio, a personal favorite of mine. It helps to heal, strengthen and control the mind and body, all while being an excellent way to stay in shape. In fact, this studio has been listed as one of the best hot yoga spots in Houston.

They offer a variety of memberships, so be sure to speak to a member of staff about which one will best suit your budget and lifestyle, and in the meantime, they offer single-session classes.

This studio is the place to be if you’re looking into yoga for injury, chronic pain, or sports recovery. They have many stretch sequence sessions available.

The founder of this excellent yoga studio is a certified Bikram teacher and licensed massage therapist.

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6. Afterglow Hot Yoga

Afterglow Hot Yoga
Image Credit: hotyogahouston.com
Address8790 Highway 6, Missouri City, TX 77459
Starting Price$5.00 (drop-in classes, Friday at 5:30 pm)

Afterglow Hot Yoga studio specializes in heated yoga sessions, which means humidity is pumped through a high-tech ventilation system during your class. This keeps the room toasty enough temperature to break a sweat during your session, which has proven to have many health benefits.

Before I knew about hot yoga, I didn’t like the sound of it, now, however, it’s something I preach to all my friends to try and convince them to give it a try, and now I will do the same to you. If you haven’t tried it or don’t like the thought of it, I insist you go in with an open mind and give it a shot; it’ll change your outlook on yoga.

The studio offers 50 and 90-minute classes, consisting of a mixture of poses that are bound to get your blood pumping and muscles working. You’ll find muscles hurting in places you never even knew you had them.

Once you’ve gotten into the swing of things and attended a few lessons, you will start to notice a difference in cognitive performance, balance and stamina, your skin condition, and sleep quality.

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7. Loveland Yoga

Loveland Yoga
Image Credit: lovelandyoga.com
Address1717 West 34th Street, Houston, TX 77018
Starting Price$25.00 (drop-in class)

Loveland Yoga offers various yoga classes to the community, including Vinyasa, diamond flow, and full-body yoga.

They also have a teacher-training program that allows students to take fundamental classes which cover anatomy, meditation, and philosophy.

This is a family-operated business, with welcoming, friendly practitioners ready and willing to educate even the most novice class goers.

They offer hot yoga and warm flow, a 60-minute class focusing on the smooth transmission into a new pose, a strategy that many people struggle with when first starting out.

If you’re trying yoga for the first time and want to try Loveland Yoga, I recommend taking their hot yoga class for beginners. It moves at a much slower pace and allows you to concentrate on your balance and technique.

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8. Rasa Yoga

Rasa Yoga
Image Credit: rasayogaschool.org
Address17226 Mercury Drive, Houston, TX 77058
Starting PriceVaries (enquire for personalized quote)

Rasa Yoga offers much more than just yoga classes. They provide specialized packages and personalized lessons to meet any needs.

The center is a Yoga-Alliance Registered School and offers self-healing courses, pain management, and alternative health resources.

Several classes are available, such as Vira Rasa, Jai, and Shanti Rasa; they even have children’s yoga classes.

Aside from yoga, they have more upbeat exercise classes, including Zumba and Tai Chi.

It doesn’t stop here; they can also help with chiropractic treatment, healing immersions, and unique retreats.

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9. Black Swan Yoga Houston

Black Swan Yoga Houston
Image Credit: classpass.com
Address5310 Kirby Drive, Houston, TX 77005
Starting Price$15.00 (Drop-in class)

Black Swan Yoga in Houston aims to create an affordable, accessible, community-driven experience that anyone can be a part of.

The owners of this studio have a vital mission and high values that include encouragement, education, and transparency. They aim to be inclusive and pride themselves on their authentic communication.

The company was started in 2009 and is a donation-based studio. As well as their live, on-site classes, they also offer streamed classes and podcasts to encourage those who wish to participate from their own homes.

If you sign up for one of their memberships, you will have unlimited classes of all kinds, such as power, hot, and beginner lessons.

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10. Alcove Yoga

Alcove Yoga
Image Credit: alcoveyoga.com
Address637 Cortlandt Street, Houston, TX 77007
Starting Price$15.99 (online rental class)

Pauline Schloesser, the founder of Alcove Yoga, is a Ph. D, certified Iyengar yoga teacher who prides herself on her ability and knowledge. She has now been teaching yoga for over 13 years. 

Iyengar yoga is a form of yoga that was developed in the 20th century, focusing on spiritual absorption and enlightenment. During your classes, you will be guided along your journey in a personal, experimental, and practical way. 

They also specialize in the Asana practice, a vigorous yet mentally calming method. After some time, you will experience a blissful state of mind and learn to quiet your thoughts, also known as vrittis, or impediments to enlightenment. 

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11. Pralaya Yoga

Pralaya Yoga
Image Credit: pralayayoga.com
Address2303 Dunlavey Street, Houston, TX 77006
Starting Price$30.00 (Three classes)

Everybody is welcome at Pralaya Yoga classes to turn up and benefit from the ongoing classes, support, and traditional methods.

At the studio, they like to move, grow and keep up with the times by constantly updating their techniques, which keeps this fresh and invigorating.

Whether you’re a yoga professional who wants to take the next step into teaching yourself or you’ve never even attempted a downward dog, you’ll be in good hands with Robert, who has practiced yoga for over 50 years. He has even trained with masters of the art.

He also offers private, one-on-one sessions that can be personalized to suit your needs. The private sessions are great for anyone who is nervous about attending a class but wants to learn from a trained professional.

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12. Big Power Yoga

Big Power Yoga
Image Credit: bigpoweryoga.com
Address3115 Allen Parkway, Houston, TX 77019
Starting Price$10.00 - $40.00 (drop-in sessions)

When Big Power Yoga first started in 2012, they were a small business with a single room, and now, however, they span across two entire floors in the Bayou Building overlooking Allen Parkway.

They have three studio rooms, a kid’s yoga room, a shopping area, a shower room, and a lounge.

Most of their classes are hot yoga, set in rooms at temps of 95 degrees. However, they have alternative courses, such as Devotional Flow, BIG beats, and Yin.

They also have a choice of other activities and classes, including Sanskrit, hardcore yoga, and a workshop called The Warrior Within Through the Bhagavad.

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13. Mode 8 Yoga & Fitness

Mode 8 Yoga & Fitness
Image Credit: classpass.com
Address12012 Space Center Boulevard, Houston, TX 77059
Starting Price$29.00 (two weeks of unlimited classes)

If you’re someone who struggles to get started with any form of new exercise routine or just can’t stay consistent with it, then Mode 8 Yoga offers something that is designed to keep students motivated. It combines HIIT workouts with hot yoga and cool restorative poses.

Their heated classes have infrared sauna technology that warms the body evenly and keeps it at the prime temperature without overheating. This is the best kind of yoga to practice if you’re a beginner or want to help with chronic pain or recover from muscle injury. It’s also fantastic for your hair and nails.

Apart from yoga, let Mode 8 assist your mental well-being with massages, flexibility, and strength exercises.

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So those are the top 13 places in Houston to get the best yoga experience and enjoy classes from professional teachers. Whether you want to try your hand at hot yoga, train to teach yourself, or simply explore yourself and discover a new path for your well-being, then each one of these places has something to offer you. If you want to start other new hobbies or improve your health even further, you should check out my guide to the best CrossFit gyms in Houston or the best women-only gyms in Houston.

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