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7 Excellent Restaurants in Spring Branch, West Houston

I always find it hard to pick a favorite spot in Houston. I’ve stayed in every district in the city, and each place has its special place in my heart for one reason or another.

However, Spring Branch is up there with one of my favorites; at least, it makes my top 10. I have a friend who lives here, and every time I visit, I stay at their place and feel envious of what a delightful neighborhood it is.

There are tons to do in Spring Branch, including breweries, playgrounds, and many activities to get involved with. The Texas Rock gym is an excellent indoor day out to take the kids on a rainy day.

So, what about restaurants in Spring Branch? I hear you and will tell you exactly where to find the best ones.

Most Popular Spring Branch, Houston Restaurants – Top Picks

Not only do I have all the inside information on where you can find the most excellent restaurants in Spring Branch, Houston, but I can also recommend some of their most popular dishes, tell you how much it’ll cost you, and talk about the service.

So, whether you’re looking for a Polish lunch or want to sample street food from Argentina, I’ve got you covered.

Alright, let’s take a look.

1. Richter’s Antler Cafe

Richter’s Antler Cafe
Address1 Sun Valley Drive, Spring Branch, Houston, TX 78070
FoodFrogs legs, chicken fried steak, seafood, burgers, enchiladas
My RecommendationPork Chops with Corn and Mac & Cheese

I have been eating at Richter’s Antler Cafe for many years now. It’s our port of call whenever I’m staying with my friend in Spring Branch. It’s some of the best comfort food in the area, without a doubt.

Typically when I visit, it’s for lunch, so I usually opt for something a little lighter. However, I have also sampled the burgers and the dish I’ve recommended, pork chops, which are excellent.

The menu is very simplistic; you can pick a main, such as pork chops, chicken fried steak, catfish, or beef (amongst others). You can choose two sides; each dish has salad and toasted bread.

One of the dishes people rave about the most here is the Chicken Fried Steak. It’s better than any I’ve ever eaten elsewhere.

The prices are incredibly reasonable, with main courses being between $7.00 and $15.00, and that’s for a great portion, too, so good value for money.

The selection for vegetarians isn’t great, unfortunately. But they do have a couple of starters that would be suitable, such as fried mushrooms and chips and dip.

For the kids, there is a small menu consisting of items such as burgers and chicken strips. They are all under $5.00, so they are also good value.

I suggest booking a table. It’s a popular joint and gets extremely busy. If you haven’t booked yet, be prepared to wait up to an hour or more for a table.

2. The Blind Goat

The Blind Goat
Image Source: yelp.com
Address8145 Long Point Road, Spring Branch, Houston, TX 77055
Website www.theblindgoat.com
FoodSticky wings, pho, egg rolls, Vietnamese noodles, bang bang shrimp, noodles
My RecommendationBahn Mi Board

The Blind Goat is a contemporary Vietnamese restaurant by executive chef Christine Ha—the winner of Masterchef Season 3. So immediately you can see why people flock here from all over.

I had extremely high expectations when I first visited this place; everything exceeded what I imagined.

Christine’s passion is Vietnamese food; she shows this on the plate with her stunning presentation and intense bursts of flavor.

This restaurant has undoubtedly come a long way over the years, and it’s no surprise it’s one of the most popular eateries in Houston, never mind just in Spring Branch.

I love the menu here. It sticks to Vietnamese tradition in dishes but with a contemporary twist that makes it stand out from anything of its kind. For example, the Banh Mi Board is like a deconstructed sandwich, with slices of toasted baguette, pate, egg yolk, pickled daikon, and carrot with a handful of fresh herbs. Wow! It’s to die for.

Something I tried here, which I’ve never tried anywhere, was a dish called Banh Khot. Six little crispy pattie cakes were flavored with turmeric and coconut milk and topped with shrimp oil, scallions, and fresh herb salad. I highly recommend it; getting one to share alongside your entree is worth it.

I expected to pay sky-high prices for a restaurant like this with such a well-known chef. But I was pleasantly surprised. For instance, the deconstructed platter I ordered was a measly $14.00, and there was a lot of food there.

Veggies don’t need to worry either; you have some delicious options too. One in particular that a friend of mine ordered was the Puffed Rice Noodles; they were salty, full of flavor, and mouth-wateringly good.

If you’re feeling in the mood for a bit of seafood, be sure to try the Bang Bang Shrimp; always something I like to try on menus because I make a great Bang Bang sauce myself, so I like to compare. As expected, this one blew mine right out of the water.

If you like cocktails (as I do very much), try something unusual on the menu called Fungi & Gal. It’s made with vodka, miso, shitake, celery, oolong, and jasmine. I can’t even describe the flavor to you. You have to try this! Trust me.

3. Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar

Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar
Image Source: facebook.com/LazyDogRestaurants
Address20030 Northwest Freeway, Houston, TX 77065
FoodMeatloaf, burgers, sandwiches, family meals, noodles, seafood
My RecommendationPot Roast Beef Dip Sandwich

Don’t get me wrong. I love trying cuisine from all over the world, mixing things up, and trying something I’ve never had before. But when cravings strike, sometimes a large plate of classic American food is all that’s going to hit the spot.

If you are strolling through Spring Branch when the longing for burgers, fries, and meatloaf comes knocking, head toward the Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar. You won’t be disappointed.

This menu is huge, which can be intimidating. Where do you even start with a menu that offers everything?

Well, for me, it was easy. I love French Dip, so my eyes immediately went to their version of the Pot Roast Beef Dip, and I probably picked the most delicious thing on the menu. It was oozing with mozzarella cheese, onions, and spicy horseradish. It was all on a toasted baguette with a bowl of hot jus to dip the delectable sandwich into. Honestly, words can not describe how good this is.

Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or trying to steer away from gluten, something will tickle your fancy on this menu without a shadow of a doubt.

An example is the Kung Pao Bowl with tofu, water chestnuts, peanuts, vegetables, or gluten-free hamburger. There are also many gluten-free sides, so everyone is catered for from all angles.

Not only is it the home of some of the best American food in Houston, but the menu also covers other cuisines, such as street food dishes like katsu curry, burritos, ahi tuna, and Korean ribeye.

4. Buzz and Bites

Buzz and Bites
Address1444 Blalock Road, Spring Branch, Houston, TX 77055
FoodMuffins, croissants, all-day breakfast, bagels, sandwiches, paninis
My RecommendationSpicy Asian Chicken Wrap

You must agree that everything wrapped in pastry or wedged between a couple of pieces of bread makes it ten times better. (Unless you’re gluten-free, of course, in which case, you probably won’t be heading here any time soon).

Buzz and Bites is the perfect place for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or simply a delicious pastry to eat on the hop.

The atmosphere is upbeat and friendly. There’s a great pet-friendly patio area outside where you can enjoy your meal or coffee in the Houston sunshine.

I’ve had many delicious delights from this place, including more pastries than I care to remember. But regarding actual meals, I’d highly recommend the Spicy Asian Chicken Wrap. Not only was the chicken succulent and full of flavor, it was complemented perfectly by fresh grated carrot and cucumber, aioli, cilantro, and the best bit, homemade butter.

If you’re looking for a veggie option, there are a few to choose from. But I recommend the Vegan All Day Wrap with avocado, peppers, arugula, artichoke, and pickled onions.

If you have got the kids with you, no problem there either. There’s a cute menu for the little ones with peanut butter jelly, grilled cheese, chicken fingers, and a pot of fruit.

Whatever time of day you visit this place, just be sure to get a selection of pastries.

5. Your Kitchen

Your Kitchen
Image Source: yelp.com
Address9785 Long Point Road, Spring Branch, Houston, TX 77055
Website www.yourkitchenhouston.com
FoodChinese, Thai, soup, noodles, fried rice, curry
My RecommendationOrange Chicken

When you get a Chinese takeout menu in the post, and it’s about 20 pages long, with list after list of various meals in tons of different sauces? Not with this place.

Instead of having over a hundred dishes, they’ve whittled their menu down to a handful of Thai dishes and a handful of Chinese cooked to perfection.

For instance, I don’t usually pick sweet dishes. But I was feeling spontaneous and decided to mix things up on this occasion, so I went for the Orange Chicken. It was stunning. I can safely say I had zero regrets.

Other Chinese dishes include Peppered Steak, Kung Pao, and the old faithful, Sweet and Sour.

The Thai menu has around eight dishes, including red, green, and yellow curry and Pad Prik Khing.

The prices are all excellent here and below average for restaurants of the same standard in the area. For a generous-sized entree, you can expect to pay around $11.00.

There’s no kids menu, but plenty of smaller plates they could enjoy, such as chicken dumplings or cheese spring rolls (which are amazing, by the way, and only $6.95).

6. Low Tide Kitchen & Bar

Low Tide Kitchen & Bar
Image Source: facebook.com/LowTideKitchenBar
Address2030A Bingle Road, Spring Branch, Houston, TX 77055
Website www.lowtidekitchenbar.com
FoodOysters, burgers, sandwiches, crawfish, tacos, gumbo
My RecommendationMoon Landing Fish Sandwich

Only a few places can say they serve up some of the freshest seafood in the city while also dishing up some of the juiciest burgers and tasty tacos, and they do it well. But these guys do it all, and they do it to perfection.

The restaurant is open for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and late-night dinner. They also cater for private events. It makes for an excellent setting whether you’re looking for a casual catch-up or a special occasion.

I have been to Low Tide several times and tried something different each time. Last time I decided to go for the Moon Landing Fish Sandwich, which was remarkably tasty. However, it was on par with the first dish I tried here, the Land or Sea Tacos. I had these with shrimp, but you can choose catfish or chicken.

If you want a veggie option, the Atkinson Farm Taco is one tempting choice, with crispy vegetables, sriracha sauce, aioli, and cilantro.

The large plates are an excellent option for larger groups or people wanting to share. There are a few to choose from, including a fried shrimp platter, a large bowl of pasta, or shrimp and grits.

Gluten-free options are also available on most menu sections, and the staff is incredibly helpful in accommodating dietary requests.

7. One Shot Pocha

One Shot Pocha
Address9501 Long Point Road, Spring Branch, Houston, TX 77055
FoodKorean, stir fry, omelet, tempura, hot pot, seafood,
My RecommendationSpicy Octopus with Thin Noodles

I’ve saved one of the best for the last with this one. What do you get when you combine Korean food with Karaoke? An amazing night.

Suppose you’re looking for a place to celebrate a special occasion or want a memorable night full of singing, music, laughter, and amazing food. In that case, One Shot Pocha is the place to be.

Although it’s been extremely busy each time I have visited this place, the service has always been top-notch. The staff are attentive and handle a full restaurant well at all times.

Coming to the food. I love Korean food, but this was some of the best I’d ever tried. I can’t praise it enough. I opted for the Octopus with thin noodles during a recent visit, something I hadn’t ordered before. It was a soup-style dish and was cooked to absolute perfection.

However, if I order this again, I would probably order an appetizer on the side, as I did leave feeling slightly hungry (or perhaps I’m just greedy, who knows?)

The prices were great, the vibe was awesome, and the overall experiences I’ve had here are hard to beat for a great evening dinner.

Let’s Round-Up

So now you know all about my top picks for the best restaurants in Spring Branch, Houston. In time, they’ll be some of your places to go to. If you thought this guide was pretty cool and want to know more, why not check out my ultimate guide for things to do in Houston so the next time you visit the city, you can cram your trip full of exciting activities such as skydiving or horseback riding?

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