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7 Best Nigerian Restaurants in Houston

There are some fantastic restaurants in Houston, so if you’re looking to eat Nigerian food, you should have a read through our guide to the 7 best Nigerian restaurants in Houston.

Nigerian food is warming, comforting, and delicious, packed with flavor. It’s also suitable for vegans and vegetarians, with many vegetable soups or rice/bean dishes available.

If you want to eat out tonight, you need to head to one of Houston’s excellent Nigerian restaurants.

Top Nigerian Restaurants in Houston, TX

We’ve included a range of different types of restaurants. From quiet spots to take your family through to busy, bustling restaurants with a full bar for a night out with friends, you’ll find something that suits you on this list.

We’ve included an overview of the food you can expect in each restaurant, as well as our recommendations for some delicious dishes. We’ll also give you an idea of the pricing and whether or not the restaurant is vegetarian-friendly.

Without further ado, here are our favorite Nigerian restaurants!

1. Fabaceae African Cuisine

Fabaceae African Cuisine
Address: 5832 Fairdale Ln Houston, TX 77057
Food: Fried/Jollof rice, Fufu, Moin-Moin, soups, Akara
Our Recommendation: Nkwobi

Fabaceae African Cuisine is a friendly, welcoming, woman-owned business suitable for family gatherings, catch-ups with friends, and eating out with the kids. It’s relatively busy and offers takeout and delivery if you want to eat at home.

There are several traditional dishes to eat here, including fried/Jollof rice, blackeye pea porridge, goat meat soup, and more. We’d recommend the Nkwobi, a delicious cow foot soup. They also serve cinnamon sugar-dusted puffs, which are delicious if you want something sweet.

It’s pretty good in terms of pricing, with most meals between $12-15 and sides for $2 or so.

In terms of drinks, they offer soft drinks and water.

Some excellent vegan choices here include coconut chickpeas and turmeric and basmati white rice with stew.

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2. Aria Suya Kitchen

Aria Suya Kitchen
Address: 6357 Westheimer Rd Houston, TX 77057
Food: Appetizers, Suya meats, Nigerian infused plates, soups, and sides
Our Recommendation: Asun Plate with Jollof and Plantain

Aria Suya kitchen is a classy spot with some delicious Nigerian food. It’s good for a date or celebrating with friends, but it’s also family-friendly and welcoming to kids. They offer takeout and delivery.

They have some delicious food. The Nigerian-infused plates are particularly good. We like the Asun Plate with Jollof and Plantain (spicy goat meat) and the Pounded Yam with Soup (pounded yam with Egusi seeds, Seafood Okra and Spinach Efo, a vegetable soup). You can also grab a spicy kebab, served with onions, tomatoes, and Jollof rice. Finally, we like the Sampler Suya (beef, chicken, and shrimp).

It’s a little more pricey than others on this list, but it’s still very reasonably priced. Main courses are all around the $17 – 20 mark, or you can get a soup for $14-16.

They offer some traditional drinks like Zobo (Hibiscus tea) and soft drinks, or you could get a cocktail. The Aria Sunrise (Chapman, bourbon, lime, orange juice, and bitters) is particularly good.

They have some vegetarian and vegan options, like the pounded yam with soup.

3. Taste of Nigeria

Taste of Nigeria
Address: 5959 Richmond Ave Ste 160 Houston, TX 77057
Website: https://tasteofnigeria.us/
Food: Appetizers, soups, Nigerian plates
Our Recommendation: Ofada Rice Plate

Taste of Nigeria is a busy, casual spot to grab a bite to eat. It gets a little loud, so it might be better suited to groups of friends or larger gatherings rather than outings with young kids, although the staff is very friendly. They offer takeout and delivery.

They have a good range of pepper soups (you can choose from chicken, beef, catfish, goat, Tilapia, croaker, oxtail, or a meat mixture). They have other soups too, including egusi (ground melon seeds cooked in sauce) or bitter leaf, a soup made from bitter leaf vegetables.

The plates are generous and full of flavor. We’d recommend the Ofada Rice Plate, a spicy sauce made from red bell peppers, habanero, and onions with 2 pieces of meat or 1 piece of fish. The yam porridge is delicious, too.

The pricing is pretty average, with most main dishes around $15-20.

You can choose from a range of soft drinks, and they have a limited selection of beer and wine.

There are some excellent vegetarian options here, like the yam porridge, and many of the soups are vegetarian.

4. Baba Jollof

Baba Jollof
Address: 8330 W Bellfort Ave Ste C Houston, TX 77071
Food: Stews, fish, meat, soups
Our Recommendation: Special Baba Jollof Rice

Baba Jollof is a casual, busy spot to grab a bite to eat with friends. It’s pretty loud, and they offer takeout and delivery.

They offer incredible Nigerian dishes, including Ayamase (designer stew with white rice) and beans and plantain. You can go for the Special Baba Jollof Rice, which is a delicious mix of rice, tomatoes, peppers, onion, rosemary, peas, shredded chicken, and dry shrimps.

It’s pretty average in terms of pricing, with main meals coming in at around $15-17 or smaller sides for approximately $12-15.

You can get water, juice, or soda here, but they don’t serve alcoholic drinks.

There are mostly meat-based dishes to be had here, so it could be one to avoid if you have a vegetarian or vegan in your group.

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5. Afrikiko Restaurant

Afrikiko Restaurant
Address: 9625 Bissonnet St Houston, TX 77036
Food: Soups, soups/meal combo plates, side dishes
Our Recommendation: Waakye

Afrikiko is a lively, casual spot to go for lunch or dinner. It’s a good place to go with friends or for a larger family gathering, and they offer delivery if you want to eat at home. It’s a family-owned restaurant with friendly, welcoming staff.

The Waakye (rice, African black-eyed peas and beans with stew, fish, or meat, and optional spicy hot pepper) is delicious. You could also go for a soup, of which they have a good selection. Vegetable soup, fish pepper soup, light soup, and peanut butter soup are all delicious choices.

If you don’t want soup, you could go for something like Ampesie, boiled plantain served with spinach stew, and Ghana-style Palaver sauce served with fish or meat.

Pricing is slightly higher than average, with most main meals at around the $20 price range. For example, you can get a soup for $15.

In terms of drinks, you can get a soft drink, and beer and wine are available.

There are some vegetarian options available, including soups, and you may be able to ask them to hold back the meat or fish options in some dishes.

6. Wazobia African Market & Kitchen

Wazobia African Market & Kitchen
Address: 16203 Westheimer Rd Ste 106 Houston, TX 77082
Food: Soups, sides, rice and beans, pepper soups, appetizers
Our Recommendation: Naija Style Fried Rice

Wazobia African Market & Kitchen is a busy spot offering large quantities of food for catering. They also have a restaurant with plenty of delicious Nigerian food to choose from. It’s a great spot to head with friends or family, and it offers takeout and delivery.

Standout dishes include the Naija-style fried rice, a spicy rice dish packed with flavor, served with your choice of chicken or fish. You could also try Ewa Agoyin, mashed beans in a spicy stew. They have a selection of yam dishes, soups and stews, and pepper soups.

They also offer kids food, smaller portions of the adult dishes, like Okro soup or red stew with a choice of sides.

The prices are generous. You can get a large portion of rice and beans for around $12-15.

They don’t serve alcohol here, but you can grab a soft drink or juice.

It’s pretty vegetarian-friendly, with plenty of yam dishes and vegetable-based soups to choose from.

7. Julie’s Jollof Kitchen

Julie's Jollof Kitchen
Address: 12825 Westheimer Rd Houston, TX 77077
Website: None
Food: Rice, soup, fish, beans, yams, sides
Our Recommendation: Coconut Rice

Julie’s Jollof Kitchen is a happy, welcoming, busy place to go with friends for a meal and a night out. They have a full bar and evening entertainment, including DJs. They offer takeout and delivery if you’d rather eat at home.

There are some fantastic rice dishes here, including coconut rice (with plantain and sauteed vegetables) and pepper snail served with delicious ata rodo sauce. They also have yam dishes, as the boiled yam is served with egg and Jollof rice with grilled fish.

The pricing is pretty standard, with main dishes coming in at around $15. You can get a soup for around $12.

They have a full bar stocked with wine and beer, or you can get a soft drink or juice.

There are plenty of vegetarian options and some vegan dishes too.


We hope this has helped you find the best Nigerian restaurant in Houston for your lunch or dinner. With so many incredible restaurants in Houston, it can be tough to narrow down your choices. Hopefully, you’ve found your next favorite spot to dine at!

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