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7 Amazing Restaurants in Clear Lake City, Houston

Clear Lake is a popular neighborhood in Houston, where many people flock to take advantage of the abundance of restaurants, parks, and coffee shops.

Lucky for you, I’m one of these people, which is why I am here to tell you about the best restaurants in Clear Lake.

Personally, I don’t think there’s a better place to enjoy a drink or a meal with friends and family than by the side of the water, which is exactly what you’re getting when you eat out around the glorious surroundings of Clear Lake.

Clear Lake is a very diverse area when it comes to food, and whether you’re looking for an authentic Mexican or classic American burger, you won’t struggle to find something to satisfy your cravings.

Best Restaurants in Clear Lake City, Houston

I have been thoroughly investigating some of Clear Lake’s waterfront restaurants, so the next time you stroll through, you’ll know all about the best spots to stop for a bite to eat.

I’ve looked at which restaurants offer the best views of the stunning lake, which are the best value for money, and which have the best service. After all, you need the whole package when dining out or celebrating a special evening over delightful food.

Alright, let’s dig deeper.

1. Loz Ramirez Mexican Restaurant

Loz Ramirez Mexican Restaurant
Image Source: facebook.com/losramirezmexicanrestaurant
Address463 Bay Area Boulevard, Houston, TX 77062
FoodSambrosas, enchiladas, queso, seafood, sizzling fajitas
My RecommendationSpicy Fajitas

Loz Ramirez Mexican is a family-run restaurant near Clear Lake, which is definitely the place to head if you’re looking for some truly authentic Mexican food.

The family who owns this restaurant started out in the States with an American dream of bringing traditional Mexican cuisine to the U.S. Since then, they’ve taken the city by storm and are now of the most popular Mexican restaurants in Houston.

If you’re visiting the Space Center in Houston, then this is a great place to head to when you’ve finished exploring.

There are tons of items on the menu here that I could rave about. However, a traditional one you must simply try (because they do them so well) is the fajitas. And let me tell you, they’re mind-blowingly good.

Another selling point for me with this restaurant was the prices. Now, bearing in mind that the portion sizes were pretty hefty, the cost of the meals here was extremely budget-friendly.

For example, the sizzling fajitas (I went for a combo of two meats) cost just $13.99 for one portion, a substantial portion at that.

Most of the meals here are also available as sharing plates for two, which works out even cheaper. However, you’d have to agree on one, because this menu is huge.

There is an extensive seafood menu and tons of Mexican dishes which highlight the true meaning and flavors of the cuisine.

Have you ever fancied a Mexican breakfast? You’re in luck here.

Loz Ramirez is open from 8:00 am on Sundays, and you can try dishes such as Machacado Con Huevo, Rancheros, or Mexican Omelets.

The breakfasts are mainly priced under $10.00, so they’re even more incredible value.

2. Tokyo Bowl

Tokyo Bowl
Image Source: yelp.com
Address2402 Bay Area Boulevard, Ste N, Houston, TX 77058
Website www.tokyobowlclearlake.com
FoodSushi, Japanese, Sashimi, yakitori, gyoza, soft shell crab
My RecommendationSushi and Sashimi Combo

Anyone who’s ever read any of my restaurant reviews will already be aware of my crazy love for sushi, and I have to admit, no matter where I am in the world, I always try to hunt down a sushi restaurant.

During one particularly sunny day when visiting Clear Lake, I had a sushi craving, and after asking around, I was recommended this place. Well, I thought I’d hit the jackpot.

The first thing I noticed was the friendly atmosphere; everyone was so welcoming, and it felt like the place was a real community hub. It seemed as though a lot of the locals were regulars here.

Secondly, and most importantly, was the food. Wow!

If you’re someone who regularly indulges in sushi (like myself), you’ll know that sometimes it can be a little hit-and-miss. Not this place.

Everything we ordered for our table was as fresh as can be, full of flavor, with perfectly cooked and seasoned rice and beautiful sides and garnishes.

One slight downside I picked up on here, which could just be me, is the dining area felt a little overcrowded, as though they’d crammed in too many tables. It just felt like you sat very close together, and the servers and walking by very close to your table constantly. However, this wouldn’t deter me from visiting again at all.

Coming to the prices, it really depends on what you pick and how many people are dining.

For example, during my visit, there were six of us, and we chose a Sushi and Sashimi Combo, an Orange Dragon Roll, some Hot Mussels, and two portions of Gyoza. The bill totaled under $70.00 without drinks, and there was ample food to go around.

There is an excellent selection of desserts and plenty of choices for vegetarians too.

3. Creamistry

Image Source: Yelp.com
Address5000 Westheimer Road, Ste 608, Houston, TX 77056
FoodIce cream, desserts, shakes
My RecommendationCookie Butter Ice Cream

For those of you with a sweet tooth looking to grab a cheeky treat while in Clear Lake, I’d advise you to head to Creamistry.

Okay, so the menu is quite limited, so you’d best be in the mood for ice cream, but if you are, you’re in for a treat.

You’ll be spoilt for choice with almost 20 different flavor variations, such as Fruity Pebbles, Milky Coffee, Matcha Green Tea, and Cookie Butter Ice Cream.

The main attraction here is the theater of watching the nitrogen work its magic. It adds so much to the whole experience and makes it about much more than simply eating ice cream.

I would say that the prices are a little on the high side. For a large scoop of ice cream, it’s $10.00. However, it’s clear that it’s made using high-quality ingredients and packs a flavor punch.

If you’re looking for somewhere to keep the kids quiet, that’ll do it.

4. Lawless Spirits & Kitchen

Lawless Spirits & Kitchen
Address909 Texas Street, Ste 2A, Houston, TX 77002
Website www.lawlessspirits.com
FoodGrazing boards, nachos, devilled eggs, sliders
My RecommendationKobe Burger Sliders

I understand that sometimes you don’t want to sit down to a two or three-course meal and instead want somewhere to enjoy some cocktails or a nice glass of fizz over light nibbles.

Well, I’ve found you the perfect spot to do all of the above.

While there is only a dinky menu here, in fact, it consists of just eight items. Moreover, the food they do serve is so well done and so much more than just bar snacks, which was my expectation.

You can choose from items such as cheese and tomato flatbread, brisket nachos, and a grazing board that includes a collection of meats and cheese, nuts, fruit, and crackers.

Most of the dishes are made for sharing, so they are perfect for ordering for the middle of the table while you have a catch-up over drinks.

The Kobe Burger Sliders are an excellent choice if you want something a bit more substantial. They are made with bacon, cheese, and basil aioli on mini brioche with a side of olives, pickles, and peppers.

There are tons of drinks available here and a great wine selection. However, the reason I come here is for the cocktails.

They have one cocktail in particular, which had me from the word go. The “El Pepino.” That’s made with pearl cucumber vodka, lime, triple sec, and cucumber puree. It’s lush!

I am about to give you a singular reason why you simply have to visit this place.

Are you ready?

Alcohol snowcone! Yes. You read that right! Alcohol snowcones in a choice of flavors such as cherry, blue raspberry, grape, and tiger’s blood with your pick of liquor.

I bet you’ve already left, haven’t you? But if not, let’s talk about some more places for a sit-down meal in Clear Lake.

5. Rainbow Lodge 

Rainbow Lodge
Address2011 Ella Boulevard at East TC Jester, Houston, TX 77008
FoodSunday Brunch, gumbo, carpaccio, burrata, seafood, pasta, steak
My RecommendationRainbow Trout with Lump Crab and Pecan Brown Butter

Rainbow Lodge is probably my favorite restaurant out of all the places in Clear Lake City for a number of reasons.

This symbolic restaurant in Houston serves up some incredible, vibrant dishes, from some of the best-cooked steaks to the freshest seafood and wild game to exquisite wine.

The last time I came here, it was actually for a family member’s birthday, so we wanted everything to go perfectly. As we’d found out the Rainbow Lodge offered private parties, it seemed like an ideal location as we already knew the food was excellent.

From the second we arrived, we were made to feel special, the staff was welcoming and efficient, and we were seated with drinks promptly.

The opulent and lavish dining area felt like the perfect setting for a special occasion. There was also a grand fireplace which added to the majestic vibe.

As we were quite a large group of eight, we were able to order a great selection of dishes. All of which were stunning.

To start, we ordered a couple of the big boards to share, which consisted of nuts, meat, cheese, sausages, pickles, olives, and spreads. Two boards were enough for the eight of us to pick at while we waited for our main courses, and everything was delicious.

I won’t talk you through all eight main courses; we’d be here all day. However, while all of them were outstanding, two, in particular, stood out to the entire group, and one of those was mine.

The Rainbow Trout with Lump Crab and Pecan Brown Butter was delectable. It was served with crispy potatoes and garlic-infused spinach. The flavors complemented each other, and the trout was perfectly cooked.

A friend of mine ordered the South Texas Nilgai Antelope Loin. Again, this was stunningly presented and perfectly cooked with mustard glaze, chili and cheese grits, and roasted spouts.

The prices here are a little on the higher end of the scale, but totally worth it, especially if you’re celebrating something special. The trout main course I’ve described was $35.00, and the Antelope was $52.00. However, the sharing board was just $24.00, which was excellent quality considering the amount of food.

6. Mogul Indian Restaurant

Mogul Indian Restaurant
Image Source: yelp.com
Address1055 Bay Area Boulevard, Houston, TX 77058
Website www.mogulindianrestaurant.com
FoodCurry, Indian, samosa, tikka, kabab, biryani, pilaf
My RecommendationChicken Tikka Sizzler

Let’s face it, sometimes you can’t beat a curry, and when the craving strikes, nothing else will suffice.

So if you’re hit by hunger pangs for a curry while visiting Bay Area or Clear Lake, you’re in the right place because this is where you’ll find Mogul Indian Restaurant—one of the best Indians for miles.

The great thing about this place is that you can sample dishes from North, South, and Central India, and everything is entirely authentic.

The ambiance of the restaurant itself is relaxing and cozy. I imagine it would be the ideal spot to take a first date or enjoy a romantic meal.

Another great thing about this place is that it’s ginormous! So, even if you don’t have a booking, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get a table, even on the weekend.

If you visit during lunchtime, you’ll be able to enjoy a great selection of dishes from the buffet. The menu changes for this, too, so no two visits are the same.

The staff are friendly and attentive, and most importantly, the food is simply magnificent.

I think some people may consider the prices to be slightly high. The standard curry dishes are around $17.00 – $18.00. However, I can vouch for the fact that it’s worth every dime.

7. Perry’s Steakhouse and Grille

Perry’s Steakhouse and Grille
Image Source: pinterest.com/perrysdining
Address1997 W Gray St, Houston, TX 77019, United States
Website www.perryssteakhouse.com
FoodSteak, surf and turf, seafood, soup, chops, chicken, lobster
My RecommendationSymphony Kabab

You’ll find a few of Perry’s Steakhouses dotted around Houston, as they are a chain company. You’ve probably already heard of them.

Given that it’s a chain, this often deters people from visiting when looking for somewhere for a memorable experience. However, in my opinion, Perry’s is an exception.

I’ve had so many pleasant experiences at these Steakhouses that when I realized there was one near Clear Lake, I stopped by, and as usual, it didn’t let me down.

The food is excellent, the service is top-notch, and everything is in keeping with the high standards this company seems to have across the board.

I usually opt for the classic steak dishes whenever I visit here. However, during my visit to Clear Lake, I thought I’d have a change, and go slightly off-piste with the Symphony Kabab, and I have to say, I think I’m now a convert as it was mouthwateringly good!

The kebab came presented with hanging fillet steak, chargrilled lobster, and gulf shrimp. A peppercorn reduction, truffle, red wine demi-glace, and fresh asparagus spears accompanied the succulent proteins.

Just because this is a steakhouse doesn’t mean they don’t cater to those with other dietary requirements, either. Any of the dishes can be made without dairy, and vegetarians have plenty of choices, such as the Spaghetti Squash Primavera and Vegan Skillet Chopped Steak.

Let’s Wrap Things Up

So, those are the best restaurants near Clear Lake City, Houston, or at least my top picks.

I hope my guide has settled any debates you had about where to eat in the city. So, now you’ve got your dinners sorted, let’s start planning the rest of your trip with some of the best things to do in Houston. It’s an epic guide that’ll see your vacation is packed with exciting activities.

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