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5 Places to Have The Best Sushi in Houston, TX

If you love sushi and you happen to be in Houston, you’re in luck. There are some amazing places to go in the city, and our guide to the 5 best places to have sushi in Houston will help you to find some incredible food.

I think that sushi is one of the most versatile foods. A trip out to grab some sushi covers all sorts of occasions, from casual lunch with friends, to a celebratory meal with family, to a quick and healthy meal to eat after work. Houston has some of the best sushi restaurants out there, so there are tons of options if you need to get your sashimi fix.

The Best Sushi in Houston

In this guide, I’ll give you the key information you need to know about each one. I’ll also give you a recommendation, a particular stand-out dish to try out if you’re not sure what to pick. I’ll also give you the lowdown on the facilities, atmosphere, the kind of sushi you can expect to find, and the drinks menu for each one.

Without further ado, here are 5 sushi spots in Houston you need to check out!

1. Uchi

Uchi is a trendy, classy place to eat. I’d recommend coming here if you want to catch up with friends, to celebrate a special occasion, or even for a date night. They have outdoor seating if you prefer to eat outside, as well as delivery or takeout if you’d rather eat at home. The servers are helpful and polite, and you can watch your food being cooked, which is always pretty cool.

There are some delicious dishes at Uchi. The small dishes, like edamame, grilled shishito peppers, and uchi salad, are excellent light bites. I’d recommend the Hamachi nabe – yellowtail, koshihikari rice, soy broth, and egg yolk. Or you could try the Hama chili with yellowtail, ponzu, or Thai chili.

They have a wide range of sushi, including some delicious nigiri and sashimi. From hirame (flounder) to Nasu (Japanese eggplant) to tarabagani (king crab), there’s something here for everyone, even vegetarians.

They have a separate veggie menu to make it easier to find meat-free choices. Their specials, including the bluefin maki, are well worth the slightly higher price point for the incredible ingredients.

Happy Hour is a fun time at Uchi. You can get some small bites (like the incredibly nice pork belly with apple kimchi and sesame mayo) along with beer, sake, or wine. They also have a separate Happy Hour vegetarian menu, which, again, makes it so much easier to choose if you’re avoiding meat.

I’d also recommend checking out their drinks menu. If you like sake, they have a good range, from $12 to $32 a glass. They have a decent selection of beer and cocktails and an impressive wine collection, too. If you don’t drink alcohol, they have a couple of zero-proof cocktails to try out instead.

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2. Kata Robata

Kata Robata Restaurant in Houston -

Kata Robata is a busy, vibrant place to eat. It’s casual, so you won’t have to worry about dressing up, and their lunch menu makes it a great place to grab a bite to eat with a friend. They offer takeout if you’d rather eat at home, and they have catering services for parties and events.

The food at Kata Robata is delicious. I like their take on Japanese comfort. For example, the miso lobster macaroni & cheese is both delicious and filling. It has Houston Dairymaids parmesan cheese, Marieke gouda, Veldhuizen cheddar, panko, and miso.

One of the things I like about Kata Robata is the dedication to using local ingredients where possible. Their beef-based dishes often use Texas beef, for example.

In terms of sushi, there’s a good selection here, including tuna, salmon, prawn, scallop, fish roe, sea urchin, wagyu, and foie gras. The Japanese fish selection is excellent too. The golden eye snapper is particularly good. The staff are helpful and will give you recommendations if you’re not sure which one to pick.

Another reason why I’d recommend visiting Kata Robata is the dessert menu. It’s small, but the offerings are delicious—the warm blueberry cake and green tea souffle cheesecake are worth checking out.

Lunch is available Monday-Friday, 11.30-3 (except for holidays). There are some great dishes up for grabs at lunchtime, including the Bento Japanese lunch box.

If you want to grab a drink here, they have cocktails, beer, and a large wine selection. The sake menu is great, with prices ranging from $60-$225 for a 720ml bottle.

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3. Izakaya Wa

Izakaya Wa is a casual, busy spot and a great place to go for lunch or to grab some takeout after work. They have outdoor seating if you prefer to eat in the sunshine.

The fried and grilled skewers are delicious. I like the Shishito (Japanese jalapeno pepper), although it’s not for the faint-hearted! The grilled Japanese sausage skewer is also delicious. They have some good udon noodles here too.

What impresses me the most at Izakaya Wa is the sheer variety of sushi. They have a good range of nigiri/sashimi, including smoked salmon, Wasabi flying fish egg, sweet shrimp, and freshwater eel are all delicious. You can go for their hand rolls, too. The Spider Roll (soft shell crab, masago, cucumber, and sp mayo) is particularly delicious.

I’d recommend their dinner sushi combos too. For example, the Chriashi B   includes tuna, salmon, yellowtail, white tuna, egg, shrimp, eel, white fish, salmon roe, scallop, and mid-fatty tuna, giving you a chance to try different types of fish.

The lunch menu is great. Try the Beef Sukiyaki Gozen – for $16, you get beef ribeye, green onion, eringi mushroom, tofu, Nappa, crystal noodle, rice, miso soup, a small salad, and one side dish. That’s a filling lunch to give you tons of energy for the rest of the day.

The drinks menu is a little less extensive than some of the others on this list, but there are still plenty of choices. They have soft drinks, non-alcoholic beer, Japanese beer, craft beer, wine, tea, and a decent range of sake from $4-$16 per glass.

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4. Kokoro



$$$$ 5.0

Kokoro is a trendy spot. The food is delicious, the atmosphere is friendly, and you can grab takeout if you’d rather eat at home. They have covered outdoor seating too. I’d recommend heading here for a catch-up with friends or starting a night out here.

There isn’t a huge menu here compared to other restaurants on this list, but I love that they focus on delicious sushi. They do have some daily specials which are very tasty. At the time of writing, they have hotate serrano, Japanese scallops, oranges, serrano peppers, mint, and Ponzu, for $10.

The sushi menu is incredible. Try the negitoro maki (Bluefin fatty tuna, wasabi, chives, cucumber, and nikiri). Or you might prefer the delicious soft shell crab maki. They also have avocado maki, which is healthy and tasty for vegetarians.

I’d recommend picking up a side dish too. The sunomuno (pickled cucumber, white Ponzu, chili, garlic, goma, and bonito flakes) is refreshing and spicy, or you can try the chicken fat rice, a satisfying mixture of chicken fat, chicken skin, and shallot furikake.

They have Japanese beer, wine, and sake available, as well as soft drinks.

5. Shun

Shun Restaurant


$$$$ 4.5

Shun is a casual, trendy spot to eat. It’s a great place for all occasions: to celebrate a birthday, to go on a date, or to just grab some takeout after work. They offer home delivery too, and plenty of parking, including valet parking.

The food is brilliant. I’d recommend the small plates if you’re there to grab a bite to eat with drinks. The small plates are full of flavor, like the Kinoko polenta (shiitake, enoki, beech, yellow oyster mushrooms, yuzu-kosho butter, mushroom stock polenta, cauliflower puree, edamame, and pea tendrils).

If you prefer a bigger meal, they have grilled skewers and a small selection of main dishes. The sushi is the star of the show, with nigiri & sashimi from $5 up to $22.

The Toro Bruee (fatty tuna and sugar crust soy) is delicious. The hand rolls are worth checking out too. I liked the Scottish lime (salmon, avocado, lime, cilantro, and spicy aioli). It’s spicy and refreshing at the same time.

The Raw Bar is also great. You can go all-out and get the Truffle Wagyu Tartare, truly a special occasion dish. It’s packed with incredible ingredients, like Japanese Wagyu, truffle, quail egg, and truffle oil.

There is a solid drinks menu here too. The sake selection is good, and the staff can help you out with recommendations if you’re not sure which one to pick. I’m particularly impressed by the collection of Japanese spirits. Whiskey, gin, shochu, and vodka are all on the menu. They have soft drinks too.

To Sum Up…

I hope this has helped you to figure out where to go when you feel like having sushi for dinner! If you’re just visiting the city, or you live here, but you want to try out more incredible food, check out the rest of our guides.

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